The Top 16 Tools for Mobile App Designers

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If you are designing a mobile app for your business, or a company is designing one for you, then you should understand that UX/UI design plays a critical role. Your app UI needs to be flawless. The interface should be comprehensive and easy to use.

The Top 16 Tools for Mobile App Designers

Looking for a wireframe app free of charge is going to be on the minds of many developers who do not have an unlimited budget. So in this article we’re going to briefly go over some of the best ones mobile app UI design tools that will be helpful during the app design process, and in this article.

Firstly, let’s start with understanding of the common stages of the UI/UX design process and then move ahead what tools to use on each step:

  • Brainstorming

  • Creating User Personas and User Flows, or Building an Information Architecture

  • Interacting with a Development Team

  • Wireframing

  • Building Prototypes

  • UX/Usability Testing

For each stage, the designers use various UX deliverables and methodologies and appropriate mobile app UI design tools.

Tools For Creating Users Flow And Building Information Architecture

Axure RP

Axure RP is a complete app design tool that can render a UX wireframe. It features all the functionalities needed to design your app from start to finish. Axure RP currently supports OS X and Windows OS. This is one of the best apps for designers of any skill level.


Laura Hilton, an app developer at WriteMyX and Brit Student, stated that “OmniGraffle is a diagram design tool which lets you rapidly visualize the flow of the app so you can plan out the development without any problems. You can prototype screen flows, strategy maps, and many other diagram options.” It’s an app wireframe tool of which you should certainly be aware.


Justinmind is one of those free app prototyping tools for mobile and web that enables developers to design their user flow and journey. It features usability testing tool integrations and a powerful scenario builder. Developers who use it can enjoy a complete set of features for creating user flow. It is certainly one of the best UX tools on the market.

Tools For Creating Users Flow And Building Information Architecture


If you want UI design software free of charge, then FlowMapp is definitely worth a try. The user flow diagrams you can create with it can range from simple schematics to nearly hi-fi wireframes. It lets you use lines, shapes, and icons to quickly design user flows. One drawback is that with only 80 icons included, there are other tools which offer more UI elements with which to work. A UI wireframe made using FlowMapp is likely to be successful with a broad audience.

Wireframing & Prototyping Design Tools


Sketch UI is a MacOS-based graphic design tool which is similar to Photoshop. However, it has a focus on UI design. Its operation is simple, and it has features which allow symbol design like buttons, tabs, and more. Mobile app design software does not come much better than this.

Adobe Experience Design (XD)

XD is Sketch’s main competition. If you wanted to use Sketch but prefer working from a PC instead of a Mac, this tool is for you. XD has almost all the same features as Sketch, including wireframing, prototyping, and more. If you like your mobile app design software free, you should certainly consider XD.


With powerful editing tools and lots of handy features, Figma is a one-stop shop for designing, prototyping, and gathering feedback. UI designers can take advantage of the constraints feature, which adapts your designs when the screen size changes. This is an app mockup tool that both pros and amateurs enjoy.

InVision Studio

Most mobile app design guidelines stipulate that you should use a tool that is speedy and powerful.  InVision is one of the top mobile app design tools in terms of power and options. Designers can rapidly transform their ideas into innovative designs with vector-based drawing, as well as flexibility in layers.


A mobile app mockup free to use is MockPlus. It is powerful, but it is also cleaner than many other tools that have been around longer. It’s code-free and easy to follow, as you can create with a drag-and-drop option.


Mobile app design templates are often made with UXPin. This web tool has a simple interface and many built-in features for intensive wireframing and prototyping. It’s efficient in the design, testing, and roll-out stages. It has features like real-time joint editing, previews, and commenting.

Tools For Communication Between Designers And Developers


Zeplin is UI design software that is only compatible with Sketch. It is a plugin and web app. It lists attributes of elements on a specifications sheet, which you can then use for communication between design and development teams. UX design tools don’t often come any better than Zeplin.

Approval Studio

Approval Studio is a collaborative platform for businesses. It is not intended only for development teams, but we included it on this list because the comment and annotation features are some of the easiest and most intuitive for real-time collaboration. App UI design using Approval Studio will go a lot smoother.

Tools For 3d Design Prototyping

3DS Max

3DS Max is a great tool for rendering, animation, and 3D modeling. It was originally developed for game design visualization. However, it can be used for other design types as well. This is one of the best graphic design apps for those who are focused on the visual approach to development.


Tinkercad is a browser-based 3D CAD modeling tool. You can complete designs and models with it in just a few minutes, and it is appropriate for both novices and experts.

Top Usability Testing Tools


This is one of the best testing tools for mobile UX in the world. You can use it to test your website, desktop, mobile apps, prototypes, and more.


Sigos is a cloud-based platform, and it is a one-of-a-kind testing environment for mobile apps. Its designers are constantly adding new devices and features that can be tested through it.

Depending on the plans for your app, you should familiarize yourself with these UX tools and determine which of them will be most helpful to you. You will probably find that several of them can be beneficial as you strive to achieve the goals you’ve set for your business. Remember, the best app design is that which appeals to the casual user as well as your most devoted customers.

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Intel vs AMD Ryzen: who wins the CPU war?

It is in the processors that distinctions start. A small device, but with several different characteristics. To better present these differences, we start by presenting two prestigious companies with an incredible market and technological evolution. They are well known brands in the digital universe for producing the processors of our computers and other important hardware.

Most of the market belongs to Intel, however, AMD keeps pace and has presented us with components with incredible quality and have more competitive prices than its competitor

Intel vs AMD Ryzen

Price / Quality

It is a very complex topic and could be discussed for days without finding a concise answer. Most buyers are always looking for the best price-quality benefit, but for that we need to know what our real need will be.

For entry-level models, Intel manages to offer good options at a low cost, of course for very basic and very limited uses. AMD presents us with more expensive solutions and comparable performance. For example, the Intel Pentium G4560 model can be bought at around 60 € and the AMD Athlon 240GE model at 74.90 €.

In the middle range price, the story is different, there is a greater AMD dominance. AMD, with the new Ryzen 5, managed to compete in a market where Intel was leading with the i5. The price of the Intel Core i5-8600K is around 269.90 € and the AMD Ryzen 5 1600X can be bought for only 155 €.

When we enter the top range, the Ryzen 7 has a huge processing capacity and overall higer number of cores. It manages to offer exceptional performance that could only be matched to an i7, which has a higher cost.

Prices for the Intel Core i7-8700K model start at € 425 and AMD Ryzen 7 2700X models start at € 329.


Regarding the gaming world, there are more differences and components that can make or break. It is necessary to emphasize that the last generations of consoles, almost all are equipped with a CPU / GPU from AMD, both Microsoft and Sony.

Intel achieves excellent results while satisfying the needs of the players, even in games designed to work in multiple cores, achieving an impressive management of their core’s on PC.

In gaming, most of the benchmarks are led by Intel, of course there are titles like the Hitman and Doom series, which are developed for an AMD environment. It does not mean that we will have a worse game performance when using an Intel processor, the game processing management is however optimized for an AMD architecture.

Have in mind that a processor is not everything and adding a good graphics card can present to a long-lasting machine with a lot of processing capacity. 

Recently an agreement was made between the two companies: AMD will supply graphics processors to integrate Intel chipsets. So, we get thinner notebooks, more power and performance with less energy consumption.

Compatibility and Purchase Option

As it has been said before, Intel leads the current market and for that same reason we found more models of Motherboards compatible with the various existing sockets.

Even CPU coolers are simpler to assemble and are more compatible with Intel. Let’s also state that with the superiority that Intel has, they have enough capacity to create a greater impact on advertising and marketing, thus creating trends and overall, impacting positively the consumers choice and trust.

When choosing the motherboard, the user must pay attention to the socket. The processor might not be compatible, and the attempt of assembly can be expensive. The connecting pins are extremely sensitive and fragile. 

For that reason, always pick the motherboard first as a solid pick, like if you were betting on the NFL future odds draft. Then, build upon it. Follow our advice and you will find the perfect solution for your CPU needs. 

Report: Apple begins trial production of iPhone 9

Apple just reported strong iPhone sales for the last quarter of 2019 and even with all that success, there are Apple users who would still love to have a smaller iPhone with a home button. Rumors of a successor to the iPhone SE have been going on for years, but this year’s rumors about a possible iPhone 9 (with the design of the iPhone 6, 7, and 8) have been abundant.

Today’s report from My Drivers cited Chinese industry sources who claim the iPhone SE 2 is already under trial production. They also claim that the new device will be called the iPhone 9 and it is said to launch sometime in March. The industry supply chain also suggested the total order volume would exceed 30 million units.

Leaked renders of Apple iPhone 9 Leaked renders of Apple iPhone 9
Leaked renders of Apple iPhone 9

The report also suggests that Apple would begin mass production of the iPhone 9 sometime in mid-February. The iPhone 9 would appeal to emerging markets and may sell for under CNY 3,000 (~$432). This would be a great price if you recall the iPhone SE first launched for $399.

We still don’t know what the specifications of such an iPhone would be. The features, cameras, or design of the phone need to be different enough to entice iOS users to switch from an iPhone 8. The iPhone SE launched with the same camera and processor as the iPhone 6S.

We wonder how which smartphone Apple will use hardware from on the iPhone 9? Previous reports claim it will use the iPhone 11’s A13 Bionic chipset and use the chassis-standard 4.7-inch display.

Source (Translated)

How to Detect Plagiarism and Its Importance in the Academic World?

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Plagiarism is a problematic issue in the academic world. It is quite pronounced in the case of student assignments. The propensity to plagiarize develops from the inability to understand the basics of research methodology.

In any research, more than one source gets utilized for gaining information about a particular topic. The aggregate information helps in the formation of a different inference, which is attested as a new contribution to knowledge.

For students, the main task is to substantiate their claims with suitable references. The designs of the assignment help in the process of reasoning, and drawing inferences helps in framing the argument of a thesis.

How to Detect Plagiarism.jpg

Figure 1: Citing References Can Help in Avoiding Duplicate Content

The presence of plagiarism in the essay reveals the lack of adequate research work. In today’s technologically advanced world, the task of detecting plagiarism has become quite easy. There are plagiarism checkers for students available online. 

‘Check my assignment for plagiarism’ option is available. Students can upload and use the plagiarism scanning software to detect the plagiarized content.

It is a completely hassle-free process that takes a few minutes to check the essay. The time depends on the length of the text, but all instances of copied content get marked along with the source text. 

The writing skills required for essay writing

Students need to hone their writing ability. Sound knowledge of English grammar is an essential requirement for writing sensible sentences. Incorrect sentence structure and spelling errors mar the impact of a dissertation.

Valid points are not valuable until the presentation is not in an understandable language. Grammatical errors and run-on sentences make the piece of writing useless. The problem of spelling mistakes and grammar are fixable.

There are grammar checkers and spell check softwares available online. The student uploads the written essay as a Word file and gets it checked.

It is Significant to Write an Error-Free Essay

Figure 2: It is Significant to Write an Error-Free Essay

Once the written assignment is submitted, it no longer has the chance of rectification by the student. Therefore, it is necessary to take all steps for ensuring the correctness of the submitted work by using an essay checker and corrector..

How do professors check for plagiarism?

Teachers provide students with various kinds of writing assignments that are meant to evaluate the critical thinking and reasoning ability of students. In most cases, a similar written project is given to the students studying in the same class. 

Paid or a free plagiarism checker for teachers help them to ascertain plagiarism instances in student papers quickly. It also helps the students as they can easily find out whether they have unintentionally plagiarized any part or not.

It is essential to inculcate the value of original writing and make students aware of the kinds and negative impact of plagiarism on their academic life. Plagiarism often works in classroom tasks. Students commit plagiarism in the following ways:

  • Using references without quotation marks and citations:

The practice of using material from related reference texts is not a crime. But the absence of quotation marks makes it impossible to separate the referenced lines from the rest of the essay. It can be accidental, but students need to be well aware of the quotations used in the essay.

In-Text Citation Helps in Avoiding Plagiarism

Figure 3: In-Text Citation Helps in Avoiding Plagiarism

The quoted lines require citation. The absence of citations also leads to plagiarism. Wrong citations or misquotes are equally harmful to the essence of an essay. Plagiarism checkers for students are useful in finding and fixing such issues efficiently.

  • Changing the words of passage and using it:

It is a blatant form of copying. It is not considered an accidental error in any manner. Changing the words of a passage from a text or changing the sentence structure is not permitted.

Using such altered passages in the classroom essay is highly unethical because the text from where the alteration of the passages takes place is the intellectual property of the author.

Teachers can check plagiarism online with free plagiarism checkers to detect such issues.

  • Sharing or taking information from fellow students:

The act of cheating is not unheard of in a classroom. Students take down the written essay of another student and submit it.

The percentage of similarity between two essays helps in determining whether cheating has been done or not. The pupils can use a plagiarism scanner to compare student essays for similarities.

Plagiarism Detector Can Find Out Whether a Student Has Cheated or Not

Figure 4: Plagiarism Detector Can Find Out Whether a Student Has Cheated or Not

Therefore, teachers have ample options to check for plagiarism in students’ works. 

The actions required to curb plagiarism

As teachers, it is crucial to educate students about plagiarism. At an early learning stage, students might not be aware of plagiarized content. In the era of computer technology, information is widely available through multiple sources.

Websites and journals available online provide students with much information. Mistakes also occur when the information present on the website is improper.

To handle classroom plagiarism, there should be an urge among the students to check the source of information before taking data from any website. Instances of cheating can be curbed by encouraging students to think freely and articulate thoughts individually.

Too Much Dependence on Search Engine Can Lead to Cheating

Figure 5: Too Much Dependence on Search Engine Can Lead to Cheating

Lack of confidence also results in cheating. Hence, it is essential to allow all students to express their observations on a topic. The support of teachers is necessary to ensure a positive learning experience.

Realizing the value of individual work helps in understanding the value of other people’s work. It, in turn, results in developing the positive habit of giving due credit.


A research paper is an important document. Proofreading is essential before submission. Hence, students use a plagiarism checker to correct mistakes, and teachers stress upon the need to avoid unintentional plagiarism in dissertations.

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[Update: Voted Passed, Law Pending] The EU will vote to force all smartphones to adopt USB-C

Update (1/31/20 @ 3:35 PM ET): To reduce e-waste, the European parliament has voted in favor of standardizing charging.

Since smartphones with USB-C started coming out in 2015, the standard has come a long way. Nowadays, it has become, well, the standard connector for almost all Android smartphones out there, from flagship phones to budget devices. With the exception of certain, really cheap phones and accessories, micro-USB is, for most intents and purposes, pretty much dead as of 2020. Even dirt-cheap smartphones like the Redmi 8A have started to come out with USB-C support. But there are still some odd ducks out there. Particularly Apple, which still clings onto their proprietary Lightning port because of revenue purposes as well as certain Android OEMs that, for some reason, are still not done with the old micro-USB port.

The whole point of standards is to have something that everyone uses: you should be able to plug the same cable on any phone you want to charge. And for this reason, the European Union wants to change that. This is not the first time they tried to intervene here, but previous legislation has made it so that they would strongly encourage, yet not mandate, USB-C adoption. If this law is passed, then all smartphone manufacturers, no matter how big or small, would be obligated to use USB-C on their devices if they want to sell their phones within the European economic area.

This would include Apple which does sell their phones in Europe. Although the upcoming iPhone 11S/12 lineup is rumored to come with USB-C, it is still just a rumor and other rumored devices, such as the iPhone SE2, are set to carry a Lightning connector–the passing of this legislation could affect the launch of this device, and potentially even other Apple devices currently in the market.

An initial draft of this law has been approved by a majority of voting members, but it still needs to receive approval from the EU Council in order to become law.

Source: European Parliament | Via: 9to5Google

Update: Voted Passed, Law Pending

The EU Parliament has voted in favor of a resolution that calls for much tougher action to reduce e-waste. They are calling for the European Commission to come up with stricter rules by July 2020. As of now, nothing is changed, but parliament is making it clear that something must be done.

One of the ways the Commission has attempted to reduce waste is to reduce “unnecessary variety.” This is where USB-C comes into play. Back in 2009, there were over 30 charger types on the market. Today there are only 3. Still, Apple, one of the biggest players in this space, continues to use a proprietary charging standard. Apple claims a universal standard would “stifle innovation.” All of the dongles that Apple and 3rd-parties sell create tons of e-waste.

The resolution says consumers shouldn’t need to buy new chargers/adapters with each new device. Parliament wants the Commission to introduce a strategy to decouple the purchase of chargers from a new device. The Commission has said they welcome the resolution and acknowledged its current approach has not met expectations. The next step is to come up with the actual legislation, which is planned for Q3 2020.

Via: TechCrunch

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How To Save Costs While Buying Your Stunning Bridal Jewellery Sets

Bridal Jewellery sets

According to a study conducted on the 2nd of December 2018, the Indian wedding industry has reached a cumulative worth of approximately Rs. 34 thousand Crore. Over 10 million weddings take place across the nation every year, and the average expense has increased by almost 30% in the last 3 years.

Besides, the wedding jewellery market also acts as a significant contributor to the economy of India, contributing approximately 15% to the merchandise exports of India and 7% to the GDP. This sector also provides employment to over 4.64 million individuals, which is expected to increase to 8.23 million by 2022.

Nevertheless, the expenses required towards the purchase of such jewellery can be substantially high. Thus, it is essential that you secure an alternate mode of financing to pay for all the other necessities of the ceremony. There are several steps that you can take to lower the cost of bridal jewellery and to get bridal jewellery in budget.

Let’s take a look at some tips to buy bridal jewellery on a budget.

  • Buy one at a time

Gold is known to be an investment and as the amount can easily reach a substantial sum, it is advisable that you purchase one piece at a time rather than procuring all at once. Buying all the required jewellery at once will result in a hefty bill and can strain your budget.

  • Choose pearls over diamonds

To lower your bridal jewellery price, opt for pearl ornaments rather than coloured stones such as emeralds or even diamonds. Pearls not only look sophisticated but are also more affordable than other precious stones or metals. Alternatively, you can also choose meenakari pieces to fit your budget.

  • Use older jewellery 

Using ancestral gold can help you reduce the overall expenses by a substantial margin. In case you have such jewellery, you can use them at your wedding. Additionally, you can alter the design of the pieces if desired to match the modern outfit and reduce the cost required to buy bridal jewellery.

  • Choose small ornaments over heavy pieces

It is not necessary for you to purchase heavy jewellery. You can purchase light-weight ornaments that not only look sober; they are also comfortable to carry throughout the ceremony. Choosing light jewellery is one of the effective tips and tricks to help save money while planning a wedding in a budget.

  • Buy traditional designs

There can be times that you desire to buy jewellery as per the recent trends. However, the prices of such trending pieces can be substantial. An alternate way to avoid hefty expenditures is to purchase jewellery with traditional designs that are both budget friendly and do not come with above average price tags.

Along with wedding jewellery, there are other expenses involved in a ceremony, such as a wedding venue, outfits, catering, etc. To meet the overall cost, you can avail advances like a Loans Against Property that offers substantial sums of cash. Lenders like Bajaj Finserv offer credits of up to Rs. 3.5 Crore at attractive interest rates with tenor options as high as 20 years. These advances are provided against minimal documents with other benefits such as balance transfer facilities, online account access, instant approval, easy EMIs, etc.

You also get to enjoy pre-approved offers that reduce the hassle of the application process and also help you save time. These pre-approved offers are available on multiple financial products such as home loans, personal loans, business loans, etc. You can have a look at your pre-approved offer by sharing minimum details like your name and phone number with your lender.

Furthermore, make sure that you are aware of all the things you need to know while taking a loan for your wedding such as interest rate, application and disbursal process, etc. Also, do make sure to make your EMI payments on time to avoid an accumulation of debt and penalty charges.

In addition to the above, there are other ways to lower the cost of bridal jewellery with price affordable for your budget such as purchasing multi-purpose pieces, customising old pieces, opting for imitation jewellery, etc.

6 Content Pieces That Gets You Links Naturally 

The benefits of backlinks cannot be overlooked. It is one of the most reliable ranking signals in Google’s search algorithms. 

However, earning natural links is one of the most challenging parts of SEO. It requires a lot of time and planning. As a digital marketer, you must know what could (potentially) work and what won’t. 

Here are 6 types of content that will help you attract high-value links naturally. 

1 – Stats Based Post

Good bloggers always back up the claim they make with supporting statistics. They don’t conduct research on their own. Instead, they rely on already conducted analysis and link to them. 

However, conducting studies can be one of the most time-consuming tasks. If you can’t research by yourself, you can combine insightful data from credible sources into one massive resource. 

Hubspot’s marketing statistics page has attracted links from 10,915 root domains. Hubspot combines data from various external sources and updates it regularly with new information. 

backlink profile

This type of posts can be a gold mine for marketers and bloggers looking for the latest information on various topics. 

It’s not necessary to create a list as broad as Hubspot’s, which covers almost all marketing topics. Your post can be as small as this page, which compiles a list of 10 email marketing stats.  

constant contact

Besides, these types of posts have a higher chance of ranking well on the SERPs. The reason stats based post work so well is because people don’t have to switch through websites to know facts about a particular topic. 

How to Figure Out What Kind of Information to Compile?

Determining what kind of information would be valuable to have in one place is crucial. You can’t compile every piece of information (stats) and expect to get links. 

There are certain pieces of content that will help you to acquire more links. A well documented content marketing strategy should be the base of your link acquisition campaign. 

Here are some ways that will help you decide which information you should compile:

  • Examine your high-performing blog posts and figure out what needed a lot of explaining.

  • Review comments on other industry articles and resources to find what people are looking for.

  • Search what kind of stats based posts has been successful for your competitors.

No matter which way you choose, make sure that you compile only the latest information. Good bloggers never link to outdated information. 

2 – Question Keywords Post 

People use Google to find answers to almost everything these days. From learning about something in-depth to looking for simple and direct answers, Google is the primary stream of information for a majority of internet users. 

Besides, question keywords posts are more likely to rank higher as a featured snippet. 41% of featured snippets are question-based. 

Queries that start with a question such as what or why return a paragraph snippet 90% of the time. 

When you answer the right questions, bloggers are more likely to link to your website when writing content on similar topics. 

For instance, a post by Search Engine Land which talks about what is SEM and paid marketing has received over 3,224 backlinks from 884 root domains. 

backlink profile searchengineland

The topics that referred to the Search Engine Land’s post include “SEO Tips,” “Does SEM includes SEO,” “The importance of search marketing and web design,” etc. 

The primary reason why question-keyword posts get a higher number of backlinks is that people can’t explain every single thing in their content. Hence, they link to question-specific posts, giving new readers an opportunity to understand the topic in-depth.  

How to Find Link-Worthy Question-Keywords?

  • Perform Question-Based Keyword Research: Tools like Answer the Public, KWFinder, and Buzzsumo’s Question Analyzer can help you find questions that most of your target audience ask. kwfinder

  • Check “People also Ask” in Google search results: Checking people also ask section can give you ideas for your question-based content. 

what is seo

When you click on a question, the question box gets larger. This will give you more opportunities to expand on a topic and answer as many questions as possible in a single blog post.


You can also browse Quora to find questions people are asking related to your industry. 

This way, you can identify any information gaps, then look for different ways to address those gaps through question-based content. 

3 – Video Post

Video post makes information more digestible and easier to understand. Social videos get shared 1200% more than text and images combined.

There are lots of video content you can create such as:

  • Presentations

  • Explainers

  • Vlogs

  • Tutorials

  • Webinars

  • Live streams

  • Product launching videos

  • Live video (on social media platforms) 

Dollar Shave Club’s ad campaign is one of the most viewed and linked videos. Unlike other commercials about shaving blades with all sorts of close-ups, this ad video stares the founder himself. He explains why Dollar Shave Club’s razors are better than the others. 

This video alone received more than 26 million views and 19,381 backlinks. 

backlink profile youtube video

How to Create Videos That Goes Viral?

Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. But, not every video goes viral. There are certain things you must follow while creating videos. 

  • Conduct proper research: Before you start crafting content for video, you need to conduct proper research to understand what people like. Look for answers to these questions.

  • What videos perform well?

  • Which ones get the most shares?

  • What sets them apart from the rest?

Ahref’s Content Explorer and Buzzsumo Content Discovery can help you find answers to these questions.

  • Create short videos: The first thing people check is how long the video is. It helps them decide whether to watch it or not. Besides, the shorter videos spread better. Therefore, make your videos as short as possible. 

  • Tell a story: People love to hear stories. They’re more likely to share it with their friends if the story is relatable. Don’t forget to use proper copywriting skills to offer something valuable to the readers.

Creating a high-quality video isn’t cheap, but it is worth it. 

Bonus Tip: Break your video into smaller parts and promote it on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

4 – Infographics

Visually appealing images help enhance any message. 40.2% of marketers believe that infographics drive the most engagement. 

Infographics are improvised versions of standard images, packed with short facts and stats. They offer an easy-to-digest and easy-to-recall way of presenting content. 


Campaign Monitor’s email marketing stats infographics received over 366 backlinks from 208 unique domains. 

Tools like Canva can help you create high-quality infographics within minutes. The best part is designing skills are not mandatory. It contains thousands of templates, all you need to do is choose the one that resonates with your content and edit the text. 

Here are the two things you need to keep in mind before creating an infographic. 

  • Perform research: Platforms like and Pinterest can help you find new infographic ideas and get an idea of the kind of infographics that works for your niche. allows you to sort the infographic ideas by Liked, Viewed, and Trending.  

  • Create a good design: A high-quality infographic is a must. If you can’t create an infographic by yourself, hire a designer who specialized in it. 

Additionally, you can convert infographics into Gifographics. Gifographics are the same as “GIFs”. The only difference is that they offer information to viewers. These will help you attract extra links and social shares. 

5 – Newsjacking Post

The practice of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story is referred to as newsjacking. When done right, these types of posts can help you generate tons of media coverage and social media engagement. 

The popularity of the news goes down pretty quickly. Therefore, you must create content around trending news as soon as possible. 

life of news story

A few years back, Pokemon Go dominated news stories for its augmented reality game. It required a large amount of walking. Muncie Animal Shelter, Indiana, leveraged this by launching a volunteer program called “Pokemon Dogs”. 

It asked pokemon players to combine their walking with the shelter’s dogs. The post on Facebook received over 10,000 reactions and 28,860 shares. 

focus on news

Focus on the news that affects your audience or industry. If you are an SEO blogger, writing blog posts as soon as Google makes an update in its search algorithms could be a great way of leveraging newsjacking. 

Why? Because as soon as Google makes an algorithm update, everyone in the digital marketing field is going to talk about it. 

When you’re one of the first bloggers to post about it, you will not only attract more traffic but you will also be able to generate more inbound links. 

Besides, it will prove that you always stay up to date on industry news and updates and that you teach your audience what they need to know about it. 

Set up alerts on RSS feed that includes major news outlets and monitor Twitter constantly to find stories to newsjack. 

6 – Interactive Content Like Tools

Blog posts can be very valuable but not as much as tools. Besides, you can only provide actionable information through blogs, videos, and other forms of content. 

Tools, on the other hand, could help your audience solve a problem. 

Sadly, very few bloggers or marketers focus on creating tools for their audience. 

One of the best examples would be Ubersuggest created by Neil Patel. 

interactive content

This tool helps people find keyword ideas, content ideas, get a domain overview (top pages, organic keywords, and backlinks), and site audit report. 

This could be beneficial for bloggers and businesses looking for different ways to boost their position in the SERPs. 

This tool alone attracted 205,456 backlinks from 14,961 domains. 


The cost of creating the tool depends entirely on its type (niche, features, etc.). 

These types of tools will not only help you get a great number of backlinks, but it will also help you generate revenue. 

The only concern is that the results are not guaranteed. 

You need to understand what your audience wants and analyze the gap in the existing tools before you invest in creating tools. 

Creating Content Is Just A Beginning 

In content marketing, creating content is 20% and promotion is 80%. 

Without a proper content promotion strategy, even great content won’t generate enough links unless you get it in front of the right people. 

Actively promoting your content will help you reach a wider audience and attract more traffic, engagement, and backlinks. 

Here are a few ways you can promote your content:

  • Break your content into multiple forms: If you create a long-form blog post, divide your content into 10-15 smaller posts and publish it in various platforms (such as social media networks, online forums, and Q&A sites). 

  • Send emails: Email marketing is one of the best ways to keep your subscribers informed and boost your traffic. 

  • Customize the message for each channel: Not every channel is the same. For instance, if you are promoting the content on social media, you can explore new ways of delivering your message. But, when promoting it through email marketing, you need to be a bit more personal (maybe include the receiver’s name).

Similarly, Instagram is all about images and videos whereas you can post the entire article on LinkedIn. 

Understand each channel and customize the message accordingly. 

  • Reach out to influencers: Influencers in your industry can help you increase your post’s reach. Besides, when an influencer shares your post, it increases your credibility. Thereby, increasing the chance of getting links from other people as well. 

Sites that rank higher are naturally able to acquire more links. Therefore, you must also take steps to make the content rank higher on the search results. 

Here are a few things you can do to boost the content’s position in the SERPs. 

  • Keep your website fast or else it won’t rank higher in the search results. Use tools like Finteza and Google Page Speed Insights to check page speed. Finteza provides you data for various stages such as median loading time of each resource type, median loading speed by country. It also helps you know when the user was able to view at least something and when the entire page functionality becomes available. SERPS

This will help you understand which resources are slowing down your website. 

  • Add security to your website even if you don’t handle customer data. Google prefers HTTPS over general HTTP websites. Buy an SSL certificate, if you haven’t yet. 

  • Use a CDN to keep your site fast. CDN leverages the power of caching to make your site than before and improves the overall user experience. 

  • Make sure that search engine bots can crawl and index your site without any problems. Perform a technical SEO audit once a month to find and fix issues, if any. Tools like SEMRush can help you perform technical SEO audit easily. 

It will give you an in-depth analysis of your site’s technical SEO performance. You can easily detect and eliminate error pages, find duplicate content pages, missing ALT text tags, and other problems. site audit

  • Optimizing your website for voice search is more important than ever. In fact, 50% of all the searches in 2020 will be voice-based. Therefore, it can help you rank your content higher in the SERPs. 

  • Google has moved to a mobile-first indexing strategy to rank websites. Having a mobile-friendly website can help you attain a higher position in the search results. 

Final Thoughts

Link building remains one of the most important and effective ways to attract high-quality traffic. 

Apart from creating these 6 types of content pieces, you also need to promote your content to earn links. Sharing your content on social media and reaching out to influencers can help you attract more links organically. 

People trust pages that rank on the first page, hence, taking measures to rank your content higher in the search results will also help you get links naturally. 

What You Need To Remember When Hiring The Right Tables And Chairs For An Event

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One important aspect in organizing an event is getting tables and chairs, and far more important is hiring the right people to supply the tables and chairs for your event. There are a lot of options, designs and types of fixtures out there aimed at different events. Some tables and chairs for events like weddings are more high end, while some for birthday parties are quite simple. Whatever the occasion is, there are a few things to always keep in mind when getting the right chairs and tables for your event. Let’s take a look at each of them.

What You Need To Remember When Hiring The Right Tables And Chairs For An Event

Know where to place the tables and chairs

Placing the tables and chairs is vital in every event, so decide first the best place to put them. If the weather is permitting, an outdoor setup and a little bit of fresh air would do you and your guests good. However, you’d be better off if you checked in advance what the weather would be like on the day of your event.

Seating arrangement is equally as vital as the placement of the tables and chairs in your event. Do your event right with proper seating arrangement so people would know where to sit. You wouldn’t put two people at odds with each other on the same table, would you? Family, guests of honor or primary sponsors are always seated in the center in weddings, for example, while all other guests could be seated in how they know the event’s hosts. However, a lot more equipment will be placed in your venue aside from the tables and chairs, so take that into consideration as well. Spaces for AV systems, DJ booths, raised platforms or stages, and even a portion of the venue where all the people can stand should be allocated properly.

Make adequate room for all your guests

One thing to consider is, there should be enough space in between the table and chairs for attendees and guests to move around. Additionally, servers would be going about the room serving food and drink to your guests all the time. The last thing you would want to happen is utter chaos when servers accidentally spill drinks on your guests because there is not enough space for them to move around. Before the event proper, it wouldn’t be wrong to have a dry run with the servers so you can get a feel for how much space there is in the venue, including the tables and chairs. That way, the servers could acquaint themselves with your venue, and your event would go smoothly on the day itself.

Decor is an important part of event fixtures

It is possible to save a lot of money by dressing up old chairs and tables and decorating them accordingly. Tables and chairs suppliers may not always rent out their equipment so cheaply, so there’s nothing stopping you from using older fixtures and redecorating them. Make sure to research different designs that best fit the theme of your event, though. This is the part where you can put your creative juices to work. You can get themes and ideas from the internet and many DIY strategies to redecorate your fixtures. This is the part where you can recycle old materials. Not only will you save money, but you also helped save the environment.

Know how many guests are coming

It is a must to know the number of people who are expected to attend the event. From there, you will have an approximate number you can give to the tables and chairs for hire service for the event. Remember to add RSVP details to your invites so your guests could respond as early as possible and avoid any last-minute responses and attendees, whereby the tables and chairs you rented are lacking for your event. As a contingency, make sure to leave at least 2 or 3 tables empty for anyone who might decide to come at the last minute. One easy way to confirm the people who will attend your event is checking on Facebook. That way, you get an even clearer picture as to how many guests are coming.

Getting the right number of tables and chairs is an important item on your checklist for a successful event. Not many think this way, but tables and chairs play a pivotal role in the event’s success. Since there are a lot of things you need done for your event, don’t spend too much time on deciding the tables and chairs. Make sure to get the services of a reliable supplier and inspect what they have to offer so you can make sure your rented fixtures are in good working condition.

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Counterpoint: Huawei overtakes Apple in 2019, Realme gains the most

We’ve heard plenty of analyses in the past few days, and now we have another report to confirm that Huawei has overtaken Apple in the battle for the second place on the global smartphone market. Counterpoint Research revealed that Cupertino fell under 200 million shipments while its Chinese competitor reached almost 240 million.

Counterpoint: Huawei becomes #2 smartphone maker despite strong Q4 from Apple

The analysts reported that switching 2019 strategies lead to improving some results, such as Samsung and its Galaxy A lineup and Apple’s relatively more affordable iPhone 11. The non-Pro phone was actually the reason Apple to be the top smartphone maker in Q4 2019, surpassing Samsung and gaining 18% of the total smartphone market.

Counterpoint: Huawei becomes #2 smartphone maker despite strong Q4 from Apple

Other interesting takeaways from the report are that Realme is now a Top 10 manufacturer with an overwhelming 483% jump in sales, while Xiaomi remained the top player in India during the full 12 months of 2019. Sales of 5G smartphones accounted to only 1% of all the 1.486 billion shipments, but Counterpoint expects the share to reach 18% in 2020.



Online Schools That Offer Laptops & iPads to Students

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As tuition costs continue to rise, many of today’s online schools are helping students ease their financial burden by incorporating the cost of a computer or tablet into their enrolment fees. Here are six online schools currently offering free or discounted laptops, tablets, and iPads to new students by

Online Schools That Offer Laptops & iPads to Students

Northwest Missouri State University

Northwest Missouri State University was founded in 1905 as a teachers’ college. Today, the school comprises 11 departments school offering Bachelor, Masters, and Post-Masters Certificates in dozens of fields of study. Online courses are available and include Business Management, Marketing, Nursing, and Special Education. In addition to providing free textbooks, Northwest Missouri Tate University also provides incoming students with a free laptop rental, the laptop must be returned to the school either in person or by mail upon graduation. To qualify for a free laptop, students must be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate (12 credit hours) or graduate (minimum 9 credit hours) program.

Independence University

Independence University is the online division of Stevens-Henager College. The school offers accelerated online degree programs in business, graphic arts, healthcare, and technology. All new IU students receive a brand-new tablet and laptop at the beginning of their program’s courses. Both the tablet and laptop come loaded with the necessary software for completing the school’s online sources Tech support is provided for the duration of the course, and students can keep their devices after graduation.

Full Sail University

Full Sail University offers online degree programs in highly specialized fields of study such as digital cinematography, music production, and sports journalism. As part of its Project Lunchbox Initiative, the school offers students a merit-based scholarship that covers the cost of a current generation MacBook Pro or HP laptop. Project Lunchbox also provides students with other technology and software to aid in their studies. Sports media students, for example, receive photographic equipment and editing software, while game design majors will receive a virtual reality headset and game development software. Students can keep all of their equipment and software after graduating.

Rutgers University Newark

Rutgers University Newark is renowned for its Business School, which has featured in top 10 and top 20 rankings by Bloomberg, Business Week, Financial times, and Princeton Review. Students who are enrolled in the school’s Mini MBA program receive a free iPad that is pre-loaded with the necessary course materials and software.

Seton Hill University

Seton Hill University is known for its excellent online degree programs in the fields of business, law, and medicine. The university offers a free 13-inch MacBook Air or current-generation iPad to all fulltime undergraduate students as part of the Mobile Learning at the Hill program. Devices are upgraded after students have completed two consecutive years of study, and they can keep the new devices after graduation.

Illinois Institute of Technology

Illinois institute of Technology offers online degrees in technology-focused fields of study like architecture, design, and human sciences. As part of the school’s IIT Mobile computing initiative, each new student receives an iPad pre-loaded with course software and materials, iTunes, and the iTunes University app.

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Samsung opens up pre-order notifications for the Galaxy S20

Samsung typically allows customers to “reserve” their spot in line to purchase new devices. As the launch of the Galaxy S20 series approaches, Samsung has done just that. You can now sign up to be notified the instant the pre-orders open up for your preferred Galaxy S20 model.

To sign up, you will be asked to provide your first and last name, email address, and zip code. You will also be able to select your preferred carrier: unlocked, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, or US Cellular. Keep in mind that this isn’t truly a “reservation” to buy the device. It simply means you will be notified immediately when the Galaxy S20 pre-orders open, so be ready to put down some money.

Galaxy S20 Ultra XDA Forums ||| Galaxy S20+ XDA Forums ||| Galaxy S20 XDA Forums

One interesting tidbit of information from the reservation page: it says “Delivery by March 6.” That’s nearly a month after the Galaxy S20 devices will be announced at Unpacked, which is longer than Samsung’s typical wait period. We’re also expecting Samsung to reveal the Galaxy Z Flip at Unpacked, but that device will likely have a special pre-order process.

For those who haven’t been keeping up with the onslaught of news, we will be seeing the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. The Galaxy S20 and S20+ will have 5G variants. You can check out the full (rumored) specifications in the chart below.

SpecificationGalaxy S20/5GGalaxy S20+/5GGalaxy S20 Ultra 5G
System-on-chipQualcomm Snapdragon 865/Exynos 990Qualcomm Snapdragon 865/Exynos 990Qualcomm Snapdragon 865/Exynos 990
  • 6.2-inch Dynamic AMOLED

  • 3200×1440

  • 120Hz @ FHD+

  • 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED

  • 3200×1440

  • 120Hz @ FHD+

  • 6.92-inch Dynamic AMOLED

  • 3200×1440

  • 120Hz @ FHD+

Fingerprint scannerIn-display UltrasonicIn-display UltrasonicIn-display Ultrasonic
Front camera
  • 10MP IMX 374

  • Video recording up to 4K 60fps

  • 10MP IMX 374

  • Video recording up to 4K 60fps

  • 40MP

  • Video recording up to 4K 60fps

Rear Camera
  • 12MP wide

  • 12MP ultra-wide

  • 64MP 3x Zoom

  • Video recording up to 8K 24fps

  •  12MP wide

  • 12MP ultra-wide

  • 64MP 3x Zoom

  • ToF

  • Video recording up to 8K 24fps

  • 108MP wide

  • 12MP ultra-wide

  • 48MP periscope telephoto: 10x optical zoom, 30x hybrid, 100x digital

  • ToF

  • Video recording up to 8K 24fps

  • 128GB/256GB UFS 3

  • Micro SD card slot

  • 128GB/256GB UFS 3

  • Micro SD card slot

  • 128GB/512GB UFS 3

  • Micro SD card slot

Battery Capacity4,000 mAh4,500 mAh5,000 mAh
Water ResistanceIP 68, 5 metersIP 68. 5 metersIP 68, 5 meters
AvailabilityRumored March 13thRumored March 13thRumored March 13th

Source: Samsung

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Apple Maps just got a huge update with improved navigation, "Look Around", and "Collections"

On Thursday, Apple Maps announced that it is now rolling out a new update to Apple Maps. The new update brings a new map design, and one that shows far more details than before. To start, users will be able to see far more details on land with building outlines to help you search and navigate better.

 AppleSource: Apple

There are now more comprehensive views of shopping malls, airports, parks, roads, and buildings. Apple promises faster and more accurate navigation with the new update.

 AppleSource: Apple

Two new features arrive to Apple Maps, both of which are offered by Google Maps with different names. The first is “Collections” which lets Apple Maps users create and share customized lists of saved destinations and “Look Around” which is a lot like Google Maps’ Street View. Currently, the only cities that you can Look Around are New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, and Oahu with more places to come.

Source: Apple Source: Apple
Source: Apple

Users can now create a favorites list so they can navigate in one tap. Favorites are accessed right from the main screen. Real-time transit schedules are now available for San Francisco, Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami (as of today). You can also share your navigation’s ETA information so friends and family can follow your journey to your destination.

 AppleSource: Apple

Check out the Source link for all the new features rolling out now on Apple Maps in the US. Apple plans to begin rolling out the same update across Europe “in the coming months”.


Why You Should Go For Machine Learning Certification?

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With all the hype building around Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, sometimes students find it difficult to decide whether to perceive machine learning as a career choice, whether to obtain Machine Learning certificate or not. This article is supposed to be your guide to machine learning certification. At first, we’ll tell you what Machine Learning is and then explain why you should obtain a certification in the field.

Why You Should Go For Machine Learning Certification

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a technique of data analysis that strives to automate the whole process of analytics as well as model creation. In other words, it allows your device to search for more info rather than program it to read and interpret fixed data. Basically, Machine Learning is a set of algorithms that create programs which can automatically learn from new pieces of information. Once designed, they don’t really need any humans to interferer. Some common applications of machine learning include the following: Spam filters, web search, finder systems, credit scoring, ad placement, fraud detection, computer vision, stock trading, and drug design.

Naturally, it is impossible to make models for every possible problem. So, the better idea is to program the machine to be intelligent enough to learn from itself. Machine learning is self-explanatory. Machines learn to do things that they are not explicitly programmed to do.

Uses of ML

Some of the uses of Machine Learning include:

  • Data integration

  • Data visualization

  • Automatic learning machine

  • Dashboard and BI

  • Data engineering

  • Automated, data-driven decisions

  • Deployment in production mode

  • Distributed architecture

Machine learning helps enhance the data science processes by making a provision for online learning, real-time testing, data analysis, data preparation, and even decision-making. Data science clubs connect algorithms from machine learning to provide a solution. Data science takes this activity with lots of ideas from basic mathematics, statistics and domain expertise.

Why you should choose Machine Learning as a career?

The estimated market size of Machine Learning Software’s and Applications in 2016 was estimated to be $1.03 Billion and it is expected to grow to more than 8 times in just 6 years to a total of $8.81 Billion in 2022. These sheer numbers easily suggest that machine learning is making its place throughout the world as technology is getting automated. This means there will be a sharp requirement of Machine Learning experts and professionals in the coming years.

Moreover to Forbes he machines learning patent has increased 34 per cent in the CAGR between 2013 and 2017, which is the third fastest-growing category of all the patents given so far. Besides, the International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that the expenditure on AI and ML will increase from $ 12 billion in 2017 to $ 57.6 billion by 2021.

If that is not all when we look at the salary figures of ML and AI professionals we get a sense of what is the real deal. According to the latest industry estimates, an AI professional with an experience of 2-4 years can earn annually from $20,600 to $27,500. On the other hand, experienced professionals with 4-8 years can expect from $28,000 to $68,800. The salaries may vary from company to company.

If you’re looking for comprehensive Machine Learning Courses curated with the support and suggestions of leading Industrial Experts, you can take a look at the business analytics courses in Mumbai offered by Imarticus Learning. With a placement guarantee on the completion of certification and a broad range of alumni working for top companies such as Cognizant, Concentrix, ninja cart, Genpact, etc.

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Children’s Indoor Playground Equipment – Adding A Perfect Playing Environment For Your Kid!

Most of the time parents seem to be too worried about their kids and their playing modes. They cannot allow their little ones to move outside for playing. Kids have a common desire to explore everything. This sort of approach from kids can even make the right call for unwanted problems! In order to avoid this sort of situation you can now you can opt for the installation of children’s indoor playground equipment. With the help of such unique equipment you can really allow your kid to receive one of the safest mean to play and have some physical activities that are highly important for his development.

There might be various ways to keep the kid active and healthy. But offering them a safe environment right at the garden of your home where they can play and find good health is always impartial. Parents that are really concerned about their kid’s safety and good health can now try children’s indoor playground equipment. As the name suggests, these playing equipments can be installed at the indoor of play school and at other establishments where children are still looking for a perfect playground where they can stay busy for long hours in the day. The toddler will begin with the simple set up of the small slide. Then, you may add some height and steps.

After that you might as well attach tunnel and bigger slide. You may also put the top on toy and add a lot of other options at later date. The ball pools have also gained a lot of popularity nowadays and you will add this as the extension or separate unit. This is a beauty of this type of the indoor playground sets. Child will make use of them separately and be creative as well as build them as the connecting toys. It stimulates child’s thinking & planning capabilities apart from strengthening physically by building toys himself. With the growing population space has become a big issue for the modern world especially in the urban areas. So almost all the parents find it difficult to find a suitable place where their children can play. It is indispensable for children to play along with the other activity.

It is the natural demand for proper growth. Playing boost the physical and mental development especially in case of children at their learning stage and growth. So when there are unavoidable circumstances like the unavailability of playing space outside, bad weather or even sometime social problem we have to think some other options. Here indoor games are very much beneficial.

There are times while you don’t allow child to play outside because of bad weather conditions or else for the safety. In case, restrict them to go outside to play you must have a few interesting & engaging kids indoor play equipment. Also, you must have the games, which are constructive & educational so they will keep the child busy for 2 to 3 hours and will develop & increase the concentration, strength as well as patience.

Spider-Wall – best home gym for your Kids. Kids and Fitness Inc. is a company that specializes in supplying children’s indoor playground for kids.

Canalys: Apple leads Q4 sales for a third year in a row, Samsung stays on top in 2019

Canalys posted its report on the worldwide smartphone shipments for Q4 and the full year 2019. The analysts estimate that in Q4 2019, Apple shipped over 78 million smartphones, surpassing Huawei and Samsung and becoming a holiday champion.

Canalys: Apple wins the race for Q4 sales for a third year in a row

The Cupertino company did the exact same thing in 2018 and 2017, revealing that people really want a new iPhone for Christmas.

The smartphone market has switched from a growth era to cyclical era – this means companies won’t grow as they used to, and now market results will alternate between peaks and declines.

Research Analyst Shengtao Jin revealed that smartphones under $100 were a major focus in developing markets, with vivo Y91C being one of the positive examples. The Apple iPhone 11 was also a success in emerging regions, tempting users with a relatively cheaper entry into the iOS ecosystem.

Canalys: Apple wins the race for Q4 sales for a third year in a row

The picture for the full year saw Samsung increase its shipments a little bit, but it was Huawei to post the biggest growth. Despite the decline in Q4 Huawei shipped240 million devices, a 17% jump over 2018. Apple actually declined to under 200M units and the global smartphone market went from 1.389 billion to 1.366 billion.

Canalys: Apple wins the race for Q4 sales for a third year in a row


HBO’s Android app slowly rolls out the ability to download shows or movies for offline viewing

Seemingly every company has their own streaming service, after an online streaming craze kickstarted by Netflix years ago. Disney+ is the most recent, high-profile offering and it features nearly all of Disney’s back catalog – admittedly a whole lot of media. Other companies such as Amazon have Prime Video, whilst HBO has HBO GO and HBO NOW, home to much of the network’s most coveted offerings on-demand. While competitors from the likes of Disney, Netflix, and Amazon allow you to download shows and movies for offline viewing, until now, HBO’s streaming services did not. That’s now changing, as the app finally allows you to save content for later offline viewing.

The feature is seemingly enabled in the latest version of the HBO application for the service you are subscribed to, but it may not be rolled out to everyone just yet. There are a few restrictions on the service though, one being that it has a limitation of 25 titles at a time. Not all titles can be downloaded either, and those that are downloaded will be removed from your device 2 days after viewing, even if you didn’t finish it. Only shows and movies that are marked with an arrow icon will be available for download.

Each show and movie downloaded will be shown in a “Downloaded” section from within the HBO app, which shows the number of episodes saved, the size it takes up, and gives you the ability to remove it from your device. Here you can also view how many more titles you’re allowed to download, along with enabling a setting to only download titles over WiFi.

In case you’re wondering what the difference is, HBO GO comes as a part of a cable TV subscription, whilst HBO NOW is aimed more internationally and can be subscribed to like you would subscribe to any other streaming service. The downloads feature has potentially been in the works a while, though the feature is only starting to pop up for people in the past few weeks. HBO’s initial limitation on downloading, as per their FAQ, was that you would only be able to have 15 titles downloaded at a time, though obviously they’ve increased that.

If you have the feature, let us know in the comments if it works, and what you can download!

Source: OneTech

Via: PhoneArena

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Event Security Tips to Keep Your Guests Safe

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Planning an event is a massive undertaking. There’s a huge list of tasks involved in executing an event successfully. And, making preparations for the safety of the attendees is one of the most important.

Recently, there have been several high-profile attacks at public events in the United States. In light of this, it is essential that event managers and event planners hire special event security services to tackle all aspects of security, such as risk management, first aid, crowd control, monitoring, screening, and communications.

The primary purpose of Ranger special event security guards service is to manage and maintain large crowds. Trained security professionals are prepared to handle any situation discreetly to ensure the rest of the guests enjoy the event.

The growth of security services is clearly on the rise. In the US alone, spending on managed security services (such as security guard agencies) was $21 billion in 2019.

However, security is often ignored or insufficient and that’s a disservice to the attendees who trust event planners. Here are some essential security factors to consider for a successful event.

Factors to Consider for Special Events Security

Choosing a Security Company

When contracting for special event security services, make sure that the company is operating under the rules and regulations of the state. Also, the company must be licensed and have proof of liability coverage. While checking on the background of the staff, verify that they all have licenses and have completed adequate training.

After you have confirmed that the company is working in accordance with state rules, you can check the range of events that the company has previously handled.  It is important to find an agency that has managed an event like yours. You can ask for referrals, which is a great way to verify and confirm the qualifications of the agency.

Venue Inspection

Event venues are usually large, open spaces with different sections, sometimes enclosed, and with hidden nooks which could present potential security threats. Before you contract a security service, take them on a tour of the event venue. To offer strict and effective security for your guests’ safety, your event security people must know the site inside out. If the security team has worked that location before, ask them to point out the areas of greatest risk, and how they have managed those areas previously.

Why Should You Hire Special Event Security Services?

There are significant advantages to having security at your event. Some of those are:

Avoiding Gate-Crashers

Security personnel protect your event from uninvited guests. Gate-crashers not only steal by gaining entrance for free, but they also add to the size of the crowd and can cause the venue to exceed its approved capacity. That is why it’s necessary to keep the gate-crashers out, which is a function for which event security teams are well-trained for.

Managing Crowds

Organizing an event can get chaotic if you don’t have the necessary means for crowd control. If alcohol is being served on-site, then the crowd could easily get out of hand. Even without spirits, a huge crowd can be difficult for any event organizer to manage. Therefore, in addition to providing security for your guests, a Ranger Special Event Security Guard can assist in maintaining civil order at your event.

Keeping Celebrities Safe

If your event has a celebrity in attendance, then event security will ensure their safety as well as that of all guests. Simple measures such as metal scans, an invitation-only policy, bag checks, and official passes can ensure a successful and secure event. High-profile guests are always particularly vulnerable in crowded situations, so to avoid any unwanted behavior or unruly situations, security services are an indispensable component of your event.

Preventing Unwanted Media Attention

If you’re organizing an event with celebrities, VIPs, and other high-profile guests, then there’s no doubt that the media will be keeping their eyes on the event location. Even if they aren’t invited, they will push their way into the event area, looking for an opportunity to enter.

Handling undesired media attention can be tricky since one bad move can translate into a lot of negative publicity. In such cases, security services come to your rescue. They are trained and well-equipped to keep unwanted media away from the event.

Preventing Crimes and Accidents

Accidents or catastrophes arrive without invitation. They are unpredictable occurrences over which we have no control. Event security guards are trained and aware of how to handle all kinds of such circumstances.

Whether there’s a fire, an assault, or a medical emergency, professional security guards know how to protect you and your guests quickly and effectively. Security professionals also bring muscle and are adept at catching and disabling bad actors. Once a perpetrator is caught and contained, event security guards can gather the necessary information to inform law enforcement.

Escorting Guests Safely

This is an essential service provided by security services, particularly when an event goes on until the late evening. Some guests may not feel comfortable walking to their cars alone at night. Security guards can safely escort guests to their vehicles. Also, in case of guests who are intoxicated or otherwise impaired, security personnel can arrange transportation to make sure they reach home safely.


It is tough to manage a crowd at any event. That is why 90% of event professionals believe event security should be a priority in the industry, and why it’s always wise to contract professional event security services whenever crowds or high-profile guests are involved. Now that you know what factors to consider when hiring a security company you can have peace of mind for your next event.

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