Google Pixelbook Go Review

Google Pixelbook Go Review

Slender metal frame, exclusive touchpad, and a light-weighted book, is it a Microsoft Surface Laptop or Apple MacBook Air? No, it’s a brand-new Google Pixelbook Go. 

After launching several commodities like Google’s newest Pixel Buds earbuds, Pixel 4 smartphones, and Nest products, Google introduced an expensive Google Pixel book to the tech market that’s visually unique and comfortable to grasp. In 2017, Google had launched its first modern Chromebook and since then, we’re waiting for the successor of this after the failure of Pixel Slate in 2018. 

And finally, we get to see a more radiant, more vigorous, and more affordable Chromebook than the excellent but costly Pixelbook Google produced two years ago. Google Pixelbook Go offers an attractive and very slender design with an excellent surface on the bottom, a comfortable and smooth keyboard including a 13.3-inch touchscreen for an affordable price. Let’s take a hands-on review of Google Pixelbook Go. 

Google Pixelbook Go Pricing

The new beast in the gallery of Google’s technology, Pixelbook Go is going to be released on 28th October. But, there’s an option of pre-order available for just one-colour option with a starting price of $649, and it is black. For just $849, you can order the limited Not Pink color of Pixelbook Go. It has the configuration of 8GB RAM, Intel Core i5 processor, and storage of 128GB that comes with $649. 

But, if you want some extra configuration like memory and RAM, then Google Pixelbook Go allows spending $999. Doesn’t you like it and want more features thanks to its top-of-line version of 256GB storage, 16GB RAM, and Intel Core i5 processor which require an amount of $1399. You can get great discount on electronic items online using cityfurnish coupons.

Google Pixelbook Design

Google has come with new things in Pixelbook Go instead of silver and sleek design pattern of its original and first Pixelbook. Besides the design of slim and light, covering just 13mm, Google Pixelbook comes with a lightweight of two pounds. Black and Not Pink, the two colors are giving it a perfect smoothness and view, which looks like a winner. 

Pixelbook designed with the matte lid of black painted magnesium, which offers an elegant and metal finish. This Chromebook accompanies with a 13.3-inch touchscreen having an option to upgrade from Full HD to 4K Ultra HD panel. The screen panel is awesome featuring a 1080p display with a camera that can click 60 frames per second. Offering the Ultra-quiet Hush Keys, Google has refined the previous version of Chromebook with backlit keys in a white glow. 

With the fashionable, grippy design on the bottom of the Pixelbook, this Chromebook gives the much better options than MacBook and Surface Laptop. If we talk about the measurements of Pixelbook Go, it accompanies the dimension of 12.2 x 8.1 x 0.5 inches in width, depth, and height. The default display comes with 1920×1080 pixels, compatible with Full HD touch screen. 

Google Pixelbook Go Performance

Google is offering the 8th Generation of the Intel Core processor in the Pixelbook Go. As Google didn’t mention the list of processors in the Pixelbook, so probably, the starting configuration would be offered a Core M3 CPU. Unlike the cooling fab system in PCs and laptops, Chromebook has its liquid cooling system. 

As we have mentioned above that price maybe starts at $649, then Google is granting some variety of processors like M3, i5, and i7 with 8GB RAM and 16GB RAM, including 64GB to 256GB of storage. Accompanying an 8th Generation processor might surprise us, but according to Google, this device is compatible to provide the most solid performance, battery life, and portability. 

The display can be upgraded by giving some extra costs. If we talk about the features of the M3 processor, Google Pixelbook comes with 8GB of RAM and 64GB of storage without the option of a microSD card slot. Pixelbook Go accompanies the subscription of Google Play Services and Android apps. In the section of connectivity, Pixelbook Go emphasizes two USB-C ports connections that can handle both display and charging output, having the option of 3.5mm headphone jack. You can get detail of Off Campus Jobs online from fresh hiring.

Google Pixelbook Go Battery Performance

We know that Google Pixelbook Go doesn’t offer as the power performance like other laptops and tablets, then what Pixelbook is offering? Google promises that this battery of this beast could stand up to 12 hours of use with a single charge. 

There are two more extra hours than the original Google Pixelbook would last. If you’re using one of the two USB ports, then Pixelbook will draw two hours of battery life with 20 minutes of charging. 

Compare with other laptops and tablets, this looks like a much better option in terms of battery life and design. The Google Pixelbook Go is an astonishingly lightweight Chromebook, that’s produced with magnesium chassis to weigh down your bag.