Tata Sky Smart Channel Packs Offer Entertainment and Other Channels For Less than Rs 100


  • The Tata Sky Smart channel packs are priced under Rs 100 for most packs

  • The Hindi Smart pack retails for around Rs 105

  • These Smart packs bundle regional SD channels

Tata Sky happens to be one of the most preferable DTH operator out there in the market because of the services that it offers to the consumers. The DTH subscribers who are looking for a connection with an affordable Set-Top Box pricing and good services have a handful of options, and one of the top ones seems to be Tata Sky only. However, that is not the only way in which Tata Sky is ahead of others. Tata Sky also has a massive range of channel packs for its consumers which allows the DTH operator to offer ample of choices to its consumers. This means that Tata Sky customers can opt for their desired channel pack, which will allow them to subscribe to the channels of their choice. Firstly, there are the FTA channel packs which bundle all the free channels for the subscribers. Then there are other channel packs as well for the Tata Sky subscribers which bundles pay channels. These include many types of channel packs like Metro packs, Smart packs, Basic packs and more. Today we are going to be discussing about the Smart Channel packs from Tata Sky, which are an ideal choice for regional language customers.


Smart Channel Packs: What are They?

The good thing about the Smart Channel packs from Tata Sky happens to be that they are mostly priced below Rs 100 for all the regional channels. The Smart channel packs mostly bundle entertainment and news channels for the subscribers. For the subscribers who have already subscribed to a bunch of channels which they watch the most and then on top of that, they would like to have additional regional language channels, and the Smart channel packs offer a good affordable choice.

Tata Sky Smart Channel Packs Description

For example, the Marathi Smart Pack bundles channels like Colors Marathi, Sony Marathi, Zee Marathi, and other Marathi channels from Zee. The price of this channel pack is Rs 52.16 per month. The total number of channels in this pack is 9. Similarly, there is also the Odia Smart pack for the subscribers of Odia channels. This channel pack is priced Rs 56.64 per month, and it bundles a total of 20 channels along with best of entertainment, movies and music channels. Some of the Odia channels include Colors Oriya, Alankar, Zee Odisha and more. Similarly, Tata Sky is also shipping the Bengali Smart pack for Rs 58.06 per month with 9 SD channels. The Telugu Smart channel pack retails for Rs 88.5 per month with 10 SD channels, whereas the Tamil Smart channel pack retails for Rs 91.27 with 10 SD channels. The only Smart channel pack which is priced more than Rs 100 is the Hindi Smart channel pack with 35 SD channels. You must also have noticed that these channel packs only bundle SD channels.

Trai to Bring New Tariff Regime Changes

On March 1, Trai is bringing the new changes into the Trai tariff regime, which will change how the discounted channel packs are priced. It is quite possible that a lot of the channel packs will be obsolete after that since the channels which are priced above Rs 12 per month will not be a part of channel packs anymore. There would also be many limits on how the channel packs will be bundled and how much discount is allowed on them.

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