Things You Need To Know Before Learning To Drive

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Are you ready to learn to drive in Ireland

Knowing driving is a blessing while commuting in Ireland. Those who already know driving enjoy the privilege and those who are looking forward to learning to drive must know the following things before learning to drive:

  • Age Criteria: If you want a scooter license or Learner Permit for a work vehicle like a tractor then you should be at least 16 years of age. However, for seeking a driving license for cars and other categories of vehicles, you should be a minimum of 17 years of age.

  • Theory Test: A theory test is the first step in the process of applying for a driver’s license. You can take a theory test any time after 15 years of age. Anyone who has a valid Public Services Card can apply for the theory test. To clear the theory test you must correctly answer 35 out of 40 multiple-choice questions. The test checks your knowledge of road rules, hazard awareness, driving behavior, risk perception, etc. Your Test Pass Certificate will be valid for two years, giving you ample time to take your driving test.

  • Learner Permit: Before starting to learn driving in Ireland, you must have Learner’s Permit for the category of your vehicle. For applying for a Learner Permit you should be residing in Ireland for at least 185 days in a year. Those who live in Ireland but are out for studies or work and visit Ireland regularly can also apply for the Learner Permit in Ireland. It is essential to know that usually a two-year valid Learner Permit is issued at once and you can apply for renewing Learner Permit three times. Before applying for fourth renewal, you will have to show proof that you have booked a test shortly or already taken and failed tests/tests for seeking a permanent license. In the former case, your Learner’s permit will renew for one year and in the latter case, the Learner Permit will renew for two years. Also, it is necessary to apply for a Learner Permit at the National Driver License Service (NDLA) Centre in person to rule out chances of frauds like other people applying in your name, etc.

  • Essential Driver Training (EDT): After a Learner Permit is issued to you, it is mandatory to take 12 lessons each of one hour from an approved driving instructor before taking the final driving test. You can practice driving your car under the supervision of a minimum of two years old license holders in the same category who shall accompany you while you are driving.

  • Driving Test: You should have a minimum of six months old Learner Permit before taking your driving test in addition to passing your EDT.

  • Documents: You should carry all the documents needed by the National Driver License Service Centre to issue you a permanent driving license. The documents needed for the purpose are Application Form 201, Driver Theory Test Pass Certificate (not more than 2 years old), Address Proof, Residency Entitlement Evidence, PPSN Documents, and D502 Eyesight Report. Some applicants may have to present NDLS Medical form and evidence of CPC. Your digital photograph and signature will be taken at the NDLS Centre by the Customer Service Agent assigned to you.

  • Plate signs: Each learner driver must display the red L plate sign and novice drivers (with less than two years of driving experience) should display N plate signs on the front and back of the vehicle they are driving. If you do not follow it then you may be fined or given penalty points which could adversely affect your car insurance and the process of issuing the driving license to you.

  • Insurance: The owner of the car on which you are practicing driving must inform his car insurance company to add a learner driver in the policy. Else, you can also take a separate car insurance Ireland in your name. Taking car insurance in your name will build up no claims bonus for you before you pass the driving test and it will be anyway needed whenever you will drive your car. Holding car insurance Ireland policy while learning driving makes you eligible for discounts while buying car insurance in Ireland for young drivers.

If you will be aware of the above-mentioned prerequisites of learning driving and seeking a permanent driving license in Ireland, it will be easy for you to plan your course of action.