What’s New about the 16-Inch MacBook Pro: Seamless Workflow

What’s New about the 16-Inch MacBook Pro: Seamless Workflow

You can pre-order the dazzling 16-inch MacBook Pro which has a

stunning Retina display offering 500 nits of brightness and captivating images.

The price tag of MacBook Pro comes close to the previous and smaller 15-inch

version. With enhanced speakers, bigger screens, and faster processors, MacBook

Pro has amazing elements.  

Launching the MacBook Pro version, Apple has neglected the

butterfly mechanism it has been using for the past few years. Now the MacBook

creators are using much-reliable and functional scissor switches. Even after

sharing the extended keyboard program, Apple won’t be including the butterfly

mechanism in MacBook Pro.

However, there are countless surprises the MacBook Pro has in its

bag. But first, let’s discuss about the keyboard, the popular buzzword running

in every Apple’s wiz mind. 

  • The

    Magic Keyboard

  • The Mics and Speakers 

  • Thermals & Specifications

  • stronger Battery 

  • The Screen


Magic Keyboard

Using the MacBook Pro keyboard does not make your work blissfully

quiet but offers a smooth workflow. You can compare it to Pixelbook Go or the

MacBook Pro of 2015 because it has a less thumpy sound with an older keyboard

style. If you frequently use the MacBook at work or home, then you can quickly

hop on to the chair and start using the Magic Keyboard. It provides a 1mm keyboard

travel for experts boosting a comfortable and seamless typing experience. 

The wizards at Apple have done tremendous work to stabilize the

keycaps with wider spacing. In case, a key breaks you can switch it with a new

one quickly rather than disassembling the entire keyboard. The Esc key works

perfectly fine at the upper left corner with a workable fingerprint sensor on

the far right. Apple named it the “Magic Keyboard” inspired by

the Bluetooth Magic Keyboard and iMac Pro. 


Mics and Speakers

Use speakers with bigger bass and voice-cancelling woofers. The

biggest surprise for the fans was the 6-speaker sound system and studio-ready

. They are designed specifically to cancel noise, incoming vibrations,

and any kind of distortion. Fans are loving the vibe of the Apple 6-speaker a sound system that can help you listen to superclean music or podcasts. 

Apple’s speakers are compelling to use but if it is completely

noise-canceling or not can be debatable. The stereo separation is exceedingly

clear with a better base. 

But we are a bit skeptical about Apple’s wide claim about the

3-microphone array with high signal-to-noise ratio. It is supposed to be as

good as USB-backed podcasting Mics. Real, vigorous testing is required but

normal recording is a bit better than the average-standard mic.  

There is a camera above the screen that is not upgraded and has

720p sensor producing image-to-life quality. Even though

most of the people use it for video conferencing, the webcam is a bit



and Specifications

Apple is tirelessly working on better thermal performance which

was a major problem in the previous MacBook versions. The thinner MacBook body

was previously stopping the processor to work full-fledged but the 16-inch Pro

version is a bit chunkier. The designers say the heat sink of the main CPU has

over thirty-five percent more fans and surface area to push more air. It has

significantly boosted workflow efficiency to the next level. There are two

underlying configuration of the 16-inch MacBook Pro:

  • 6-Core Core i7 

  • 8-Core Core i9 

Both of the processors have either 16GB of 2666MHz DDR4 RAM or

512GB or 1TB SSD depending on the type of model you pick from. It is

better to use it before spending your entire budget on the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Rental companies can help you provide a brand new MacBook Pro for reviewing if

you consider purchasing it this year.



The 100-WH lithium-polymer battery in the 16-inch Apple MacBook is

the maximum size which enhances longevity and a better work ethic. According to

recent ratings, you can use the 16-inch MacBook Pro for up to eleven hours (1 the whole longer than the previous MacBook version). The huge battery easily powers

the bigger display and has more sustained power. Whether you are on or off the

power grid, the MacBook Pro can perform seamlessly without any




Some Apple fans are taking the screen for granted without

realizing that is an inch longer than the previous-generation MacBook models.

There is however nothing catastrophic about the new 16-inch MacBook Pro but it

is unapologetically great. 

With a staggering resolution of 3072 x 1920, the MacBook Pro

completely supports the P3 wide color gamut supporting Apple’s transformational

color shifting. It can be a shock that the display is not HDR but offers

500-nits of brightness. It does create world-class highlights and

perfectly-bright whites due to the accurate alignment of millions of liquid

crystal molecules in the screen. 



Apple’s 2015 MacBook version has set the bar higher for all the

new releases because of an incredible keyboard, better screen resolution,

voice-canceling speakers, and various ports. And, Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro

has to reach that level. 

But don’t compare the new MacBook Pro based on ports because it

has only four Thunderbolt-3 ports and fortunately comes with a headphone

jack. Apple has delivered on something everyone was expecting which is the

Magic Keyboard with advanced thermal design.