Apps to take the classroom experience up a notch

Blackboards are
a thing of the past, and so are whiteboards. With the kind of technology we
have today, soon projectors too will phase out of use from the digital
classroom and be replaced by holograms, or better yet VR. While me may not be
there yet, we’ve actually come really far when it comes to tools for learning.
Here are five gems that you must check out today, if you haven’t already. We
guarantee, life won’t be the same again!

Virtual Blackboard

Meet the modern
blackboard. This innovative tool turns your device into a virtual blackboard by
wireless casting or direct connection. It opens a whole new world. The simple
design and quick and efficient options it includes makes creating tutorials a

Using their
finger or a stylus, educators can make diagrams and notes. They can also add in
voice over and turn it into a tutorial the students can look up later.
Requiring no camera or editing skills to make, these interactive lessons are
easy to make. The best part, you’ll never miss a class and you’ll always have
class notes.

Virtual Classroom

While we are on
the subject of virtual blackboards, we might as well also discuss the Virtual
Classroom app. It allows you to conduct and attend live classes as well as view
recordings of the past lessons. It also comes with many cool features like the
Raise Hand feature that lets users ask questions.

You can also
interact using live audio and video, use multiple whiteboards and tools, view
and shares files as well as transfer audio video file along with writing
controls to those attending the class. What more could you want?


This great app
ensures that learning never ends. Even after the bell rings and students leave
for home, you will be connected to the classroom through this app. Teachers and
students alike can share content and post and submit assignments. Teachers can
easily upload the grades to this app and give their feedback. They can also
create quizzes, polls and upload relevant course

If you feel
stressed out at the end of the day, Edmodo even has that covered. Check out the
new Discover feature which has games you can play to relax.


When it comes to
digital classrooms, how can we allow note-taking to go on the old fashioned
way. It’s time to go paperless. Lugging around a ton of notebooks is
back-breaking work and for little kids, it’s often difficult to manage. Given
the options Evernote offers there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to switch.

You can take
notes on your device like you would on paper. With the right stylus and device,
it’ll feel like you’re writing on your notepad. Want to highlight certain areas
or use color coding, it’s a piece of cake with Evernote. What’s more? You can
add pictures and links to your notes, research as you write and even add voice
notes! The best part, no matter where you are, you’ll have your notes with you.
You can also share your notes with friends, so that everyone learns together.


The next on our
list is the library that goes with you! For $7.99/mo. the online children’s
subscription book service offers its users on-demand access to more than 25,000
high quality illustrated books, ideal for children aged 12 and below.

The library
keeps on expanding and includes thousands on audio books, Read-to-Me books,
educational videos and interactive quizzes. They’ve partnered with leading
publishers like HarperCollins and National Geographic, so you know the content
offered is good quality and age-appropriate.


The children
today are working miracles with their phones and cameras.Sharing their
experiences, the content they produce on the gois mind boggling. With all the
creativity flowing through, why not start them even younger and facilitate
their process?

DoInk is a great
app for this. It allows you to bring to life a whole other world by using green
screen. Just a generation ago you could only find it on TV. That was the reason
why everyone thronged to get their Spectrum cable
connection. Getting to watch futuristic and fantastical movies and shows was a
luxury. However, today, the trick only masters could use in big productions
with a ton of resources, can be done in a classroom.All you need is green cloth
to drape your background in and you are good to go.

Just think of
all the possibilities!


We saved the
best for last. The 90s kids grew up with educational videos and games like The
Magic School Bus where the students were fit into a bus and taken through
various places. Want to learn about the heart, you’ll travel to its center.
Now, students don’t just get to watch characters take off in a magic bus, they
can be part of the adventure.

While Hologo
doesn’t take you in a bus, it does take you places using augmented reality. You
want to visit the coliseum, open your app. It’ll give you a portal to Rome.
Step in and you can explore. You can check the street and watch people there
moving about. You can walk towards it, away from it, around it. You want to
learn about the animal cell. You can view a 3D lifelike model on your phone.
You can zoom in and also break apart objects to learn more. The best part, it’s
free! Honestly, even if you’re not a student or a teacher you must check out
this app. If you want more in this area, we’d suggest you also checkout
Boulevard AR and Assemblr.

Get you app on!

Setting up these
apps is easy. Just download them and they’ll guide you along. If confused, you
have a ton of tutorials online to guide you. Classrooms and getting more and
more interactive, times are changing and these apps are the future! If you know about any other apps that have the
ability to revolutionize learning, drop a message and let us know which ones
are they.