Before & After: One Smart Change to a Very Little Kitchen In Your House

Kitchen storage is one of the most essential things that we need to think about many a times in our life. The right amount of storage space allows us to cook and organize all the elements in the kitchen in a proper way without any hassles. But, the lack of it can be a really intimidating challenge. Lack of kitchen storage is a big problem for a lot of people who live in small houses or apartments. They constantly think of different ways in which they can upgrade the availability of space inside it. If you want to save a lot of time and effort on a daily basis, then check out the Rotimatic Rotimaker.

The moment Giovanni visited his newly purchased condominium in Brooklyn, he clearly understood that there was a lack of cabinet space in the kitchen where you can keep your smart Rotimaker device check out rotimatic reviews in India to know more about fully automated Rotimaker machine.  and that is why needs to reorganize it properly. There was also very little workspace, which made it really difficult to access the different corners of the kitchen. His kitchen was nothing but a row of appliances that have been forcefully stacked beside one another. With such a short space available to use on a regular basis, it was really challenging for Giovanni to cook his favorite recipes regularly.

The lack of space was already a real headache for Giovanni and a on top, his house also lacked the real aesthetics that would satisfy his eyes. In simple words, the interior of the house was too bland and not really up to the mark as a lot of people would be expecting when they purchase a condominium in the heart of New York City. So, he challenged himself with two tasks – one is to renovate the kitchen and the second one being to bring better aesthetics and sophistication to it. He wanted better convenience and more colors whenever he would step inside the kitchen area.

What Changes Did Giovanni Make?

Giovanni made some really smart changes by envisioning what he actually wanted. His major change was to combine the kitchen along with the tiny laundry alcove. Thus, this created much more space for the countertops and storage cabinets within the walls of the kitchen. He also needed colors in the kitchen. So, he painted the exterior walls of the kitchen with royal blue and the kitchen walls were given a complete white makeover. He incorporated white glossy cabinets which add more to the overall aesthetics of the place as well the windowless space in the kitchen provides a brighter view and adds more depth to the overall surroundings.

Giovanni added the beautiful countertops which have been black-painted butcherblock, and that is an unusual choice. It looks cheaper than stone and but holds certain warmth and texture. A very clever addition to the newly renovated kitchen is the breakfast bar that has helped to provide a distinct space in the studio apartment. It also gives him the space to eat and extra workspace. Both of which was lacking it the previous setup. The new breakfast bar can also be used to store small items like fruit bowl, coffee mug, a knife stand, alarm clock, etc. These small yet clever ideas helped him to make efficient use of space.

Surprisingly, Giovanni tucked the washer under the breakfast bar. Hence, the new kitchen setup offers the same functionality like the previous one, yet adds more storage space and style. We were really impressed on how smart the kitchen looked and one could hardly believe that this kitchen is a part of a small studio apartment. His clever ideas had helped him to make full use of the space that was already available, only it could not be envisioned by anyone but Giovanni.

Final Words – so you can see how this kitchen have got such a fantastic makeover for the good and Giovanni made it possible with such great execution. He understood that the space available in the apartment was not being used appropriately and that is why he wanted to do it himself. And he was absolutely successful in it. Did you check the Rotimatic Reviews? If not, then make sure to check out its amazing features.