Creating Effective Lead Magnets – The secret of how to attract your ideal clients

The ultimate sales funnel helps you connect with your ideal audience and convert them into paying clients. But you might need help creating effective Lead Magnets.

At the very top of the sales funnel is the lead magnet. And it’s still the most effective way we get people to sign up to our programs at ClientsValley.

But what makes an

effective lead magnet? And how can your lead magnet stand out from the noise? How

can Creating Effective Lead Magnets powerful enough help attract your ideal clients? Do lead magnets still


Yes they do.

And, I’m going to show you a tiny secret that can help you create more effective lead magnets to convert more internet browsers into clients.

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A lead magnet can

come in the form of a free video, cheat list, cheat sheet, email series, report,

etc. that motivates people to connect with you. They connect by signing up to

your newsletter, workshop, etc.

Now, if you

offered lead magnets 10 years ago, you’d have been one of the handful of people

doing it. You’ll stand out. You’ll get tons of leads with high conversion rates.

Today, everyone

is doing it, and the competition is stiff. There are tons of lead magnets everywhere

on the internet.

But they’re not

as much as you think, because most lead magnets out there are pure garbage.

So, what does a great lead magnet look like, and how can you create one? Also how does creating effective lead magnets help you.

Best Tips For Creating Effective Lead Magnets

A great lead magnet has two major functions.  

The first job is

to attract your ideal clients. When they see your lead magnet, they should say

“oh this is what I’ve been looking for. I really want that.” And,

when they get on your website, they must want it enough that they do what you

ask of them to get it.

It must be

attractive and helpful enough to get them say “yes”.

Its second job is

that it must be able to convert web surfers into clients. It must move your potential

clients a step closer to working with you. It must have the ability to build

credibility and trust.

I’m sure you’ve subscribed to get a piece of lead magnet before that left you disappointed and probably disgusted. Most likely, because what you found in the lead magnet was what you could have gotten by a simple search on Google. Nothing insightful or helpful enough that makes it worth downloading or giving out your personal information in the first place.

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This defeats the purpose of a lead magnet. The giver of the lead magnet

just lost you and lost credibility. And, I’m sure you’d never want to have

anything to do with them. In most cases you unsubscribe immediately after

taking a look at the so called lead magnet.

While creating effective lead magnets, avoid creating garbage like a

plague. If you create just about anything and dish it out there, you will kill

your business.

Ever been to a restaurant before and ate some horrible meal?

Now tell me, did you ever go back there to order for another meal? It’s

the same way with your lead magnet when done wrongly.

Hence, to build an

effective lead magnet, you have to…

Find out the

problem of your potential clients and ensure that you can help them get transformational

results. Given, the lead magnet does not have to solve the problem. Some

insight that gets them one step closer to the solution is what your lead magnet

should do. They’ll have to come to you to solve that problem, which is the

purpose of the lead magnet in the first place.

But your competition is doing this. How do you stand out?

First, you have

to deliver incredible value which your competition is not giving out in your

market place. This is the foundation of a powerfully effective lead magnet.

Secondly, use the

“with” or “without” method. This is because every solution

is either aimed at moving a client away from pain or bringing them closer to


If you’re a doctor that cures arthritis and you’re trying to create a

lead magnet to attract patients online for instance, instead of creating

a lead magnet that says “get a permanent cure for arthritis”, tweak that up a

bit and create one that says “cure arthritis without going through the

pain of joint replacement.”

You may look at it and think there’s no difference between these two.

But the slight difference you notice in the second lead magnet is the

difference between $10,000 and $100,000 in your bank at the end of the month.

The first

lead magnet says there’s a cure, but this is not good enough.

The second lead

magnet tells your clients that they can be free of arthritis “without”

the pain of joint replacement. This is a perfect “without” centered lead magnet.

On the flip side,

“land new premium clients” is great. But “land new premium clients using a

super simple 3-step process” for instance, is perfect and more attractive to a

business owner looking for premium clients. It’s more definitive and gives you

the “with.”

If you look at both lead magnets, you’ll see that they promise to solve a particular problem. But there’s an extra something the client wants added or taken away. This is what makes your lead magnet different, more attractive and powerful. This is the secret to Creating Effective Lead Magnets.

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The only true way

to know the “with” and “without” of your clients is through insights. You must

talk to your clients to know their problems. You get this through surveys.

Find out from

your clients the barriers they encountered in the past while trying to fix

their problems. Then build your lead magnet around them. This is how to get the

“with” and “without” that helps you move from creating bland to real attractive

lead magnets.

In creating effective lead magnets, you will be able to attract potential clients who sign up to work with you if you do every other thing right. I said if you do every other thing right, because lead magnet is only a piece of the puzzle.

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