Don’t Be Fooled by Employment Lawyer: Here Is How to Choose

Employment Lawyer

When in need of an attorney, you will find yourself asking common questions: what attorney do I hire, and how do I know if an attorney is good or bad?

Many have been in this situation before you. Selecting an employment attorney can be a difficult task, especially because there are plenty out there. You want to be sure that your attorney is able to deliver and help you win your case.

If you are in need of professional help, here are some tips that will help you choose the right employment attorney.

Know Who You Are Talking To

When you call an Attorney’s office, be sure to know who you are talking to. Are you talking directly with an attorney, or with the attorney’s apprentice or an assistant? You want to be sure that you are talking with the attorney and someone who has experience in handling cases such as yours. If you are unable to get in touch with the attorney, you may want to look into another office.

The Initial Consultation

Most people believe that the initial consultation is always free of charge. And even though most attorneys provide a free consultation, some do not. It is important for you to ask that question before scheduling your initial consultation over the phone or in person. Simply because they did not mention it, it does not mean that it is free. Perhaps they play on your lack of knowledge and an easy way of making money. Always ask whether or not the initial consultation is free before scheduling one, or risk spending extra money on the things that you should not have to.

Our Los Angeles Employment Law Attorneys offer a free consultation to everyone in need of one. Do not hesitate to call today and schedule yours.

The Only Case

Another thing that you should know about most employment lawyers is that they usually handle more than one case at a time. Lawyers will always take as many cases as they can and work on all of them at the same time. This requires them to hire help (apprentices and assistants) which usually end up doing all the paperwork on the cases. Hiring help from such one such attorney could not be smart; even though they may be the best attorney in the city, they are overwhelmed with work and will most likely not have the time to commit to your case, answer your emails and provide you with insight and information that you seek.

Is The Attorney In Town?

There are many attorneys that advertise online, and try to do all the work “over the phone”. And even though this is popular today, getting an attorney from the same city will allow you to meet with them face to face, and discuss your case. Sometimes, a bit of eye contact can be all the difference in the world. Be sure to ask whether or not the attorney you are inquiring for is from the city, or working from another one.

If you are in Los Angeles, be sure to visit our offices and talk to one of our Employment Law Attorneys in Los Angeles today. Perhaps they can help you with your problem. Visit our offices and find out.

The “Master of Traits”

Do not be surprised if you meet a lot of attorneys who are “good at everything”, but in reality, good at nothing. Those who boast that they are “jack of all trades” are usually great at nothing in particular. If an attorney says that they do all sorts of things, including family law, employment law, workers’ compensation, personal injury, you should be very careful. The chances are that the attorney did not focus on a particular type of law. And you want someone who specializes in employment law, as it is a highly complicated field which requires constant attention and focus. 

Be sure to check your attorney before hiring them. Look for information online, feedback from previous clients and their general rating on different websites and forums.

Know The True Prices

Many attorneys will use the word “free” and “contingency” way too often. Do not get fooled by their approach; instead, be careful what you do and what deal you sign. Look for any “hidden costs” and anything that is described as “free” will most likely not be free.

Ask the attorney to explain to you how they operate, how much they charge and how they charge for their services. Ask for everything to be provided in writing before you decide to hire an attorney. That way, you will protect yourself from any additional or hidden costs.

If you are in need of an experienced and seasoned attorney, call our Los Angeles Employment Law Attorneys today and schedule an initial free consultation (without any hidden costs or legal obligations) today. 

Ask For “Total Cost” Prediction 

Every attorney should be able to tell you approximately how much the entire case will cost you. If they are unable to tell you the approximate sum, then there is something that they did not tell you. In addition, every attorney should be able to calculate how much money you will receive (approximately) if your case is successful. And once again, if they are unable to do so, you should know that something is definitely wrong.

Use your common sense and follow your instincts. If they tell you that you should look for another attorney, do so. Do not rush and hire the first attorney that you talk to. Instead, talk to as many as you can before deciding to hire one. It is important that you create that first impression of an attorney that you like, and that you are able to see yourself working with that attorney.

Our Employment Law Attorneys in Los Angeles advise you to always ask for references and to evaluate the attorney as your future relationship depends on it. In the end, you should choose an attorney that you trust and someone whose actions look promising.