Honor 20 Pro VS Honor 20: Similarities and Differences

Honor 20

This blog is only about highlighting the best smartphone features at a reasonable price range. This is what a customer looks forward to while buying a smartphone. If we have a look at the latest smartphones with prices, only Honor is something that is working considering this formula. While on the other hand iPhone and Samsung although provide excellent features price factor isn’t affordable for the majority of the customers.

When we compare the smartphone features there are diverse kinds of things that need to be addressed. Under three major operating systems – IOS, android and windows, which one is most popular is a question asked by frequent readers. If we have a look at the current models with the popularity factor, the honor brand is something providing some unique and excellent features. On what basis we can evaluate a smartphone is really important for all you. So let’s have a look at the points which one should consider before making a final decision about a smartphone:

  • Which model can give you the best quality-price figure?

  • A smartphone with an excellent camera and battery?

  • What is the overall performance of a smartphone?

These three questions can cover the maximum things on a smartphone. If you could get the best these questions then believe me that smartphone would be most appropriate for you. So far Honor, a sister brand of Huawei is leading all other brands in camera specs and price factors, we will cover the latest Honor model. Look at the Honor models and do compare them with other smartphone and you will see a big difference. But if you will look into deep, for sure you will find one thing common in all of Honor’s smartphones that all of these vary from each other.

This unique Huawei’s sub-brand which we can call as Honor always pretty impressive and excellent in its working. All of the Honor users are belongs to another category which we can consider a category of affordable customers. At a more precise scale we have divided Honor’s models into two different categories which are:

  • Smartphone with a reasonable price range (mid-range phones)

  • Smartphone with high price factor (flagship models)

As we have mentioned above, almost all other brands have also divided their smartphones into flagship and mid-range phones, then what is the point of difference between Honor and other brands. The answer is very simple that some of Honor’s smartphones are hard to differentiate due to economical prices but excellent features. For example, the Honor 20 Pro is one of the best options.  Sometimes, you have to look closely to see the differences between two unique models in a smart way so that to make a final decision before buying a phone. This unique and versatile model is equipped with a Kirin 980 and a quad-camera which is missing in many other flagship we can say that it’s just one of many devices that Honor makes with some stunning features and bets price range.

Moving towards the comparison of this phone, first, have a look at some of the main angles then we will look at other factors. This phone is available all over the world with the same features as a factory unlocked we can see that most of the iPhone are available in UAE markets with locked features that are not as good as the original stuff. Due to low price cost, many users get into this but at the end of the deal, they feel it wasn’t worthy and instead of taking iPhone they should have preferred Honor.

Let me share a few comparisons

  • Honor vs Samsung

  • Honor vs iPhone

  • Honor vs Widows

If we get into a comparison between Honor and Samsung the major point of difference is the camera specs. In mid-range phones like Honor 9X and Honor 8X, Honor provides unique and latest camera functions but within the same category, Samsung isn’t able to provide such unique stuff. Although other models of Samsung like Galaxy Note 10, 9 are unique they are not in the capacity of the majority of customers.

Same in case of Honor vs iPhone because the latter is only designed for a specific class which is very less in numbers. We can call them as a business class or high-net-worth individuals. While on the other hand if we have a look at the Honor 20, although this model is less in quality than iPhone latest model considering the quality features but pretty good within an affordable price range.

On the third level, there is a comparison between Honor smartphones and window phones like Nokia and Google. The major difference between these two brands is the battery life and screen size. As we can observe the Honor brand provide some excellent and puzzle free screen display while on the other hand screen size isn’t good enough. Another major difference is the performance of the phone. What you do with a stunning gadget if it doesn’t work well. There is a problem with window phones functioning due to low RAM factors while in the case of Honor, it always manufactured with the best RAM factors.

Availability of Honor smartphones

This model is readily available all over the world and even after the clash between two big giants last year, still it can found in US markets. This brand has also covered the Middle Eastern region including Egypt with great care. The majority of the users in Egypt prefer the Honor brand over any other model. You can see the list of latest smartphones in Egypt and find a clear difference between features and price factors.

What makes Honor more popular?

The only thing behind the popularity of the Honor brand is its objective to create digital natives as much as possible. That’s why the youngsters which are almost 60% of this entire world prefer this user-friendly model which is also affordable to them. You can visit the official site of the Honor brand and get the latest updates about the upcoming series phones and their prices.