How to Learn a New Language with Encore App

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 Learning a new language and mastering it has now become more of a requirement than just a hobby. With the evolution of human kind and advancement in technology, globalization has reached to a whole new level. As a result, more and more countries are getting connected on the world level. The interaction between countries has grown. Now it is not only limited to visiting other countries for vacations, citizens of one nation are migrating to other nations in search for work.

Language with Encore App

This opens a two way communication in a country. A person who is visiting a particular country has to learn the language of that country; whereas a person already residing in that particular country has to learn different languages too I order to communicate with the foreigners. To make the learning of new languages easy and convenient, many language learning apps are available in the market.  One may get a language learning app either from the Google play store or from an apple store. Thereafter, he or she may learn the desired language. Many of the language learning apps are even free of cost. Thus, anyone can learn a new language very easily.

One such learning app is ENCORE!!! Application. It is a language learning app available in the apple store. Anyone who has an I-Phone or an I-Pad or an I-Pod can download this app from the apple store.


This app is made exclusively for the purpose of learning a new language. This application has the best refined approach to learn a language. It itself does not show or teach unnecessary topics that usually waste time of the learner. Rather it focuses on a definite approach that is simple and easy to be understood by the learners. Learning a new language is a tedious and cumbersome task and therefore a proper and genuine app is always recommended if you tend to learn the language at home by yourself.

There is also an inbuilt library in the application itself. This virtual library holds more than three thousand words for the ease of learning. Moreover, what makes this app the best is its feature of audio recording. You can record your own voice and play it anytime you want. One of the best things about this app is that it is an offline learning app. This means it will not consume any unnecessary data.


This is one of the most asked questions and yes, this question is indisputable because it is a viable question. Everyone wants a genuine and trusted source of information. Therefore, Encore!!! App makes it clear through the layout of its application that it is a genuine application and will prove to be your trusted partner in language learning process.

Unlike other apps, it gives a free version so that a prospected learner can test the application. Basically what happens is that there are several apps and finding a genuine app among them is a bit difficult. According to ComboApp education marketing agency, there are more than 5,00,000 educational applications which the developers have released on Apple store. Since it is obvious that not all these apps will provide quality content, you have to spend a few minutes to explore various apps and then decide the best one for you. Also, you must go for user reviews as it is a very useful source of knowing about the quality of an app.

Moreover this app also provides a feature of recording your own voice and making audio playlists so that you may listen them whenever you wish to. Another thing to note down is that many apps demand money at various stages in exchange for their services but this is not the case with Encore!!! App.  It only charges you once. Unlike other language learning apps, in this app, you can customize the time of pause between two words or two phrases so that you can practice according to your pace. Moreover, you may add poetries, dialogues, scripts of the language you wish to learn.


For the time being, this application is available only on the App store. So, anyone possessing an Apple product may at any time download this app. For those keen learners who use android devices, this application will soon be introduced by the developers on Google play store platform as well.


There are thousands of learning apps and you will not have a physical tutor as well. Therefore, it is advisable that you test this app first, compare it with other learning apps and then secure your decision.

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