Microsoft Surface Duo spotted in the wild, very much a work in progress

Remember the Microsoft Surface Duo, the Android device with two 5.6-inch screens with a hinge between them? Well, it’s out and about.

Microsoft has apparently given pre-release units to developers to work on creating apps for the dual-screened interface and reportedly one of those units was caught on shaky-cam video in a Vancouver train.

The video of the rogue Surface Duo shows off the device running a single app over one of the screens, then two apps running side by side and finally one app running over both screens, something Microsoft calls “extended canvas”.

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Microsoft hasn’t left the Surface Duo to collect dust as a side-project. Just last month it released a toolkit along with an emulator to give us an idea of what Android would be like on a Surface Duo.

You will be able to use apps in window mode, split-screen or a dual view of the same app on both screens.

Microsoft releases Surface Duo preview toolkit, giving us a look into its dual-screen software future

The device in the video is very much a work in progress. Some of its animations are stuttery and the gesture system seems unresponsive at times. Then there’s the question if we’ll ever see such a device in the hands of buyers. Only time will tell.