Motorola Razr teardown finds it practically impossible to repair

The new Razr is Motorola’s first foldable smartphone, so it’s intriguing from the get-go. Add to that the high price paired to mid-range specs, and it gets even more so. But what about the insides? How easy is it to get to all the different bits and parts?

That’s exactly what the teardown experts at iFixit set to find out. And, to put it bluntly: this phone is definitely not going to be one for those who are DIY repair enthusiasts.

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In fact, it got a 1 out of 10 repairability score (where 10 would be easiest to repair). That pretty much means it’s almost impossible to repair on your own. The only good aspects are that you’ll only need a standard T3 Torx driver, and the fact that the primary display is replaceable, if you’re “determined”.

On the other hand, the outer covers are glued on and stubborn, replacing the batteries requires near-total disassembly of the handset, the charging port is soldered directly to the mainboard (which means it can’t be replaced on its own, should it fail), while the overall complexity of the inner construction and multiple flex cable booby traps result in a repair environment that’s anything but friendly.

Motorola Razr teardown finds it practically impossible to repair

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