Now get your Google Shopping ads on Gmail, Discover, and YouTube

Google keeps finding more places to show Shopping ads as merchants prioritize them ads over text ads. Google is opening up more inventories to the standard Shopping campaigns. Product Shopping as well Showcase Shopping ads will be eligible to show on Gmail — as well as YouTube and Discover feed — starting the week of March 4 when those campaigns have opted into the Display Network, Google announced Thursday.

Google had already extended Showcase Shopping ads to Discover and YouTube last year. Until now, all Smart Shopping campaigns were the only way to get shopping ads on Gmail.

  • How to enable: In the web UI, you’ll already see the option to include YouTube, Gmail and discover from the Networks section in your Shopping campaign settings. Opting within Search Network opens shopping campaigns up to show in Image search. If you’re using the Google Ads API or AdWords API, set your Shopping campaign Network setting target Content Network to true.

  • Reporting: Google Ads lumps the performance metrics from YouTube, Gmail and Discover together under the Display Network, so there is no way to see the performance by the property.

  • Why we care: Google is putting up Shopping ads across its properties and further opening demand in Gmail and Discover, where Google has been treading slowly. And so, Retailers have been steadily shifty more of their search budgets from text to Shopping ads. The expansion to Gmail, YouTube, and Discover mean Shopping campaigns are potentially targeting users across a wider spectrum of the sales funnel.

Segment your Shopping campaigns by the Network to see how these properties are been performed under the Google Display Network grouping and whether reach expands in March. Expect to see lower CTRs on Google Display Network traffic as these impressions are likely reaching users higher in the funnel and at different stages of intent than Search traffic.