Tips Of Buying A Perfect Ice Cooler For Your Trip

Ice Cooler

When considering buying anything in the market, you must do thorough research on the item you want to purchase. After doing your research, you end up making an informed decision on the best model, size or even colour of the thing you want to buy. The same case applies here. You might be willing to buy an ice cooler, and probably you don’t know where to start? Relax. 

In this article, we will guide you on what to consider before buying an ice cooler and see the value of your money. It will also help you in deciding how to compare between two ice coolers. This is because an ice cooler is not like everyday items such as bread and milk that we buy daily. It is something that someone wants to buy and stay with it for some years while giving him/her the best service. 

Probably you want to buy an ice cooler and take it to the backcountry, where the roads are rough. In this case, you need an ice cooler that can take bumpy rides. 

You could also be planning to go to the sandy beach or scorching desert sunshine. Here you have to consider the size of the ice cooler you want to purchase. Whether small, medium-sized or a big one and of course with the most convenient features that fit your purpose.

Factors to consider before buying an ice cooler

There are several things you have to consider before purchasing an ice cooler, as discussed below:


The durability of the ice cooler is of great essence. Therefore, you have to consider the structure of the cooler and the hardware required. This comprises of the handles, locks, hinges and closures, along with proper straps. In case of a moving ice cooler, check out its wheels and also consider the number of them. Furthermore, put into consideration how the coolers are constructed and the materials used to make them. Placing into account all these, no doubt the ice cooler you will purchase will last longer and serve you better.


Before you buy everything, you have to analyse the cost of the item you want to purchase. This is because you have to see the value of your money and assure that there’s no need to buy additional repairs and hardware daily. Therefore, before buying an ice cooler, consider its price. Some ice coolers are less expensive, while others are much more expensive based on their specifications.

Simplicity in using

An ice cooler is mostly used regularly. You open it, pack your stuff, close it, open it again, unpack your stuff, clean it regularly, fill it with ice and then drain it innumerable times. Therefore, you need an ice cooler with lids that can open and close quickly and smoothly, good working hinges and safe latching latches. Larger ice coolers drain water soon since they have threaded plug and recessed grooves.


The size of the cooler you want to purchase is significant. This is because every manufacturer produces different sizes of the unit. It is, therefore, for you to know the most convenient format for you. In this case, you need to know how much drinks and food you want to cool. Also how far you want to go with the cooler, how often you need to use it and the number of days you need to keep everything cold. 

If you’re going to use the cooler at home only, and you have a lot of stuff you need to stay cold, then consider buying a larger cooler. If the cooler you want to buy is for travelling, then get a smaller one which you can put in the vehicle without any difficulty.


Any time you put your stuff in the cooler, you want to keep things cold. This mostly depends on the thickness of the cooler and the seal of the lid. The space inside and the surface colour of the cooler should be acknowledged as well. This is based on the science that white colour reflects sunlight while dark colours absorb it. Rubber refrigerator-type gaskets are the best seals that enable the box to shut smoothly and tight.

Product name

The brand name and model of the item you wish to buy is essential. This is because some companies are well known to produce quality products that last longer. Every cooler is designed to maintain cold temperatures inside based on the insulation it is built with. For instance, if you put lots of ice than the capacity of the cooler, it will stay cold for some time and then warm up as the ice melts. Water which is frozen is an excellent cooling source while dry ice is composed of frozen carbon dioxide that has a lower freezing point than water hence keeping the stuff mote colder than ice.

Types of ice coolers

Ice coolers are usually in three models, namely high-end, long-established and distinctive ice coolers as discussed below.

High-end ice coolers

These coolers are for sophisticated and discerning buyers. These coolers have all the whistles and bells with costly engineering tidy construction and are flawless neat. They are usually heavy and have high insulation with thick walls that occupy space. In most cases, these coolers are much more expensive compared to other coolers.

Long established ice coolers

These ice coolers are usually traditionally classic plastic portable ice coolers. They are best for travelling since they are portable. They are generally small in size and therefore can’t hold a lot of stuff. They are not expensive; hence, many people can afford them.

Distinctive ice coolers

Distinctive ice coolers are units that have exclusive designs. For example, their folding is exceptional; they have very soft sides and are thermo electrically cooled. You can get them either in small or large sizes. While using them, you have to connect them to the power system. Some are cheaper, while others are expensive.

In a nutshell, ice coolers are precisely used for keeping things cold. If you buy the ice cooler and it serves the purpose, the better. Always make sure you put enough ice in your cooler. Smaller ice coolers cool the contents much quicker compared to larger ones.