Watch Hotstar in USA or Anywhere Outside India

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Are you an Indian expat living abroad, a sports fan or just love Indian movies? Hotstar India is all that you need. But wait! Is there a geo-restriction error like “The content is not available in your region”? Well, here you need a VPN to watch Hotstar outside India or if you are residing in the USA, it will help you watch Hotstar in the USA.

This famous video streaming platform established by Indian company Novi Digital Entertainment Ltd. claims the broadest online repository of Bollywood movies and TV shows in eight Indian languages. Stream Hotstar in the USA from your favorite screen and enjoy over 50,000 hours of seamless video playback, TV shows, movies and all the sporting events across 60 themed channels, using its smart search, and a friendly interface.

Being a catch-up platform of all the Star channels, Hotstar India lets you watch the shows after a day or two on the respective channels. Good news for all those searching ‘how to watch Hotstar for free?’ is that Hotstar offers free as well as paid content; enjoy free entertainment content or, pay for the premium content and make the most of Hotstar in USA streaming service.

Hotstar in the USA covers over 100 million downloads with the most extensive library coupled with exciting perks reserved for Indians; yes, you must be Indian to stream the exclusive content of Hotstar from anywhere, at least for the virtual world.  Or else you’ll be restricted to limited content based on the region you’re virtually locating; currently, Hotstar is operating in three areas -India, USA, and Canada. So if you are traveling out of the country and want to stream Hotstar India in Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, or somewhere else, get prepared to receive a message “Hotstar content is not available in your region.

Kick all the geo-restrictions and stop googling “How to watch Hotstar in the USA or elsewhere?” we have a safe bet for you, scroll down and see Hotstar in the USA for yourself.

Why Is Hotstar Blocked Outside India?

All the favorite video-on-demand streaming sites including HBO, Hulu, Amazon, etc. are geo-restricted, so does the Hotstar; only Netflix has gone global recently. Well, the reason is plain and simple – they get rights to show specific programs in a particular location only and if you violate the contract by lifting the ban, then surely a lawsuit would follow. So Hotstar in the USA is blocked outside India because of the same reason.

However, streaming services love paying customers. And if someone tries to access the streaming website outside the permitted boundary, they don’t make a big deal out of it. So get yourself connected with Hotstar India from anywhere.

The Straightforward Solution!

The non-availability of Hotstar in the USA or outside India is an important concern, but we have an immediate answer. Get a VPN and relax in India (digitally) and enjoy the unlimited entertainment on Hotstar. As you sign up, the website checks your location based on your IP address, and if you change your IP address to that of India, you are guaranteed unfiltered access to the Hotstar online. There are many means to change your IP address to India -you will get to know some of them in this article- but first, let’s check out the list of the countries where Hotstar is not available.

The Availability of Hotstar in USA & Canada

The frequent query arises on how to watch Hotstar in the USA but before that let’s go through its origin. Hotstar in the USA initially started its services from the origin country ‘India,’ and the services were also accessible in the neighboring countries. Back in September 2017, Hotstar went international; Hotstar India turned into Hotstar USA and Hotstar Canada. The Star India-owned streaming service has extended its Premium subscription to countries other than India – USA and Canada.

With a step-forward of expanding its jurisdiction, Hotstar in the USA took a step back by going dark in many regions where it was first available for free. Earlier, accessing Hotstar was more accessible from any region, although it was officially only in India. As of September 2018, it’s available in just three countries.

Following the footstep of Netflix and other go-global streaming services, the content library of Hotstar in the USA varies from region to region, according to the regional restrictions and licensing deals.

Frankly speaking, the real appeal and strength of Hotstar lie in its Indian version, consisting of a bouquet of channels such as Star Plus, Asianet, and Star Jalsha coupled with promising live sports. Subscribe to Indian-centric Hotstar in the USA and enjoy the realm of cricket, badminton, kabaddi, and hockey.

Best Options To Access Hotstar US

There are many ways with which you can access Hotstar outside India. We have listed some of the best and most affordable ways that you can use to get a virtual visa to India.

  • Proxy

  • SmartDNS

  • VPN

But we would highly recommend going with a fast streaming VPN for Hotstar in the US and elsewhere as it’ll give you a buffer-free experience to your favorite content.

But choosing the right VPN to fulfill your needs without compromising your internet speed and online privacy is the real deal; it’s not as easy as it sounds. So, let’s see what we have for you:


So, are you ready to be an Indian without physically being in their territory? We believe, with our walkthrough you’re already locating in the Indian region while reading this on your comfortable couch.