Weekly poll results: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip excites, but price scares people off

Based on last week’s poll most people are not interested in a foldable clamshell phone like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – it’s too expensive, nearly half of the voters think so. And that’s even though the Z Flip is significantly cheaper than the Galaxy Fold (it is expected to cost €1,400, down from the hair-raising price of €2,020 for the Fold).

Even though clamshells won a poll as the best foldable form factor, there’s a large contingent of voters who want a larger foldable like the Galaxy Fold, not a small one like the Z Flip. The lack of 5G connectivity or Snapdragon 865 chipset was a relatively minor concern all things considered.

Of those that do want a Galaxy Z Flip, most will only part with their money after reading reviews. And a significant fraction of those will wait for long-term reviews. Some issues with the Galaxy Fold were immediately obvious, but it took months to find all problems.

The good news is that while bleeding-edge technology starts off expensive, it comes down in price pretty quickly. And if that proves to be the major hurdle to the path of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s success, it will be resolved in a few years.

Weekly poll results: the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be too expensive to gain wide adoption