Which One Is the Best Backlink Checker?

If you are looking for the quality backlink checker free tool, then you are in the right place! If you want to get quality backlinks for your site, then know that it is an excellent method of increasing the webpage ranking position and get more and more traffic to your website. The quality backlink checkers are responsible for making your website more visible to web users.

There are many ways to check and get quality backlinks, and the greatest of them all is to make a backlink search on your competitor’s website. You can easily check the backlinks of your competition by using the website backlink checker.

You can find the best quality ones that are attracting certain traffic on his website and can place them on your website using the best SEO techniques that will help you in beating him in ranking and business. This is not illegal but is unethical, but you can consider it to be fair in business!

Now there are many paid and free tools but what matters the most is the reliability of the tool and the quality of the links that it produces. The better the quality of the links, the better will be the ranking of the page!

You must also know that quantity of backlinks is no longer catered by Google or any other search engine, and it was the practice of the past that placing more quantity helped in getting more traffic and a better ranking position but today Google will simply discard and unrelated and spammy links on your website and will not only discard them but will also lower your ranking position!

There are many backlink checker free tools on the web today, but we have gathered a list of the top best tools in the market!

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Majestic SEO!

The Majestic SEO backlink checker is actually one of the best tools that come from a platform that offers many different tools to assist webmasters in improving their ranking position and website health. The backlink checker is responsible and is famous for its grip on all the webpages on the web by its own algorithms.

Yes! Unlike cheap quality tools, it does not use third-party data retrievers to deliver the link information to the server and then to the user. You can easily use the tool to find the backlinks that are related to your website content and are pointing or directing traffic to your website or directing the traffic to your competition’s website. Also, you can use these links and place them on your webpage to get heavy and stable traffic!

You can also search for the anchor texts that can be placed in your content with respect to the backlinks that you are using. This is important because of the compulsion of the relation between the content and the links!

Majestic SEO is a free and user-friendly tool, but there are some special features that can be used by getting the paid version of the tool!

Ahrefs Backlink Search Tool!

You can register yourself for a free account if you want to use the Ahrefs backlink checker and search tool to get a complete and thorough analysis of the backlinks on your website that includes getting information about all how many backlinks did you had, or you have now, where were these backlinks are taken from, about the anchor text used with the backlinks in the content and then the quality and the traffic on each backlink!

If you want to get complete insights about your competitor’s website and the backlinks that he is using, then you must log in with a paid account and should subscribe to a monthly or annual plan. The rates of Ahrefs tools are said to be comparatively low than the rest of the tools.

Link Explorer!

Moz is yet another platform that provides quality services for webmasters and is very popular for its reliability. If you want to check backlinks of a website, then the tool for backlink checking will surely help you in getting to know the number of backlinks on a website plus it will tell you about the time since when they have been used about the anchor text being used against them the information is limited yet is very much reliable and is secure too.

If you get the paid version of the tool, it will help you a great deal in suggesting the best quality tools with respect to your content, and moreover, it will help you in getting details about your competitor’s website!

The Google Search Console is one of the most popular and reliable platforms for providing free services to webmasters. parts of the Webmaster Tools that the search giant provides. You can easily keep track of the links that you are using by just entering the domain address of your website. You will find this option of checking backlinks under the banner of the search for traffic and “links to your website”, the tool will simply check your site for the links that are being used. It will give you complete information about the quality of the links and will also detect if any link is broken.

The only limitation to this tool and the most important one in all the tools is that it doesn’t allow you to check backlinks from other websites. You can just simply check the links that are placed on your own website!


The SEMrush is also a platform that provides you with many reliable tools and the backlink checker free tool is one of the most important ones. You can simply just register yourself with an email account and start enjoying the free services. You have to enter the URL, and the tool will simply give you a comprehensive report about the backlinks being used on your site and not only this the free version of the tool also helps you in getting info about backlinks on other websites as well!

Open Link Profiler!

Open Link Profiler works in a very efficient way, and you can use this tool by just entering the URL of a website. The tool will simply give you the details like age, the quality, the traffic, the anchor text and the reliability and relation of a certain backlink with respect to the content on your website plus it will also suggest you the new backlinks after analyzing your content completely and making new backlink search by default. The tool is said to have many cool features that we would not reveal, and you can easily navigate the tool and get its paid version for yourself!

The Small SEO Tools is yet another important platform that is famous for its amazing services worldwide. Now, this is a platform that can provide you with every service totally free without a doubt. You name the service, and the website has it. If you want to check the backlinks of the website, then you can easily do so by just adding the URL of the page. The tools are very simple to use and its reports for checking the backlinks is very much comprehensive.

The SmallSEOTools will provide you with different tools for backlinks. You can get backlink checker free services, you can get backlink generator services, and you can also know about the domain authority and the anchor text used with respect to the links!

So these were the top list of the website backlink checkers you can use to check and improve the traffic on your site and also the ranking position of your page on the search engine! This is what we need!