Why Video Sharing Website Had Been So Popular Till Now?

2019 statistics on YouTube shows that it is still bigger than all other social media networks. It is estimated that YouTube will generate a revenue of 11.76 billion dollars in 2020. Not just YouTube, with many other popular video streaming websites, video streaming is already a massive industry. Having videos on a website increases the amount of time people spent on that site and brings in 3 times more traffic compared to a site with no videos. In fact, by 2020, video is expected to make up 82% of all internet traffic. Let’s have a look at some of the Best Video Sharing Websites: Are they still popular?

While brands have the option of creating and uploading

videos to their website, many of them choose to upload their videos on video

sharing websites. Such is the popularity of video sharing platforms, but what

are the other reasons? Is their popularity only because of the exposure and

traffic these websites bring in? We will be exploring that in this blog and

will understand in-depth what makes video sharing websites popular? Let’s get


Reasons why video sharing websites

are popular:

Video streaming has completely transformed the way people used to view videos online. Earlier, to view videos online, it was required to download the video to your desktop. However, in this digital era where modern technology is so advanced, streaming technology has also undergone significant changes. If you are seriously thinking about how to create a website like YouTube, now is the best time.

Here are some reasons behind the popularity of video sharing

websites and why it will continue the same in the coming years as well.

Convenient to access

What can be more convenient than browsing and watching videos

on the go? Video sharing sites make it easy and convenient for users to view

videos. All you need is a smartphone and a stable Internet connection. And, if

you consider the requirement of streamers, a smartphone, an Internet

connection, an encoder, and a streaming platform is all that is required to

start streaming to their users.

Extensive video library

A vast collection of videos of various categories is

definitely a major advantage that makes video sharing websites popular. This

benefits users by presenting plenty of choices to pick from, all in one place.

Another benefit of video sharing platforms is that they have a collection of

unique videos that people normally won’t have access to. For instance, if you

want to watch an old classic movie, YouTube is the go-to destination as movies

dating back to the 1940s are available on the website.

Moreover, there is a wide plethora of viewing options from

movies to beauty, and life tips, Websites like YouTube or Vimeo are also

preferred platforms for many aspiring movie creators who create amazing pieces

of cinematography.

Global internet access

One obvious reason that contributes to the growing popularity of video sharing platforms like YouTube is global Internet access. The percentage of the population that has access to Internet connection was small a couple of decades back. But today, the Internet is a very powerful communication medium that is not only available worldwide but also universally consumed.

mobile viewing youtubemobile viewing youtube

Mobile viewing

Video streaming websites are accessible through both Android

and iOS mobile apps allowing users to watch videos anywhere, anytime. When

compared to mobile websites, apps are the ideal choice in terms of user

experience and when it comes to ease of downloading your favorite videos.

Creates a personal relationship with


Video sharing websites create a more personal relationship

with the audience by acknowledging the fact that viewers are on the other side

of the screen. For example, the video blog layout of YouTube allows users to

connect with their favorite YouTubers by knowing what is really going on in

their favorite influencers’ feed when they upload new content. It allows

viewers to learn more about their favorite influences and who they are as a


Increase engagement

If a brand needs to promote their products and services,

creating promotional videos is the ideal solution. Video sharing websites are

ideal for creating promotional content and reap excellent results in relation

to user engagement. Uploading your videos on popular video sharing websites is

the best way to increase engagement and generate more likes, comments, and


Ability to promote lively discussion

Video sharing platforms have the capability to promote live

discussion in a broad range of topics. Topics ranging from religions, politics,

to philosophy, are discussed and debated on these platforms. Video sharing

platforms can be used to connect like-minded individuals around a cause and

generate attention for the issues. This also brings out the real side of the

story that might be omitted from news media coverage.  In short, the rise of video sharing platforms

also led to the rise of citizen journalism.

Unlimited video bandwidth and


Another aspect that contributes to the popularity of video sharing websites like YouTube is its sustainability and unlimited video bandwidth. Featuring its own dedicated servers to handle viral traffic, video sharing websites come with a substantial amount of bandwidth to handle heavy traffic that might arise. So it is very easy and more likely to reach the masses when you use these video sharing platforms, and once your videos go viral, the platform is capable of handling the spike in viewership as well.

YouTube libraryYouTube library

Easy navigation and support of different


Users can easily navigate through the video sharing websites

by topic, keyword, or by simply searching the most popular video list. If you

like the work of a particular influencer, you can subscribe to their channel

and no more searching would be required to view their videos.

Video sharing websites also support different video formats. Users can upload the most common video formats like .MOV, .WMV, .AVI, .MPG files that are automatically converted to flash. For example, YouTube uses Adobe Flash to play videos which are standard formats supported by most browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer etc. These platforms also feature video CMS that ensures multiplatform playback and allows global audiences to view videos from any device.

Revenue generation

Video sharing websites allow content creators to make money from videos by monetizing their content. For example, YouTube allows creators to run ads on videos or be a part of YouTube’s partnership program to monetize videos using AdSense. Not just ads, there are other monetization options like running subscriptions, affiliate links, sponsorships, etc. If you are using a YouTube clone script to create your video sharing website, it will be easy to integrate the monetization strategy that suits your business needs and goals.  Ensure that you create unique, appealing, and engaging videos as well to generate significant revenue.

youtube adsenseyoutube adsense

Efficient tips to make the most out

of your videos

By leveraging the popularity of video sharing websites, you

can create an effective video strategy to make the most out of your videos.

There are quite a few little things to consider to make the most out of your

videos and to upgrade yourself to a true professional.

Optimize your video publishing


You can program your videos in such a way that they are automatically shared on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter on the time and date you prefer. This way you will be able to save time and systematize your video strategy. Choose any professional software to upload videos to all social media networks to multiply the reach of your videos.

Improve the sound quality

Improving the quality of the sound of your videos is a great

way to make the biggest jump from amateur looking to professional videos. Make

sure to shoot the videos in a noise-free environment as microphones pick up way

more than what you hear in a normal environment. Make it a practice to use a

proximity microphone to improve the quality of your video sound big time.

Enhance the video settings

Have you ever watched videos with so much going on in the

background and it is too distracting for you to listen to what they are

actually saying? This happens all the time when video creators have a

distracting background that shifts the focus from the actual subject of the

video. Whenever you shoot videos, compose your background in such a way that it

is plain and simple. Put some real effort into your composition to highlight

the main aspect.

Conclusion The audience for video sharing websites like YouTube has risen in the past decade. Nearly half of the online audience now visits video sharing sites on a daily basis. Growth in traffic of video platforms is also linked to the rising availability of stable Internet connections. The popularity of video sharing websites has also contributed to the rising share of brands using videos in their marketing strategy to grow their business exposure and reach.

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