Wired Remote Control Cars Vs Wireless Remote Control Cars

Remote Control Cars

Before considering the wired or wireless RC (remote control) cars, we should know about what are Remote control cars. Initially, listening the word remote control car first things gets in mind is toy that played majority by smaller children.

But, these cars being one of the popular trends among children of age group- 5 to 14, it’s such a trending thing. Compared to today’s technologies, it’s very difficult to choose which Remote control cars to buy. Firstly, these cars are being played only for moving them FORWARD and BACKWARD. However,  today it can jump, leap and most important factor is that it is available as wireless Remote control cars.

But the big question is which car is more beneficial as a wired remote control or wireless remote control car. Now let’s have some talk about wired remote control cars as both have their own advantages and disadvantages as we are going to see.

Wired remote control cars

5 to 6 years ago, wired remote control cars were seen in large numbers and were trendy in children. It could move forward and backward only, but after some years it has some modified versions to it. Not being just limited to moving only forward and backward, we can turn it to the left and right directions. So it’s a new advancement. Afterwards, there will be remote control trucks, bulldozers, JCP, etc. and are very interesting topic among children too. Advantage is that it things that are connected by wire, will never be lost.  Also, they have more speed as compared to wireless remote control cars because of direct connectivity with battery and wires. But it has some drawbacks as well. Sometimes, wires can break due to carelessness. Although it is in the hands of children. On taking this concept and more importantly, the conclusion is wireless remote control cars.

Wireless remote control cars

Now a days, more frequently cars that are seen in the hands of children are the wireless remote control cars. So these cars are controlled by antennas fixed in remote and receiver in cars, so that it can obey the order of transmitter and go as it is commanded to. So it is very popular now a days in younger youth because of new techniques and advanced design. China is one of the leading manufacturers of this wired and wireless remote control cars as it is enhancing their ideas to improve it again at a certain level. It to have its advantages and drawbacks that everything in the universe has. It is beneficial in various ways as a buyer can operate vehicle from one place rather than moving with cars. It is one of the greatest drawbacks of wired remote control cars. And it is very useful to see things from every corner as it has a camera and microphone that we are going to discuss about. 

Drawbacks is that its range is somewhat less, so it’s not able to draw it far. And sometimes it becomes somewhat difficult to control the vehicle.

Importance of Camera and Microphone in remote control cars

Camera and Microphone are one of the very essential gadgets used now a days on a very large scale. So it’s not a big topic to discuss. Manufacturer companies also modified remote control cars by adding camera and microphone. So it’s a very curious topic among children. On the other hand, use of these cars for commercial business is very essential. For spying on this gadget, it is very useful as it can go in very remote places and it can also record the place as well as sound. So importance of camera and microphone in RC car can be found at a very large scale. But this type of cars are not much for sale because it can be used for bad things. 

For the world such invention of remote control cars with camera and microphone attached, is found to be a very important invention. Because of such a discovery, many nations have upgraded their security systems. They use this to combat against terrorists to exploit their dangerous plans. So, it becomes one of the important inventions. But snap, on the other hand, is very unique toy for the children to play. Not only children but also adults, to spend time on this thing. So it was found as an important, crazy, exciting as well as innovating thing in every case. 

Concluding it, both the wired remote control cars as well as wireless remote control cars are very unique according to their comfort. But to have advanced, modern technology many people to choose wireless remote control cars as they are very convenient to use as well as easy to control as practise. But the main point is camera and microphone bought revolution in this field of Remote control cars. Now a days, not only for toys but also it has greater uses as stated above. On the other hand, it has its drawbacks as they are very addictive thing to use. Use it in very limited manner and yes, it is a little bit expensive. Small kids are now becoming very addicted to these types of things. So we should take care of it. 

For future, many inventions and technologies are yet to come and we’re definitely going to see some exciting inventions on such remote controls cars. But today, all this technology is sufficient and also very capable as well to use. So camera and microphones are very important.