Does Opening A Blog Require Skills?

The blog is a virtual diary, our personal open book on the

world, white pages in which we can write who we are, share thoughts,

reflections, experiences, passions. The blog is for everyone, it is a

democratic and free communication tool and this does not require specific

skills, apart from those of a developer who must create and publish it on the


There is, however, another important function of the blog.

That of being a very important marketing and communication tool for brands and

companies. What does this mean? And what does it imply? I’ll explain it below.

As I suggested to you in the post “A what is a blog,”

the blog is a tool that offers the possibility and brand potential and enabling

them to achieve concrete objectives.

The blog, in fact, is a meeting place with people interested

in the topics dealt with by that specific brand. The place to build and

maintain profitable, long-lasting and profitable relationships.

The blog is also the place to excite, inform and educate the

people who read us, bringing them closer to our message and our company. And,

again, the blog:

It is an important Brand Reputation tool;

It is fundamental in SEO strategies, i.e.

positioning a website in the SERPs of search engines, so that it can be

intercepted at the exact moment when people express a specific need and / or


Allows you to always find new potential


Can provide a real boost to sales.

You will understand well, therefore, that exploiting these

marketing and communication potential of the blog requires specific skills.

Let’s see which ones.

The skills required by managing a blog

Planning a blogging strategy and actually managing a blog

requires specific skills. Meanwhile, a blogger must have a knowledge base of

marketing, which allows him to analyze and understand the reference sector of

the brand of which he must be a spokesperson, his market and his target


Furthermore, a professional blogger must possess strong

communication skills for:

Draw up the editorial plan of the blog and plan

the most appropriate calendar;

Decide how to communicate the brand message;

Define the tone of voice and the language to be


Convey the blog messages consistently with

respect to the personality, values ​​and identity of the brand.

And, again, the professional management of a blog requires

solid writing skills, as well as precise and accurate knowledge of grammar.

Then there is another aspect that should not be

underestimated. If the blog aims to position itself in the SERPs – almost

always, but not necessarily so – the blogger must also have skills in SEO

Copywriting, which does not only mean analyzing the keywords, their correct use

and the construction of the semantic field.

An SEO Copywriter knows very well how essential it is to

know also the user’s research intent and how fundamental it is to write an

original content that responds concretely to this search intent of the target


Then there is another skill required by the professional

management of the blog, namely the ability to read and analyze the data you

need, the metrics that have value to understand if and how you are reaching the

predefined goal and how you can intervene to improve the current blogging


And that’s not all. Yes, because it is increasingly

important that a blogger also manages to have skills in Content Design. Have

you heard of it yet?

It is the set of skills and notions necessary to make sure

that written content and graphic content integrate perfectly to communicate the

same message and to achieve the same goal: to capture the reader’s attention

and curiosity, tickle and respond to his interest, to encourage him to perform

the requested action.


Opening a blog for pleasure does not require specific

skills, apart from that of the developer who must create and publish the blog,

as I said.

Different is the case with professional blog management. So,

yes, everything changes that skills are not only necessary but also fundamental

to achieve the objectives and make the investment profitable.

Author Bio:

James Parker is a well-known blogger and a writer,

he is passionate regarding writing over different topics especially in online

blogging, technology, marketing and Led

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