Google experiments with public search profile cards

Currently limited over the India, the Google+-like feature provides personal brands and individuals some control over their search results.

As Google is experimenting with the public search profile cards for people that would appear alongside regular search results. The test is currently limited with India and the company currently holds no plans for a wider launch, a Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land.

Why we care

If this characteristic receives a wider rollout, personal brands will have a new approach to distinguish themselves from the search results, presenting prospective clients or employers a way to find out more of them. This feature also gives personal brand owners with a degree of control over what information is available to searchers.

More on the news

  • Google+, the company’s extinct social network, had a similar public profile feature when it launched in 2011.

  • This new feature allows any user to search an individual’s name and view the information they want to share, Android Police reported.

  • Users must be signed into their accounts to update publically available information. Basic information, such as name, location, occupation also a personal summary is required. Photos and contact information, amongst additional data fields, are optional.

  • Android Police identified the feature through three recently published Google Search support pages that become since been taken down.

  • “In India, we have introduced plus experimented with several tools to help people better manage their presence on the Google Search,” a Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land. “This is part of that continued experimentation, and we do not have any of launches to announce at this point.”