Honor 10 Lite review: Best Hidden Features

Honor 10 Lite

Everywhere are Huawei and echoes of its sister brand Honor which are getting more and more popularity with each passing day. You can check out the latest series of phones which have been a massive hit in not just UAE but another Middle Eastern region such as KSA. You can see that this unique brand is trying to cover the whole of South Asia.

With the launch of Honor 10 Lite in 2018, this stunning brand has become the most searched brand on google. This unique model belongs to the latest premium flagship phone released by Huawei under the banner of Honor in November of 2018. It’s completely pointless to say anything about this model because this phone made immediate headlines upon its announcement all over the world.

Most of the smartphone users have a similar point of view about the lite series which means a less in price at the cost of some b-class features. But this is completely opposite to this narration, as we can see that the Honor 20 Lite is the richest model with excellent specs and technology. What do you need to know that the Honor 10 already is said to be a lighter version of the Huawei P20, but it is quite different in working and specs. Can you have a trust that Honor 10 Lite really make some noise in this market? You can compare two same series phones here which are launched back to back under the banner of Honor:

  • Honor 10 Lite

  • Honor 8 Lite

Well for starters, Honor 10 lite price and features are comparatively reasonable with a direct and sound relation. Although when looking at the previous version of lite-series, these latest models come with a few updates. For example, now there is a dedicated micro SD card slot instead of only internal storage space. You can use some extra space in this phone allows the users to store more data than the original. Also, you need to have a look at the working of this unique model which comes with the new Android Pie version once you start the phone.

Honor 10 Lite Screen Size & Display

The Design and the Body of both versions are remarkable and you can find some advancement as well. When we move from an older version to its trendy model, the manufacturer must have to convince the users with some advancement. So as from honor 8 lite was a bit older and the next is more powerful with some strong specs. So we can go without saying that the Honor 10 Lite, the more advanced version is a completely new design on its own. Most of the users are happy to report that it copies all the good parts from the original Honor 10 which is higher in the price factor.

Although lite factor is trying to create its own unique style with some unique model in a parallel fashion along with the original model still there is a hell of a difference. The same is the situation of Honor flagship models when we compare these with other smartphones. In most of the latest models, the materials though are downgraded and the body is fully plastic now, but Honor is trying to convince the customers with required stuff. Most of the customers are not interested in notch display but it is widely considered that the narrow sized notch with a little framework is in trend these days. Considering this statement, we can see that Honor has manufactured the exact same item in the form of Honor 10 Lite.

Considering the security point, Honor 30 lite price in KSA is quite reasonable as compared to the older version 10 lite. This is the most advanced model which is manufactured with a fingerprint sensor located at the rear side of the phone offering you more & more screen space. Look at the other frameworks, all the buttons are easily accessible with a single hand to the user making it a premium experience. The screen size is a remarkable 6.21 inches with an excellent IPS-LCD screen technology. You can get the best performance with the latest processor at play, and also can expect some truly vibrant and awesome results.

What are the plus points?

The advancement is pretty acknowledgeable and appreciable when we move form Huawei Honor 8 lite towards Honor 10 lite. In most of the flagship models, different things are missing to compensate for the price factor but Honor is something which never compromised. You will get the best choice at an affordable price, this is the motive of the Honor brand. Let’s have a look at the positive points of this unique smartphone.

If you are a movie lover and want to enjoy loud music then you can get loudspeaker options with hand free in out function. You can increase or decrease the volume according to a certain situation or as per your mood. This nice addition is much bigger than the previous model. Just imagine a cinema screen display option with a loud and clear sound speaker in your private room with no distortion. The best moment of life I must say.

Well moving towards the running time, this unique model is equipped with 4000mAH nice battery life, so that to provide users maximum time to complete his or her tasks. You can also get fast speed charging system and don’t need to worry about it. One can easily be done with the 100% fully charged battery within half an hour.

Few things I have left for you like a camera, processor, RAM, and selfie mode. I expect you should do some research at your personal level and then compare the features with other smartphones from the same category.


There are three major things that make the Honor brand more user-friendly. I would say these three are the lowest price factor even with flagship models. Availability of all models in different parts of the world. Not even a minor compromise on the quality features of any model.