How To Disable Google Tag Manager Preview Pane

Google Tag Manager is one must-use tool for every website and blog owner.

This is a free tool provided by Google which allows you to manage all of your tags from a single dashboard.

If you are still figuring header and footer tags and using those plugins or by editing your theme file, you need to require to switch to Google Tag Manager. We have provided you with written this detailed tutorial to help you learn everything there is to understand about Google Tag Manager.

Now about something that will probably convert useful at some point in your Google Tag Manager journey.

When you add and then publish a new tag, Google Tag Manager gives you the option to preview the tag on your site. This preview pane shows whatever tags are fired when you are browsing a specific page of your site.

How To Hide Google Tag Manager Preview Pane

We learned that a few add-ons like Ghostery and other script blocked add-ons stopped the option that would help us disable the preview option. However, Google Tag Manager has recently changed the process, and how this can be done by following the method below:

  • Log in to the Google Tag Manager.

  • Go to the dashboard of your site (Workspace < Overview).

  • Click on the option which says Leave Preview Mode.

This is it. Now to refresh the page of your website/blog and you’ll notice that the preview option is gone. No more disturbing Google Tag Manager Preview option.

Well, this may appear to be like a quick solution, but it took me weeks to figure out. If you were are suffering from this, hopefully now everything is much better.

As we mentioned above in the article, if you are not using Google Tag Manager, you need to start using it from today right away. If you don’t know what to do with the Google Tag Manager, simply start by adding Facebook retargeting pixels including Ad Words retargeting pixels.