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The freight forwarding business has been in existence for decades now. Over the years, there has been a rise in the number of competitors around the world. 

This had made it difficult for most freight forwarding companies to strive, with struggles arising over many fronts, such as management, customer satisfaction and accounting.

To make matters worse, not all businesses are dynamic, with a number of companies relying on manual input, calculation and processing to their job done.

What’s the problem with manual work? 

When you leave your business to a manual working model, there are many issues that can arise. 

Some of these are:

  • Miscalculations, accounting errors and transactional clashes.

  • Excess time taken to process an order once it is placed.

  • Management and storage issues when it comes to documents, mail and important conversations.

  • Differences in exchange rates for varied currencies.

  • Over-dependence on third parties and other services.

  • A lack of clear branding and initiative.

How do you solve this?

Freight forwarding companies have heavily relied on employees working manually to deliver. In the past decade or so, with advancements in technology, they have taken the swift turn with something really simple – a freight forwarding software.

What’s a freight forwarding software? 

Simply put, it’s an online freight management software that computes every aspect of a freight forwarding company and automates as much as it can. 

A freight forwarder software can cut down on time taken for processing orders, manage accounting related tasks and communicate with customers and existing clients to improve relations.

But there’s a catch… 

An online freight management software does do the job, there’s no question about that.

Despite this assurance, freight forwarding companies still have to intervene from time to time to resolve issues.

Also, not all freight broker software provide added functionalities like live exchange rates. This means that you are back to square one in some aspects. 

With Shipthis, you can do more. 

Shipthis is a modern and futuristic freight forwarding software that relies on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, material design and UI experience to deliver an enhanced and expert workflow for freight forwarding companies.

Here are some of the features that you get with Shipthis:

  • AI, cloud computing and quick-processing support.

  • A CRM that handles all customer and employee related needs.

  • An accounting module that double checks for errors, provides a unique dashboard and returns live currency exchange rates for different currencies around the world.

  • Common dashboard for an easy-to-understand look for your freight forwarding business.

  • Web/mobile app that can be customized to suit your brand along with the ability to send customers push notifications for their shipment.

CRM, redefined with Shipthis 

At Shipthis, we recognize that a higher customer satisfaction rate rewards you with customer loyalty, as well as better clients for the future.

With this in mind, we have created our CRM to fulfill daily needs of every freight forwarding company.

Using a freight forwarding software and want to switch? No problem – with Shipthis’ easy onboarding, migrating to our platform is a breeze. This barely takes time and you will soon be using our freight management software to boost the number of shipments that you make daily.

We also provide a unified document storage, which lets you quickly and conveniently access files as well as upload important documents from other places with a simple drag and drop feature.

With this, you can easily preview, download and share documents with customers and employees, whenever you need.

Have a business email that you use? No reason to worry, as you can easily link it to our CRM and send mails based on criteria. You can also customize the email templates to suit your branding.

Shipthis also has its own web/mobile application with which you can easily stay in touch with customers and provide them updates for their shipments as well as invoices.

And to top it all off, take advantage of our single dashboard, where you can serve your customers in one place, reply to conversations and even monitor their credit limit.

Don’t forget our accounting module 

Shipthis has an accounting module that is powered by AI and cloud computing for faster processing with impeccable accuracy.

For any freight forwarding company, inaccuracies in their accounting can lead to a waste of time, a loss of revenue and a state of chaos. 

These can all be avoided with our accounting solutions, that lead business standards.

You can now move into the new age of automation with our banking integration, that will help process payments, invoice and transactions at a lightning fast pace.

And to avoid any errors or issues, the accounting module uses a double entry system that cross-checks every activity so that you don’t have to sit and wait for minute details.

Are you used to checking another site for currency rates? With Shipthis, that’s a thing of the past.

With its live currency exchange rates and multi-currency support, you can ship to more companies without worrying about inaccuracies in shipping cost breakdown.

Not just that! With advanced analytics reports, you can stay ahead of the curve with reports on your business’ growth that focus on important data points which your competitors will not have access to. Use this to your advantage and stop worrying about the market.


Shipthis is an outstanding freight forwarding software that lets you take a lead over your biggest rivals.

With faster processing, you can take more shipments, generate more revenue and keep your customers happy with our software.

Get in touch with us today to get a demo, before your competitors do!