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If you are a Facebook manager for a new brand, it’s a good idea to get followers to your Facebook page by buying Facebook likes. Getting people to like the page of a new brand can be tedious. Also, it can take quite some time to achieve a good following.

Facebook is the most commonly used in marketing brands successfully. Many people are on Facebook. Therefore, using Facebook to market your brand will make your brand popular in no time.

‘Boost Fans Online’ is a legal and safe platform to buy Facebook likes. Not every site sells likes with good intentions. Facebook likes sellers might be hackers. Some can even get access to your personal account and post creepy stuff. Hackers can access personal information or even send fraudulent messages to your friends. Also, hackers can sell your login data which can be used to destroy your image and that of your business.

Buying Facebook likes increases your chances of getting more followers. Definitely, a page with many likes and followers attracts more followers. With Boost Fans online you can;

Buy Real Facebook Likes

Using Boost Fans Online, you can buy real Facebook fans. There is no confidential information on your account required when buying real Facebook likes. Also, with real Facebook likes, there is no way your account will be hacked.

Real Facebook likes to improve your edge rank. Edge rank is measured by the number of people interacting with your post. With a high edge rank, your post will be displayed to many followers. A high edge rank normally creates an impression that your content is useful. This further attracts more followers to your page.

Also, fake Facebook likes can get inactivated anytime. If Facebook discovers that your page has fake likes, your page will get a permanent block and you will end up starting from scratch. Facebook can also permanently block your personal account from creating a new Facebook page. Alternatively, Facebook can inactivate likes bought through external click farms. A drastic reduction in the number of likes will make your actual followers discover that you’re a fake.

While buying Facebook likes, ensure you buy from trusted dealers

With Boost Fans Online, you are assured to get real Facebook likes.

Buy 1000 Facebook Likes and Above at an Affordable Price

At Boost Fans Online, you can buy real fans with as low as $25 for 1000 Facebook likes. There is no password required. Also, you’re assured of getting the exact number of likes you paid for. There will be no drops in the number of likes over time. Delivery is made by our team of qualified personnel within 1-2 days after you place your order on our website boostfansonline.com. Remember, the more likes on your Facebook page, the more the fans. Boosting traffic on your page is good for your sales.

Alternatively, you can buy 2000 likes for $40, 5000 likes for $90, 10,000 likes for $170, 20,000 likes for $330, 50k likes for $650, 100k likes for $1100 or 200k likes for $1800. The number of likes depends on how much money you have at any time.

Our likes at Boost Fans online are affordable and 100% real. We understand the importance of minimizing costs while maximizing profits in a business.

Buy Real Facebook Fans

Buying real Facebook fans from Boost Fans Online boosts your organic reach. Organic reach means the number of people your posts reach. Organic reach depends on the edge rank. As aforesaid, if the edge rank is low, your post is not displayed to many followers. In short, your post does not reach many people. The main aim of a Facebook page is to get many people aware of your brand. You will be doing zero work if you buy fake Facebook likes. Fake followers do not boost social reach. With real Facebook fans, your advertisements will reach many people. This will, in turn, make your business successful since you will get more customers.

Order now at our website and select your preferred number of likes. If your order is not delivered within a week, we refund your money.

We have a 24-7 customer care service in case you have any queries. Our customer care team is dedicated to your 100% satisfaction.

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