Why Choose CakePHP Framework For Web Application Development?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology launched Michal Tatarynowicz, a Poland based developer’s web application development framework under the license name as CakePHP version 1.0 in 2005. The developer used PHP to build this minimal version of a rapid web app developing framework with the use of PHP. It did not take long for this framework to grow to become one of the most preferred choices among developers. The credit for its absolute success goes to a range of features it offers to the developers including the tools to build different kinds of web applications, shopping carts, content management systems, etc. It also provides tools that ensure top-notch security services, thus adding to its popularity. These days the CakePHP Framework is often the go-to option for web development. This article sheds some light on what makes CakePHP application development a great option, an option one should definitely look out for.

The following discussed features add to its appeal:

A Wide Range of In-Built Features of CakePHP Framework:

In time constricting

projects, like in the case when you are asked to build a web application in a

relatively short time frame, a framework that has a range of inbuilt validation

features actually comes in handy. Crafting a website in no time is really a

tough task, especially when you have to integrate the validation

functionalities into your framework. It takes both a lot of time and effort to

do so, however, in case of CakePHP, it provides you with various built-in

features that are compatible with lots of different types of websites and web

applications. They are far easier to work with and save you a lot of time.


MVC Model:

The developers when working on big multifaceted sites and web applications prefer to keep the business logic and data presentation separated in different spheres. The Model View Control or MVC frameworks provide the developers an option to connect the data with the queries. As soon as there is an incoming query, it gets connected to the database, the data source and the data eventually gets saved in here without any obstacles making the entire process smooth and effective. The programmers using CakePHP framework are at an advantage as CakePHP supports MVC patterns, allowing the programmers to exercise better control over the data through the controllers, further making the streamlining of data much easier.



CakePHP Framework is a dynamic platform that uses a combination of advanced technologies to optimize the performance and scalability of the website or web application you are working. The framework also provides you with the list of access controls that not only help you in exercising better control over your application but also lead to subsequent caching of your web pages and increasing the speed of your application.

Reuse The Code:

Reusing the code built for

similar functionality is one of the best ways for better time utilization.

Instead of wasting your time to write the same piece of code over and over

again, CakePHP

allows developers to reuse their code over

different projects, wherever it deems fit, saving

you a hell lot of time which can be further used to enhance the outlook and

design of your site/application.


Testing From Time To Time

These days, apart from delivering a high-performance website/application, crafting it in a given amount of time is also a considerable factor. Test-driven development is one of the ways that not only help in delivering a quality product but also lessens the time and cost required to do so. Unit testing and web testing are both supported by CakePHP Framework, in fact, System Integration is one of the major elements of this PHP framework. These tools allow you to test your application as you develop it without requiring any other testing tools from outside.

Content-Management Tools:

Eye-catchy and

information-rich quality content is a major traffic driver for any website.

Thus generating and managing the quality rich content effectively can heavily

contribute to the success of one’s website. CakePHP provides us with various

tools like file manager, option to switch between different templates and

fields, manage themes and overall content management schemes thus making the

management of different files and templates a lot easier than usual.



CakePHP Framework is compatible with a range of programming languages allowing a lot of developers to simply switch to the language of choice and customize their applications accordingly. Switching between languages is also an option, this feature particularly comes in handy when the task gets transferred from one developer to another. The other developer can simply switch to the language of their desire saving us from a lot of major problems. To wrap it all, this framework can prove to be a real boon for many developers. It comes with a range of options offering different templates, tools, and features, carefully selecting one with the most suitable set of features will not only save you some time but also make the experience of this development project rather blissful.

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