Guide to Planning Road Trips in Dubai 

The current COVID-19 outbreak has put a temporary halt to our day to day activities and freedom. All of us are eagerly waiting for the pandemic to clear so that we can enjoy our freedom, travel, hang out and enjoy with our friends just the way we did. As the weather gets better and the COVID-19 outbreak subsides most of the find ourselves planning road trips venturing outside towards the unexplored. When it comes to exploring Dubai has a lot to offer. The city is known for its extravagant nightlife, desert safaris, and beautiful destinations. The neighboring areas of the city of gold are an absolute paradise when it comes to taking road trips. 

Whether you are a UAE national, an expatriate, or a traveler, there are a plethora of destinations close to Dubai that are a delight to your eyes and soul. However, an important point to be kept into consideration while taking roads in Dubai is that as per the guidelines it is mandatory for drivers to have valid car insurance in Dubai to stay on the safer side of the law. Car insurance in Dubai not only protects you from third-party liabilities that might arise in case of an unfortunate event but also offer peace of mind. In this thread, we will share some beautiful destinations close to Dubai along with some important tips that you should be aware of while taking road trips in Dubai.

road trip in dubai

So, fasten your seat belts, and get ready to drop the gear and disappear!

Fujairah is mainly known as a popular scuba-diving destination amongst tourists in the UAE, however, it is one the most beautiful and exotic emirates as it has a coastline lying exactly over the Gulf of Oman. The drive from Dubai to Fujairah is scenic and goes through mountains, hills and several ancient looking towns that would remind you of the Arabian Nights. The road conditions are amazing and hence the ride is smooth and convenient. The total distance of Fujairah by road from Dubai is 184 kilometers.

Moreover, there are numerous hotels/restaurants located at different places on the way to Fujairah from Dubai making your journey enjoyable and easy. There are various famous tourist attractions in Fujairah like the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Al-Hayl Castle, and the Fujairah fort that will soak your traveler soul in everlasting joy.   

Khasab a small town in Oman popularly known as Norway of Middle-East is one of the most serene destinations in the entire UAE. The trip to Khasab is the ideal trip to one of the best weekend gateways in the UAE. You can enjoy clear skies, smooth winding roads with sublime fjords, and picturesque bays perfect for camping that will make you fall in love with the serenity. Some of the best places to see in and around the Khasab are the Khasab Castle, the Khasab ford, and the unmatched beauty of the fjords.

The total distance of Khasab from Dubai by road is 199 kilometers. An important tip for all travelers planning a road trip to Khasab is to check for required permissions and documents while driving in Oman. Valid car insurance in Dubai is an absolute must along with a driver’s license to save you from unwanted trouble. 

Jump into a heavy-duty SUV, put on shades, play your favorite playlist and you’re good to go! The journey might appear like a divine trip to a never-ending stretch of the road amid scenic vast desert known as the Empty Quarter. Liwa is one of the less explored destinations in the UAE situated at a distance of 292 kilometers from Dubai it is the unexplored paradise of the Emirates. If you to spice up your trip by adding a pinch of adventure you can plan a night stay at one the sheltered resorts located right in the middle of nowhere. There are various places to see around Liwa such as the famous Sheikh Hamad Auto museum, Mezairaa town, the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort, and the Liwa fort. 

The primary objective of traveling is to get a temporary escape from the hectic life of cities rooted deep into concrete jungles. The breath-taking panoramic views coupled with silence of nature is enough to make you fall for the divine music of nature. One such destination nested near the eastern coast of the UAE is Dibba. The perks of traveling via road are beyond explanation as they are to be experienced not explained. One of the most suitable and user-friendly gateways to utter fun and joy is Dibba that is located at a distance of 130 kilometers from Dubai. The place comes under the jurisdiction of Oman so it is vital to carry all necessary documents like Passport, car insurance in Dubai, identity proofs, etc. 

You might feel tempted to jump right into your car and make your way to one of these destinations, however, there are some important factors to be kept in consideration while taking road trips in the UAE. Here’s a quick rundown-

  • Make sure you are allowed to drive a vehicle legally in the UAE and Dubai. It is important to get your driving license cross-checked to avoid any unwanted hassle during a road trip. 

  • Create a properly structured itinerary and plan your stopovers. Driving without any breaks continuously might turn out to be dangerous therefore it is crucial to plan your trips in advance along with deciding stopovers to get proper rest for both the car and the driver. 

  • The most important aspect of any road trip is the car. It is important to check the performance and condition of the vehicle before you hit the streets. Planning a road trip with a worn-out car might land you in unwanted trouble. 

  • While driving in the UAE it is very crucial to keep a check of all the required documents like driving license, passports, Identity proofs, and last but not least car insurance in Dubai. 

  • Create a backup plan just to make sure if things do not go the way you want them to you have a contingency plan to help you out of the situation. 

A scenic and subliming drive, your loved ones, and your favorite playlist! Isn’t that enough to fill your heart with joy? The UAE has a lot to offer apart from man-made marvels. While bidding a trip to Dubai plan a short trip to one of these destinations to dive into the folly of nature. And don’t forget to drive safely with valid car insurance in Dubai!