How to Analyze Your Website Performance?

Now a day’s what we totally do we just create a website for our purpose and then we forget concerning that, Except if you have invested your time and money in a particular thing then it`s your right to know whether it`s delivering it`s worth for you or not. If you have an online presence then that indicates that you are connected to millions of people over the globe and if you don’t get a single reply from your website when there is something which is lacking in your website.

There are various ways to get website statistics and some of the key parameters are provided below through which you can do this web page analysis of your website:

  1. The website design should be harmonious and compatible with the business for which you are creating it.

  2. The look and texture of the website have to be like it actually reveals the uniqueness of the website.

  3. The Home Page of the website should not be like those a long scrolling down.

  4. The website should not include any flash files without the videos.

  5. The keywords plus meta tags that you choose for your website should be in accordance with SEO parameters.

  6. The keywords should not be more than 15.

  7. The length of the keywords should not surpass the range of 150 words for all the keywords.

  8. The Google analytics need to be there in the website for creeping up on Google.

  9. There should be prudish navigation to the inner pages of the website.

  10. As per the most modern trend, it must hold social media widgets.

  11. The domain name should not be very much higher as it’s not good for SEO objectives.

So these are some of the key areas where you have to concentrate primarily whenever you are performing for any website design and development in Delhi. Just use the above all the parameters and then investigate the website. This will help you in web optimization and to generate great results.