How to choose a Good Jelly roll pan?- Buying Guide.

Jelly Roll Pan

There are certain things that are needed to be considered before purchasing a Jelly roll pan. We have prepared this buying guide to help you choose a good Jelly roll pan for your kitchen. Given below are some of the essential pointers that you need to consider.

Understand the Purpose of Jelly roll pans:

Jelly roll pans are used for cooking, baking, roasting nuts, vegetables and even for baking some rolled cakes like pumpkin rolls, jelly rolls, yule, and others. Whether you are planning to roast the vegetables, nuts or you are baking a cake (for which particularly this kind of pan is recommended), it is very essential for you to know the right purpose of using Jelly roll pans and then accordingly purchasing a pan that actually suits your needs.

Quality of the Jelly Roll pans: 

Quality is one of the most important things while purchasing a right Jelly roll pan. On the basis of the materials used for construction, jelly roll pans are available in different varieties. Some of them may give you excellent end results while some may disappoint you. We recommend our readers to speak with an expert chef who might have been baking in jelly roll pans for a long period. This may save so much of your time and effort as well. Never compromise with the quality of the jelly roll pans. Jelly roll pans are available in aluminium, non-stick, and even in stainless steels. It is always better to read the reviews before buying any one of them.

Understand your required Dimension: 

At the initial stage, it could be very confusing for the first time users to understand the dimensions of the required jelly roll pans. Although depending upon the needs, its dimensions may vary. Usually, as compared to the half sheet pans, most of the jelly roll pans come in small sizes which are 13 inches by 18 inches with a depth of one inch. Such jelly roll pans are available in ½ and ¼ sizes. ½ size measures 12 inches by 17 inches with a depth of one inch while a ¼ size measures 9 inches by 13 inches with a depth of one inch.

Understanding the Differences of Edges:

Usually, a jelly roll pan is considered to be a versatile product. Although, as we have mentioned earlier, most people tend to get confused between a jelly roll pan and the cookie sheet. The only difference that can be recognized by you is the 1-inch edge. Mostly, the jelly roll pans have a 1-inch edge while a cookie sheet does not have an edge and is usually flat.

Consider the size:

We recommend our readers to select such a pan which is heavy in size. This is because you will be able to hold a heavy pan easily and such pans are quite durable. Another reason for using a heavy pan is that such a pan divides the heat in an accurate manner at the bottom which is great for baking or roasting.