How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account in 2020

Recover Hacked Facebook Account in 2020

No matter how careful you are, the hackers are always a step ahead of you. Be it the Instagram or Facebook, we all love our social media accounts. We all started with Facebook and at least once, our account has been hacked, right? If you are currently going through the same situation and your Facebook account has been hacked, we have added the recovery procedure in the article below!

This is the common hacking practice where the hackers will change the password of your account and change it with a new one. This way, the original users won’t be able to access the account. However, recovering the changed passwords is pretty easy and if you want to try this out, have a look on the step mentioned below. However, this method will work only if the associated email account is intact. So, let’s see!

  • When you enter “your” password and it shows incorrect, you need to click on “forgot password” option 

  • The new page will open and you will need to enter your phone number, user name, or email address. These three options are available and you can choose one of them 

  • As you enter the details, Facebook will look out for the profile and click on continue

  • If you have entered the phone number, you will receive the recovery code in SMS or else, in the email if you have added the email account 

  • Enter that code in the input box and click on the continue button 

  • Enter the new password and you will gain access to your account

This is the next level of hacking the Facebook account where hackers will gain access to the associated email account as well. So, if you are unable to access your email account, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • When you add the account credentials and it highlights the wrong password, click on the “forgot password” option 

  • Facebook will ask for a recovery email or username 

  • Once you add the details, Facebook will look for your profile 

  • Once the profile is found, click on “no longer have access to these” if you don’t have access to the associated email 

  • There will be multiple recovery options. For instance, if you have had the account for  a long time, you can choose the security question to recover the account. However, the new account can use the trusted accounts

  • The trusted account works if you enter the email address that you have access to and look for the trusted contact, click on any name and they will be sent a link

  • When they click on the link, they will receive a security code and you can enter this code in the input box to recover your account 

If none of the above-mentioned processes work for you, this method might work perfectly for you. There are new security features updated by Facebook through which users can reset the password without any additional and long-tail verification processes. So, try the below-mentioned method!

  • Open the mobile device or any device that you use for logging in to the Facebook account 

  • It is better to login from that device and if the device is recognized by the account, you will be able to login without verification 

  • In addition, try to use the same internet connection for recovering the account i.e. using the same Wi-Fi email 

It doesn’t work in all the cases but some people have been able to recover their accounts as well. oh buy the way Buy Facebook Video Views on your post .

According to Facebook, they have launched the identity verification feature through which people can confirm their identity. Through this feature, the users can gain access to their account by sending the government issues ID card and you will receive reply from Facebook within one to three working days. To use this method, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Go to the contact link of Facebook and fill the form 

  • Attach the government issued ID card 

  • Send this form to Facebook and wait for three to four days

  • If Facebook is able to identify your existence, you will receive the recovery email from Facebook