As India is one of the fastest-growing developing nations in the world. It possesses as of 500 million users of the internet with the number 1 rank in the online retail space market. The policies of the Government of India for startups even encouraged such businesses to thrive. Undoubtedly, our nation has seen a continuous rise & staggering growth at most limited for a while. But what has happened? Despite having such advantages granted by the Indian government, most of the startups in e-commerce declined to cash the opportunities? Let us discuss here –

Website Not Ranking In Google

Without a comprehensive e-commerce website designing, you cannot assume your web to rank in Google. The basic idea behind this is to move your website at the head of the search engine result pages with the guidance of design and SEO. You cannot neglect this basic but important step in your business.

Undervaluing The Competition

One of the major things that most of the e-business owners taken for granted is the size of its competitor. You cannot give your energy to the well-settled globally acknowledged and established e-Commerce companies. It is almost next to impossible to compete with such companies to get endurance.

Too High Pricing

It is really important to establish the prices of the products as per the trend of the business. Make sure to glimpse into the pricing and discounts of your competitors to have a more immeasurable idea of the costing. Keep your charges as low as you can.

Selling Less Demanded Products

One of the most important reasons behind the failure is the choice of wrong products. If you are selling the wrong products which even no one wants or more limited in demand then you necessitate rethinking. Make sure to determine those products which are highly in demand by the consumers of these days.

Confusing Call To Action

Calls to action buttons play the key part in operating your users’ next destination. While exploring the e-commerce website development, make sure the CTA buttons vocalize loud. Be sure you are constantly guiding the users where to go and everything would be his next action. Never let them blurred.

High Freighting Cost Involved

It is necessary to understand that the performance of the products matters most maximum in any e-commerce business. Having high shipping charges might change the intention of the users. Always try to offer lower shipping assessments you can and wheresoever’s possible offer free shipping. By doing this, you will get the opportunity of selling more.

Poor Quality Images On Website

You must be wondering, what is the use of images here? If your user is not involved in reading those great paragraphs then engage him with your ultra-quality images of the products. Create images in such a way that a user can zoom in and examine the minor details as well.