Prime Video Not Working – How To Fix

Like any streaming service, you may experience technical issues with Amazon Prime. These can range from visual problems, performance issues, to the service not working at all.

Prime Video Not Working - How To Fix

Luckily, there are numerous fixes you can try to resolve the issue. In this article, we’ll show you some tips and tricks to deploy if Prime Video is not working.

Prime Video Not Working on a Firestick

If Prime Video has stopped working via your Firestick, you can try restarting the Firestick, updating the Prime Video app, or clearing the Firestick cache. Follow these steps to do so:

Restart Your Firestick

You can restart your Firestick in two ways:

  1. On the Firestick remote, long-press the “Select” and “Play/Pause” buttons together.

  2. Alternatively, you can restart via your home screen. Select “Settings,” “Device,” then “Restart.”

Once the restart is complete, try opening the Prime Video app to see if the problem is resolved.

Update the Prime Video App

To update the app:

  1. Locate the Prime Video app, then press the “Menu” button. The menu will appear in the lower-right corner of your screen.

  2. To go to the detail page, choose “More Info.”

  3. There will be an “Update” button if an update is available.

  4. Click on it to update to the latest version of Prime Video.

Clear Firestick Cache

To clear the temporary app data and cache on your Firestick:

  1. On your Firestick, navigate to “Settings.”

  2. Choose “Applications.”

  3. Via “Manage Installed Applications,” choose the Prime Video app.

  4. Select “Clear Cache” then “Clear Data.”

Prime Video Not Working on a Samsung TV

If you’re experiencing problems with Amazon Prime Video via your Samsung TV. Try rebooting your TV, checking for software updates, or freeing up some bandwidth:

Reboot Your TV

To reboot your Samsung set:

  1. Long-press the power button for about five seconds on your remote until your TV restarts.

  2. Start the Prime Video app to see if this resolved the problem. If not, try disconnecting the TV from the power source.

  3. Press and release the power button on your TV.

  4. After two minutes, plug the power cable back in.

Check for TV Software Updates

There could be a problem with the Samsung software. The process to check for updates may vary, but the general steps are as follows:

  1. Navigate to “Settings” then “Support.”

  2. Choose “Software Update” then “Update.”

  3. Any new updates will be downloaded and installed onto your TV. Leave your TV on whilst it takes a few minutes to complete the update.

Check for Active VPNs or Downloads

Prime Video requires a good internet connection to work well. If bandwidth-intensive activity happens on your network as you try to use the app, this can cause performance issues. Ensure nobody is downloading large files, gaming, or streaming. If you use a VPN, try disabling it, as it can also cause problems.

Prime Video Not Working on Apple TV

Your problems with Prime Video via your Apple TV could be because the app needs updating or some other problem with your Apple TV software. Try the following fixes to resolve the issue:

Update the Prime Video App

Running an outdated version of Prime Video can cause problems. To check for app updates, the steps may vary. However, in general, they are as follows:

  1. Navigate to and open the app store on your Apple TV.

  2. Find the “Amazon Prime Video” app and select it.

  3. Click the “Install” button, and “Update” will appear if an update is available.

  4. Click on it, then wait for the update to complete.

Reset Your Apple TV

Resetting your Apple TV to its original factory settings is a sure way to fix any software issues. Again, the steps may vary slightly, but here’s how to reset your Apple TV:

  1. From the main menu, go to “Settings.”

  2. Choose “System.”

  3. Select the “Reset” option, then go to “Restore.”

Wait while your Apple TV is restored to factory settings.

Prime Video Not Working on an Android TV

If the app is not working as expected via your Android TV, try checking your internet connection, or checking for updates:

Ensure Your Network Is Up and Running

Your internet connection should be at least:

  • 900 Kbits/sec for Standard Definition (SD)

  • Mbits/sec for High Definition (HD) videos

Try placing your router closer to your TV if you’re accessing via Wi-Fi. Follow these steps to check your connection:

  1. Disconnect your router or modem and TV.

  2. Wait for a minute or so.

  3. Plug everything back in.

Now, reconnect to the internet and see if the problem with the Prime Video app has been resolved.

Check for a Prime Video App Update

It could be that the Prime Video app has not been updated. You can set your TV to update all apps automatically. In the meantime, follow these steps to update the Prime Video app manually:

  1. Launch the “App Store” on your TV.

  2. Find the “Prime Video” app, and open the “Details page.”

  3. If an update is available, the “Update” option will appear. Click on it and wait for the update to complete.

Check for Software TV Updates

Generally, to update the software on your Android TV, the steps are as follows:

  1. Navigate to “Settings” then “All Settings/Support.”

  2. Choose “Software Update.”

  3. If available, select “Network.”

  4. Select “Yes” or “OK” to install the “Update.”

Prime Video Not Working on a PC

If you’re not accessing the Prime Video app via your computer, you could try disabling your VPN or any third-party apps or rebooting the browser:

Disable VPN and Third-Party Apps

Unfortunately, the Amazon Prime Video app doesn’t always work well with VPNs. If your VPN is connected, try disconnecting it, then restarting the app.

If you’re not using VPN, disable third-party apps like ad-blocker and antivirus software. Apps like these can conflict with Prime Video and cause problems.

Reboot Your Browser

First, ensure that everything is okay with your Amazon Prime Video account:

  1. Navigate to Amazon and sign in to your account.

  2. Go to your “Account” page to check your account is active.

Then try:

  • Make sure you have the latest browser version installed

  • Reboot your PC, then open a new browser to access Prime Video

  • Or, try accessing using a different browser

Get Your Prime Video Service Back

The Amazon Prime Video app offers a relatively stable streaming service. However, viewers can experience problems when something is wrong with their setup. When these problems arise, there are several common fixes you can try. Things like ensuring your network connection is stable, and the Prime Video app and TV software is up-to-date can often resolve the issue. Also, not forgetting a good old restart of the device or browser to clear any conflicts.

Do you have a favorite Amazon Prime Video original show that you enjoy watching? If so, tell us about it in the comments section below.

Can I Set Google Maps as the Default on an iPhone? No

Many users are fond of Google Maps, especially as it works well with other Google products. However, iPhone users don’t get the app by default, and they’re stuck with Apple Maps initially. While you can get Google Maps, it isn’t supposed to be possible to set it as the default.

Can I Set Google Maps as the Default on an iPhone? No

However, that’s not to say there aren’t workarounds or alternative methods. Read on to find out how to use Google Maps as the “default” option.

Why Can’t I Make Google Maps the Default Map App on iPhone?

You may be intrigued as to why this is the case, and the short answer is that Apple has made iOS a closed software ecosystem. In other words, you’re always recommended to stick to Apple’s products instead of third-party alternatives if you can help it.

While iOS 14 allowed users to swap default browsers, email clients, and music apps, the mapping service isn’t affected. However, these changes are the key to making Google Maps the so-called default map app on your iPhone.

If you want to set Google Maps as your default mapping app, the only option is to jailbreak your iPhone. However, doing so is against Apple’s Terms of Service and voids any existing warranties. Only proceed with the jailbreaking process if you know the risks.

To proceed with any of the methods below, your iPhone must have iOS 14 or newer. Any older versions won’t allow you to set new default apps.

Making Google Maps the Default Mapping App on an iPhone for Chrome & Gmail

Making Google Maps the default will require you to download and install Google Chrome and Gmail. The reason is that both apps will work with each other and even let you set Google Maps as their default map app. With the proper settings, you can avoid using Apple Maps as much as possible.

Switching From Mail to Gmail

Apple’s Mail app is rather basic, and the Gmail app lets log into your Google account for better connectivity. Plus, when you tap on addresses on Gmail, after some adjustments, you’ll get to Google Maps instead of being forced to open Apple Maps.

  1. Go to the iPhone’s Settings menu.

  2. Look for the Gmail app.

  3. Select it.

  4. Tap on “Default Mail App.”

  5. Pick Gmail from the list of options.

Now that Gmail is the default mail app on your iPhone, it’s time to change some settings within the app.

  1. Launch Gmail for iOS.

  2. Tap the top-left menu icon.

  3. Scroll down and find “Settings.”

  4. Select “Default Apps.”

  5. Under “Navigate from Your Location,” select “Google Maps.”

  6. Do the same for “Navigate Between Locations.”

Any time you tap on an address within an email using the Gmail app, you can choose between Google Maps or Apple Maps.

Problems With iOS 14 and Switching Default Apps

If you’re still using iOS 14 and haven’t updated to later patches, you may run into several problems after performing the above steps. Some bugs reset your default apps to Apple’s factory settings after the new preferred app received updates. This would mean that after updating Chrome, you’d have to repeat the instructions above every time.

While Apple has implemented fixes, users who haven’t switched to newer iOS versions may suffer from bugs. This is why updating to the latest iOS version is usually a good idea. The only exception is if the most recent patch has severe errors and bugs.

Jailbreaking Your iPhone

If you’re not bothered by jailbreaking your phone, this is the best way to set Google Maps as your default map app. As you’re forcing your iPhone to accept Google Maps as the actual preferred app, you’ll never have to deal with choosing between options anymore.

Before jailbreaking, we highly recommend backing up your important data. That way, you can preserve it for later.

While jailbreaking an iPhone may sound challenging, there are various tutorials available on YouTube and how-to websites. Search for instructions by iOS version and your iPhone model for best results.

The app you should install after jailbreaking your iPhone is MapsOpener, which is entirely free to use.

Future Updates

Apple Maps remains the only default map app on iPhones, even in iOS 15.2. It’s up to Apple whether or not the company will relent and allow users to change the preferred option without jailbreaking.

Google Maps is also superior to Apple Maps in many ways, particularly in these areas:

  • Street view

  • Public transportation

  • Discovering new places

  • Navigation

Additional FAQs

Can I Use Google Maps on Apple CarPlay?

Yes, you can do that. Before connecting it to your vehicle, you’ll first need to have Google Maps on your iPhone. After that, you should be able to launch Google Maps on your CarPlay screen and navigate to a location.

Is Apple Maps or Google Maps More Accurate?

Google Maps has been offering precise directions for many years, and it’s available almost everywhere around the globe. It’s also more accurate than Apple Maps regarding how traffic will affect your commute time. Overall, Google Maps is superior in these regards.

Battle of the Apps

Sadly, until Apple decides to let users replace Apple Maps entirely with Google Maps, we’re stuck with the methods described above. It’s not the most convenient and has even resulted in bugs, especially on iOS 14. Even if the bugs have been addressed, the workarounds are not the best.

Do you think Apple should let users have more control over their default apps? Which map app do you use more? Let us know in the comments section below.

How To Reply to a Specific Message in Instagram

All major messaging apps allow users to respond directly to specific messages. That’s useful as it can help you avoid confusion, which can especially help in group chats. Instagram was a bit late to roll out such a feature, but it’s finally here.

How To Reply to a Specific Message in Instagram

In this guide, we’ll explain how to update the direct messaging feature and reply to specific messages on Instagram. We’ve included instructions for iPhone, Android, and PC. Additionally, we’ll also uncover why you may be unable to use the new feature.

How To Reply to a Specific Message in Instagram on the iPhone

To respond to a specific message on Instagram on an iPhone, you should first update the direct messaging feature. Here’s how to do that and reply to the desired message:

  1. Ensure your Instagram direct messages are updated. Go to your profile and open Settings. There, tap “Update Messaging.”

  2. From the feed, tap the messenger icon at the upper right corner of your screen to access messages.

  3. Open a private or group conversation.

  4.  Find a message you wish to reply to. Tap it and hold. Swipe right until you see an arrow icon appear.

  5. You’ll now see the selected message attached above the text input box. Type in your reply and send it.

Alternatively, you can use the following method to respond to a specific message on Instagram:

  1. To update your direct message version, navigate to your profile tab, then to Settings. Select “Update Messaging.”

  2. Go back to your feed and tap the upper right corner of your screen to open your direct messages.

  3. Find a conversation containing the message you wish to respond to.

  4. When you find the desired message, tap and hold it. From the suggested options, select “Reply.”

  5. You’ll see the selected message appear above the text input box at the bottom of your screen. Enter your reply and send it.

How To Reply to a Specific Message in Instagram on an Android Device

Replying to a specific Instagram message on an Android is only possible if you’ve updated the direct messaging feature. Here’s how to respond to a message in the app:

  1. Open Instagram and go to your profile by tapping the human icon at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Navigate to Settings and select “Update Messaging.”

  3. Go back to the feed and tap a paper airplane icon at the upper right corner of the screen.

  4. Find a conversation containing the message you wish to respond to.

  5. Tap and hold the message, then swipe it to the right until it appears above the text input box.

  6. Type in your reply. The message you respond to will be attached to your message when you send it.

Optionally, you can respond to messages on Instagram using a different method:

  1. From your Instagram feed, tap the paper airplane icon in the upper right corner of your screen to access messages.

  2. Open a conversation and find the message you wish to reply to.

  3. Tap and hold the message until you see three action options appear.

  4. Select “Reply.” The message you’re responding to will appear above the text input box.

  5. Type in your reply. When you send it, the message will be attached to your reply.

How To Reply to a Specific Message in Instagram on a PC

The new Instagram feature is available on Instagram’s desktop version, too. Here’s how to reply to messages on Instagram on a PC:

  1. Open Instagram on your computer.

  2. From the feed, click the messenger icon located at the top of the screen.

  3. Open a conversation and find the message you wish to respond to.

  4. Click the three-dot icon next to the message.

  5. From the suggested options, select “Reply.”

  6. Type in your reply and send it. The message you respond to will be attached to your message.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Instagram messaging update is packed full of new and helpful features. If you still have questions, we’ve included some more answers below.

Can I Reply to Any Message on Instagram?

Yes, the feature works both in individual and group conversations. It’s especially useful with the latter, as you can avoid confusion by directly indicating the message you’re replying to.

Why don’t I have the option to update Instagram messages?

Some users have reported that they do not see the option to update their Instagram messages in the Settings. If you don’t see the option in the Settings, tap on the Message icon in the upper right-hand corner first. Instagram may prompt you to update the messaging service there.

If the prompt doesn’t appear, there are other outlets to investigate. First, ensure that your Instagram messaging feature isn’t already updated. If you see the classic paper airplane icon in the upper right-hand corner, your message feature isn’t updated. On the other hand, if you see the chat bubble icon, your message function is already updated.

Assuming you see the paper airplane icon, Instagram messages are not updated to the latest version. Head over to the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store (depending on your OS), and make sure that the Instagram app is updated to the newest version.

If the app is up-to-date, ensure your device’s location is set to a region where the new update is available. For example, the feature isn’t currently available in Japan and some parts of Europe.

Lastly, you can use the Help option in the Instagram app to request individualized assistance. There may be an account-specific reason you cannot update your messaging service just yet.

Crystal Clear Communication

Now that you know how to respond to specific messages on Instagram, your communication with friends should become clearer. Make sure to keep your Instagram up to date by enabling automatic updates. And if the feature is unavailable in your region, keep checking to find out if Instagram has found a way to work with European data privacy laws.

What is your opinion of the recent Instagram update? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.