Tata Sky Revises Multi TV Policy to Allow Different Channels on Secondary Set-Top Box


  • Tata Sky has again changed its multiple connection policy to allow different channels on second STB

  • The pricing of the secondary connections is also expected to change on June 15, 2019

Some of the pressing issues in the DTH and broadcasting industry right now include multi-TV connections. After the introduction of the new tariff regime and the implementation of the new regulatory framework by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai), the DTH operators had to change the prices of their multi-TV connections. Now, the subscribers were provided different tariff rates in case they wanted to have more than one TV in their household. Other DTH providers like D2h, Airtel Digital TV also issued their multi-TV pricing, however, amongst these operators, Tata Sky’s pricing was considered to be the most expensive one, which Tata Sky revised shortly after. But, now the DTH provider has again tweaked its multi-TV policy to allow for different channels on different set-top boxes.

Tata Sky Revised Multiple Connection Policy Details

This new change in the Tata Sky multi-TV policy simply changes how the subscribers will be able to select channels for their second TV. Initially, the subscribers were told that the Tata Sky secondary connection would follow a “mirror” model meaning that the secondary connection would get the same channels as the primary connection. However, that won’t be the case going forward as now users will be able to select different packages for their secondary Tata Sky connection.

Previously, the subscribers were paying a fixed price for the multi-TV connection that used to mirror the channels and channel packs of the primary connection. This was a drawback for the subscribers since they could not get different channels on the two TV screens if they wanted to. But now Tata Sky subscribers will be able to custom curate their channel selection for their secondary connection, and they will also be able to pay for these channels on a different price tag, instead of the fixed price.

Tata Sky New Multi-TV Pricing to Go Effective on June 15

Tata Sky has noted that effective June 15, the slab rates for the secondary connection will change as currently, they are promotional. Right now, subscribers pay for their Tata Sky secondary connection according to the pricing of their primary connection. For example, if you have a primary connection of up to Rs 100 exclusive of the NCF, then you will pay Rs 150 for the multi-TV connection, similarly, for a primary connection priced between Rs 101 to Rs 200, you will pay Rs 200 for the secondary connection.

Now starting June 15, the subscribers will have to pay the NCF charges and the content charges for the set-top box with different channel selections. For the other set-top boxes with the same channels and channel packs as the primary STB, the subscribers will pay the same amount as the primary set-top box after June 15.

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