4 Things You Need for Making Awesome Timelapse Videos

Nothing compares to the feeling of capturing beautiful sunrises, sunsets, clouds, oceans, and other breathtaking events in nature and everyday life. What’s more exciting is the effect brought by using a time lapse video in getting your message across. Here are 4 essential things to have when shooting for the perfect time lapse.

Timelapse Videos

1. Camera

A necessity in video making, you have the option to choose between your smartphone camera, compact camera, or a DSLRs, depending on the quality you require. Some mobile brands have a built-in time lapse feature in their phones, but you can still download dedicated applications for making this kind of videos.

2. Tripod

Stability and security will have an overall effect on the quality of your video. Shaky hands would equal to a shaky video that will do no good for your viewers. Having a sturdy and reliable tripod is highly encouraged, especially when you plan on shooting longer videos. You can choose from various available lengths, but we recommend getting a long one that is retractable for natural variety.

3. Battery Grip and Extra Batteries

Sometimes the best time lapses are the long ones, like capturing the stars in the sky from night until sunrise. This video length requires continuous camera use with no interruptions, as any distractions can cause the loss of valuable footage. To make sure everything runs smoothly, use a battery grip for a hassle-free changing of batteries without shaking the camera.

4. Time Lapse Calculator

A vital part of any project is planning and scheduling. Before you start on your video shoot, you should consult a time lapse calculator first.  A trusty time lapse calculator will allow you to input information like your project duration, video and image details, as well as battery requirements.

Taking all of this into consideration, you can start experimenting and shooting videos. The secret of making awesome videos is in how often you practice, so start now!

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