5 Ways to Incorporate Typography on Web Design

When it comes to web design, one of the many elements that you should consider is typography.

Typography is an art and science related to the arrangement of text or type. Usually, people think of typography in terms of making words look pretty, but for web design, it’s a whole other ball game.

Typography in web design is more than just considering its attractiveness. It also has to train the user’s eyes on the right features of the site. With the right typography, you can navigate the way your website visitors experience your website.

On that note, below are some ways you can use typography to better your web design.

typography on web design

1. As a major design element

Usually, typography serves as a subtle addition to your website’s design. However, you can also try and flip the script by making it the focus of your web design. Of course, this shouldn’t be the case for all websites.

According to Sytian Productions: Web Design Philippines, “Great website design takes into account the product and service that it provides. Aside from that, it also considers who their target audience is and the purpose of the website.”

When you make typography a centerpiece for your web design, then you must ensure that they are communicating truly important messages. Otherwise, the typography may not be as effective as it could be in driving users to stay engaged with your site.

2. To convey a feeling

Another way you can use typography is by using it to convey a mood or a feeling to your audience. There are lots of typefaces out there and each style can tell you a different range of emotions.

You may be familiar with the Chiller typeface which is obviously used to communicate horror. That is one example.

Use typefaces and feelings associated with them to your advantage. Find the right font that best fits what general tone or personality you want associated with your branding and apply it to your web design.

Now, although we encourage the use of typography to convey a feeling, don’t try to convey all the varieties of human emotion in your web design. If you have too many different typefaces, then it can be disharmonious and unpleasant to look at.

3. To catch your audience’s attention

Another way you can try to incorporate typography onto your web design is by using it to catch people’s attention.

This way of using typography isn’t anything new. In fact, if you pick up any old newspaper lying around, you’ll find a prime example of how typography is used to catch an audience’s attention.

Notice how the biggest news headline is front and center with big bold letters. This is the news that people usually notice first. Other news items that are important are in various other corners of the paper, all with varying styles.

Also, notice how the biggest news isn’t always the one in the middle of the page. However, you still find yourself reading that first. This is masterful typography at play here and you can use this technique with your web design.

4. To highlight important information

Aside from catching people’s attention, great typography in your web design allows you to help your website visitors find the information that is most important and relevant to them.

By using typography to highlight information on your site, you won’t only be able to help your website visitors. You will also be helping yourself.

After clicking a link, people want to get what they asked for immediately. If you aren’t able to deliver this as soon as possible, then they can easily click out of your site. Thus, making you lose out on an opportunity to transact with a potential customer.

Therefore, make sure that your typography on your website does the job of leading visitors to their goal well. Making the website experience as pleasant and intuitive as possible is a subtle skill that typography is able to do. Use it.

5. For brand recognition

Branding is important for any business, and you have to make sure that it is consistent even for your business’ online presence. Staying consistent is one way of making sure that you build a brand that’s easy to recognize.

Another way you can build your brand’s recognition is by using easily recognizable typography that’s iconic to your brand. The best way to do this is by creating your own set of typeface that is meaningful for your brand.

If you’re unable to do that, you can always stay consistent with the typeface that you use until it’s simply associated with your business organically.

Typography can be a major part of your web design in both obvious and subtle ways. With the ways listed above, you can have an easier time trying to identify which will work for your business and for your target audience.

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