Galaxy A50 How to extend battery Life

Samsung Galaxy A50 comes with a large 4000 mAh battery. Along with big battery it also has fast charging support. It provide good battery life compared to many other phones. If you feel that, battery life on your Galaxy A50 is not great as before, then there are few tips which may improve and extend battery life. Here is the few simple steps to improve or extend the battery life of Galaxy A50.

The key battery draining things of Galaxy A50 are display, third party apps and location services. Before coming to any conclusion, it is always good analyse the reason for fast battery drain.

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Galaxy A50 How to extend battery Life

Analyse for background running apps

There are chances of many apps running in the background. Simple way to check and fix such issues is using the device maintenance feature.

  • Go to Settings>> Device Maintenance.

  • Tap on Battery.

  • You will see all running apps and how much percentage each app is consuming.

  • You can tap “Save Power” to close all the such apps to save battery.

Uninstall or disable unused apps

Some apps may run in the background which you don’t use. You can uninstall or disable such apps to save battery life. To uninstall unused apps,

  • On the home screen, long press on the app.

  • Tap on Uninstall icon then Ok.

  • You can uninstall apps by going to Setting>>Apps.

To disable unused apps

Some apps cannot be uninstalled. However you can disable such apps. For that, follow the same steps mentioned before. But select Disable instead of uninstall.

This will save your internet usage as well. Because it will stop updating unused apps.

Turn off Always On Display (AOD) or set schedule

Galaxy A50 supports Always on display. It shows certain information such as date and time without activating the display. Enabling always on display will consume some power from your battery. You can choose to turn off AOD or set a time schedule for AOD to turn on/off.

  • Go to Settings>>Lock screen and security > Lock screen and Always On Display.

  • Turn off AOD by tapping on the AOD slider (circle will move to the left)

  • To set timer, set schedule and follow the steps provided on your device.

Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS when not in use

Each regular checks for a signal uses power. Switching off these not in use will enhance the battery life.

Turn On power saving mode

Galaxy A50 comes with bundled power saving mode. You can turn on these power saving modes to enhance the battery life.

Miscellaneous tips to enhance battery life

At time, true caller app consumes lot of power. Sometime uninstalling truecaller app will boost the battery life significantly.

Summary: Poor battery life may be caused due to many reasons. These tips will help to fix some of the issue. However, issue persists, then it is good to take it to service center.

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