Why Monday.com is your ideal Team Management Service

Do you want to simplify the working process of your team? Looking for a solution for team management in order to connect your people with the atmosphere of your workplace? Well then, worry no more because Monday.com is here to be the answer to all your prayers. Monday.com is a team management tool.

Entrepreneurs are known to struggle with a big problem of keeping their employees happy, engaged and productive. As a company starts to scale rapidly, a desperate need to acquire a transparent and effective management tool increases. This software was established on the same beliefs of collaboration to create an empowerment and ownership culture. They believe that the more the employees are empowered, the more productive they will get.



There are various significant features of Monday.com that you can avail on different available plans. While the basic plan provides you with its activity log and Kanban view, its Standard tier unlocks map views, the calendar and timeline. You can move items using the feature of Kanban view. Here is a list of some things that you will get to enjoy with Monday.com:

  • A tool of collaboration for your employees

  • A visual show of progress

  • A tool for multiple communications

  • Motivational tool

  • Public and personal boards

  • A knowledge base – Full documentation, completely searchable, auto generated

  • Integrations: Google Drive, Dropbox, Pipedrive

  • Email notifications and updates

Strengths and weaknesses


  • Easy onboarding

  • Excellent UI

  • Fast adoption

  • Versatile set of features

  • API access

  • Highly customizable

  • Professional services

  • Cheap


  • No totally free offering

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Pricing structure

Whether you decide to become a part of the Monday.com family or not, it is your decision. However, they offer a free trial for you to try out their features and get the full feel of it. Afterwards, you can choose from four SMB pricing plans suiting your business. All the plans are billed annually. Take a look at the given details to make an informed decision:

Basic – Charges $25 per month

  • 5 GB storage

  • Android and iOS applications

  • Addition of unlimited boards

  • Function of simple search

  • Filter by people

  • Authentication of two factor

  • 24/7 support

Standard – Charges $39 per month

  • Everything included in Basic

  • 50 GB storage

  • Powerful search

  • All filter options

  • Creation of your own templates

  • Updates addition vial email

  • External integrations

  • Full API

  • Sharing of board with guests

  • Timeline

  • Limited guests

Pro – Charges $59 per month

  • Everything included in Standard

  • Unlimited storage

  • Private boards

  • Unlimited guests

  • Tags

  • Google authentication

  • Customization of user profile

  • Detailed statistics of activity

Enterprise – Charges $118 per month

  • Everything included in Pro

  • Higher rate limit of API

  • Singular sign on

  • Advanced features of security

  • Audit log

  • Authentication of two factor

  • VIP account manager support

  • Training 1-on-1

Benefits of using Monday.com

The unique capabilities of Monday.com can enhance your business’ performance and highlight it. It will help in making it a more preferable alternative as compared to other similar platforms. So, how exactly can Monday.com boost productivity? Continue to find out:

  • A platform to follow through on your needs: Monday.com is very sensitive to all customizations. Users are allowed to configure any option (almost) until they get a platform that is brand specific. Custom groups and sections are categorized and your specific policies and rules are abided by Monday.com.

  • Constant monitoring and easy access: Monday.com utilizes a unique concept of the Board. It lets it provide insights over your tasks or projects in depth. If your company requires it, your performance will also be analysed. You can easily monitor the functioning of individuals and teams, which saves managers time they can devote to other important operations.task management

  • Smart integration: In case of integrations, there are rare things that Monday.com is incapable of doing for becoming a part of an ecosystem of any established software. It is connected tightly to Google Drive, Zapier, Dropbox, and similar management and sharing tools. It also has an open architectural API which lets developers create their integrations.

  • Devotion to simple collaboration: Collaboration is the strong point of Monday.com. Collaborators can add comments to any updates, trigger discussions and ask questions. They can indulge in forum sessions too. Leaving of notes and uploading of various kinds of files are allowed to make information exchange easier.

  • Excellent for analytics & reporting: Monday.com has been seen to fair well in most sections that companies need. Reporting & analytics are also quite well executed. They arithmetically relate the connected tasks and projects, keep them in an organized manner and enable the users to get them easily when needed.

  • Always available for you: If you insist on engaging with a company that is always available for you, then Monday.com is surely your pick. It has the reputation for having all their customers’ back at all times, no matter which package you choose. You will be constantly kept in the loop by shared issues, boards and offered innovations.

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Should you choose Monday.com?

After such long paragraphs of information, what is the ultimate thing that will hook you onto the software? A promise to solve your problems. So, what does the software do for you? It solves the following problems:

  • The software can help businesses keep all their employees informed. Everyone will know what is going on, which will eliminate the need of calling anyone in to find something out.

  • Companies can work with third parties and freelancers easily. They can create boards which they can select with whom they want to share it with.

  • You will get a very simple to use interface, that is also highly customizable.

It is important to realize that when collaboration software is bought, the evaluation of experts is not the only thing that matters. It is essential to know if real companies and people that have bought it are satisfied with it. You can check out their website https://monday.com to find out more about them. The final verdict is definitely going to be in their court, but checking it out yourself is bound to make it easier for you to decide.

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