Motorola fan page posts unreleased Moto phone with pop-up selfie camera

Yesterday, several photos of an unreleased Motorola smartphone have been posted to a Motorola Latin America community page on Facebook. The most intriguing part of the phone is a mechanical pop-up selfie camera – which Motorola has yet to include on any of its smartphones.

Leaked images

Leaked images

Leaked images

Leaked images

We get a few images of the phone and they appear to be of a Motorola prototype given the confidential markings on the lower bezel. The phone has a full display with nearly no bezels, save for the slightly larger lower one. Around back there is also an illuminated Moto batwing logo – a nice touch for notifications.

The photos are divided between two posts and the latest one (below) speculates whether the phone is a new Moto One variant or a successor to the Moto G. Most of the community members agree it could be a One device, but a Moto G with pop-up camera isn’t entirely out of the question.

We expect to see more rumors about this mystery Moto device in the coming weeks.


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