Envato Elements Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2019: 50% OFF

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Envato Elements Black Friday sale would be very exciting as you are going to get access to WordPress theme, plugins, graphics, video templates, music, fonts, CMS templates, and too many other exciting products with 50% off.

Envato Elements is a perfect one-stop solution for graphic designers.

Envato Elements Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2019: 50% OFF 2

This subscription gives you access to 17,31,200 premium assets. Here is the data they have on their platform.

  • Stock Videos – 518,199

  • Video Templates – 16,242

  • Music – 18,138

  • Sound Effect – 100,688

  • Graphic Template – 50,242

  • Graphics – 23,298

  • Presentation Template – 24,470

  • Photos – 940,451

  • Fonts – 6,466

  • Web Templates – 2,259

  • CMS – 953

  • WordPress – 1,592

  • 3D Graphics – 26,223

To get a better idea of who could benefit from signing up to this service, some groups from the target audience include:

  1. Bloggers can use the graphics to create stunning featured images.

  2. Web design companies can use CMS templates to design websites for clients.

  3. Freelancers can use the Images and fonts for the clients.

  4. YouTubers can audio and video footage in their videos to make them more professional.

  5. Podcasters can use audio to make their podcasts introduction more professional.

  6. Business owners can create professional-looking business cards by downloading pre-made designs.

  7. eCommerce guys can use designs to create T-Shirts, Mugs, and various merchandise.

We have personally used a lot of elements from the Envato Elements website to create various professional graphics and even used a few of the premium themes on our niche websites.

You can check the categories to find any specific content and filter them easily using the filter options at the left side.

Envato Elements Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2019: 50% OFF 3

What is special in Envato Elements Black Friday Deal?

Envato gives you access to all the products at one yearly price.

The normal pricing of Envato is $16.50/month but on Black Friday you are going to get the same access at 50% price.

Envato Elements Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2019: 50% OFF 4

Envato has recently launched the Envato Elements plugin where you get access of 350+ pre-made templates for Elementor.

Envato Elements Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2019: 50% OFF 5

By installing this WordPress plugin, you can enhance the functionality of Elementor and access all the premium assets in your WordPress dashboard itself.

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