StudioPress/Genesis Black Friday Sale: 20% OFF

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You might be aware that I am using Genesis framework for (and all my other blogs).

This framework gives you many freedoms that you cannot stop loving them.

I started using Genesis on my blog around 1 year back and I was so mesmerized by the features that I started using it on all my blogs.

You might have seen that SEO is changing rapidly and Google is launching many algorithms for better SEO. In this SEO change recently they have started giving preference to schema and many webmasters have already started making their themes compatible with the schema.

In my recent article titled “Is Your Blog Compatible With Latest SEO Changes?” discussed latest SEO changes and benefits of using Genesis framework on your blog.

First of all, let’s talk about Genesis and read few facts which make Genesis the best framework.

  1. Inbuilt SEO: You might be using many plugins like “WordPress SEO by Yoast” or “All-in-one SEO” on your blog, because we all want to please Google by making our blog more SEO friendly. By taking this most important feature into account, Genesis has already added inbuilt SEO features in their framework.

  2. HTML 5 and Schema Support: As I said earlier that SEO is changing so many webmasters are shifting their blogs on schema compatible themes or making their existing themes schema compatible by installing third-party plugins. So having these awesome inbuilt features you will strengthen your theme and make it more SEO friendly.

  3. Child Themes Support: Genesis comes with the framework, means you will have to install child themes to make it work more awesome for you. By making child themes (or buying anyone from StudioPress) you will have more control over your theme design and you can change it according to your needs.

  4. Fast Speed: Having a fast loading theme can give you many benefits in terms of SEO and visitors experience. If your theme is loading very fast then people visiting your blog will fall in love because they don’t want to wait for theme taking too much time to load.

  5. Many FREE Plugins: Genesis has made many free plugins which can add extra features in your theme and you will not have to pay anything for them. Simply install them and enjoy new features.

and you will many other awesome features after buying this world-class framework.

Here is this year’s Black Friday offer…

StudioPress/Genesis Black Friday Sale: 20% OFF 4

Starting today, until this Friday only, you get 20% discount on any theme you buy.

All good things must end, so this offer is valid till 26th November, 2018 5:00 PM Pacific Time.

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