Tata Sky Room TV Policy: Full NCF Charges, No Channel Mirroring and Other Things to Know


  • Tata Sky Room TV service has one major disadvantage

  • Tata Sky finally allows its Multi TV users to choose different channel packs

  • Tata Sky is charging full NCF of Rs 153 for every secondary connection

Earlier this year, Tata Sky made a bold step in the DTH industry by removing the Multi TV policy altogether. The current leading DTH operator introduced a new service called ‘Tata Sky Room TV’ which replaced the old Multi TV policy from the company. For years now, Tata Sky Multi TV prices were on the steeper side when compared to the likes of Dish TV, D2h and Airtel Digital TV. Also, Tata Sky did not allow the subscribers to choose individual channels on the secondary connection, meaning it forced users to just mirror the channels of primary connection. But the Room TV service finally allows Tata Sky subscribers to choose separate channels on secondary connections, and at the same time, the company is charging full NCF charges from the customers. Let’s find about the Tata Sky Room TV service in detail.

Tata Sky Room TV Service: Benefits Detailed

Tata Sky’s Room TV service brought one new feature to the DTH operator’ subscribers, and at the same time, there’s one disappointing feature as well. Firstly, let’s talk about the benefit; Tata Sky is finally allowing its DTH subscribers to choose individual channels on Multi TV connections as well. For the unaware, Tata Sky just allowed the customers to mirror channels of the primary connection on secondary connections, and the charges would be just a bit lower than the primary connection charges as the company used to provide bundled packs to the Multi TV users.

However, the scenario is now entirely different. Tata Sky Multi TV users can now select channel packs or individual channels of their own on secondary connections. This allows users to save massive subscription costs every month. For example, a lot of Tata Sky subscribers just watch select TV channels on the secondary connection and this feature will be handy for them. But for the users who want all the channels of primary connection on secondary connection, this new feature will not be beneficial.

Tata Sky Room TV Service Has One Major Disadvantage

Right after the announcement of Room TV service from Tata Sky, customers were delighted that they can finally choose different channels on secondary connections. But there’s one major disadvantage with the Room TV service from Tata Sky. The DTH operator is charging full Network Capacity Fee (NCF) of Rs 153 on every secondary connection.

For instance, Tata Sky allows the users to get a maximum of three Multi TV connections (four in total, including the primary connection). So if a customer has three connections, then he/she has to pay Rs 153 NCF for all the connections, including the primary one. This move came as a surprise to many, but the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has left it to DTH operators on how much NCF they can charge for Multi TV connections.

Dish TV and D2h are charging reduced NCF of Rs 50 for every Multi TV connection, whereas Airtel Digital TV is providing a discounted NCF of Rs 80. That said, all three DTH operators also provide individual channel selection functionality for secondary connections as well. So amongst the topmost DTH operators, it’s Tata Sky charging a premium and full NCF from the subscribers and it might dent the company when it comes to adding new users.

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