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August 12, 2020

All you need to know about metal fencing : Aspen Style 3-Rail Steel Fence Kit, Powder-Coated ...

Back in the colonial

times, only the wealthiest and the people of status could afford to import a

metal fence but by the times of Victorian era with the growth of blacksmith

skills domestically and the manufacture of stone houses, metal fences started

to become common. Today, residents use these fences to mark boundaries and

industrialists use them to set the limits of trespassing into the


Depending on the type

of fence material you choose, the fences can be used both as a commercial

safety or an aesthetic look appealing to the house exterior. Metal fences are

sturdy and due to the hard-wearing quality, it can retain its original

properties after several years of use. The few commonly known and used fences


Aluminum Fence:

The malleable property

of aluminum allows it to be shaped in decorative designs easily. The

Aluminum fences are corrosion

resistant and can withstand continuous exposure to

rain and snow or any other source of water. It also remains unaffected by salt

beach water, air, or lawn chemicals. The properties of metal in aluminum fences

never bubbles, rust, crack, and peel. You can use aluminum fences as house

privacy fences/ property borders, swimming pool enclosure, decorative garden

fence, and keeping small pets inside. It can be manufactured in multiple colors

such as black, white, and earth tones of browns and beiges, in matt or gloss



The aluminum is easy

to maintain with occasional hose wash to remove dust and dirt. You can use soap

to remove any grime or stubborn grease. Even though it requires almost no

maintenance but the unattended aluminum fence can develop patina unsightly

which is required to be removed periodically.


  • The sloped quality of the aluminum is suitable to accommodate uneven terrain without leaving any space or gaps.

  • The lightweight material is easy to install and transport. 

  • Easy to maintain, Long lasting and recyclable



  • Due to lightweight, it

    can easily be dented, bent, or damaged in circumstances as a car hit or heavy



Steel Fence:

The strongest among

the metal fences are steel fence. Galvanization which is a thin layer of zinc

is applied to the steel to protect it from the corrosion. Although it comes

with a limited number of designs and is relatively heavy, it is one of the best

to use as protection for the property of both commercial and industrial

premises, children’s play yard fencing, enclosures for large dogs, and other


Steel fences are also

available in tubular options with the same quality with reduced weight as well

as quality. 


Steel fences require

frequent sanding and painting (at least two coats). Sanding is required to

remove any rust and build-up whereas paints act as a primary defense as

corrosion. It is also advisable that you clean the fence with a remover then

rust-inhibiting primer before double coating with paint. The second layer of

paint is always applied when the one is completely dry. A tubular fence also

requires to be finished with galvanized and powder coating as a protection against




  •  It is impossible to

    damage and is excellent for security.

  • It can be installed on

    hilly or sloping yards without gaps.



  • Requires maintenance


  • It doesn’t provide any

    visual privacy.

Wrought Iron:

Wrought iron is one of

the classics yet heavy-duty barriers for security and an unobstructed view of

the property. To make the wrought iron look more durable than the standard

paint it is powder coated and heat applied. The powder coat also protects it

from external elements and can be customized in several designs. These fences

are usually installed in urban or historic areas for residential buildings but

can also be used for hospitals, hostels, and boarding schools. 

Tubular iron is

another form of wrought iron usually installed just as decorative for rails and

pickets. The tubular iron has the same strength and durable quality of solid

iron however it is lighter and less expensive than wrought iron. 


Wrought Iron requires

constant maintenance for longevity and to avoid stubborn rust on the fence. You

should repaint the year at least once a year and check for any damage on the

fence finish throughout the year.



  •  Durable and strong.

  •  Give a historic


  • Tubular iron is easily




  •  Rust immediately if

    the finishing is scratched or marred.

  •  It is heavy and can’t

    be sloped. 

  • Requires labor for




 Although rarely

installed in the residential areas, the chain-link fence is one of the

traditional and inexpensive methods of property disclosure. It is made from

galvanized steel wire, which helps prevent corrosion and rust. Chain-link is

usually installed in parks, industrial areas or to enclose warehouses. It is

also used as the primary barrier to adding warning signs in the industrial




Chain-links are high

maintenance fences if you install it in humid or coastal areas. The continuous

exposure to moisture causes corrosion and develops corrosion. To restore a

rusty metal, clear the overgrowth, remove rust, clean the surface for primer

and then paint the fence. Other than dull gray appearance many individuals

paint it black and green with a vinyl coating to camouflage it in the



  • Cost-efficient and low


  • Easy to install 


  • The wide weave of

    steel in the chain-link structure is easy to climb creating a security


  • It is not manufactured

    in any aesthetic design. 

 The bottom line is

that all metal fences can be used for multiple purposes depending on your

choice of metal. Many manufacturers also provide fences produced from a

combination of different materials which reduce weight and cost of the fences. The

overall cost of metal fences also depends on the material, size, and labor

charges. Moreover, all types of fences require at least a minimum maintenance

twice a year. While hiring a
company to

metal fences be sure to check out

your property boundaries according to housing regulations and also check if you

are required to seek permission from legal departments.

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