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August 15, 2020

Learn How to Optimise Existing Content to Boost SEO Rankings in 2020

Optimizing the content before putting them up is the basics. I presume you are familiar with how to maximize the On-Page SEO. This blog talks about how to optimise existing content or, in other words, how to help them get a higher rank in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Optimizing the content that has already been published on the Internet helps you to rank this content higher in the SERPs, but you also get more robust traction.

This is the reason why you must always seek new ranking opportunities. Read WordPress Development Services to find the latest and the most accessible techniques to let your content have a higher rank on any other search engine.

Tips to Help Optimise Existing Content For Better Rankings:

Find Out Which Ones Need Repairing

Fixing the Website ErrorFixing the Website Error

Generally, the ones that come after the top 5 results on the search engine page are your answer. Articles between the first page and the second page, and between the 6th and the 15th article, would typically need fixing. These are the articles that do not get the most clicks, so you should fix them.

Use Google Search Console or Google Analytics to find the errors in them. Click on the “Impressions” and “positions” to find the results. Tools like Ubersuggest also can help you to find the errors on your website. A more extended website takes about 10 mins or so, but your work gets done.

Update Your Content

One of the problems of putting up something on the Internet is that it always gets old. Your article must have definitely gotten old and outdated. Compare your site with others to find out how much it has been outdated. Do the necessary editing. This also includes fixing your images and putting in the missing information. Edit the outdated ones and make every other change you think your page or article needs.

Make Your Content Complete

How to optimize content How to optimize content

Go out there and do some research. Find out the sites which rank higher than yours on Google or any other search engines. Find out what content they have and compare it with yours. Edit accordingly, and make it complete.

Find out what people like to read

and know about. Sites like Quora and Reddit give you the information about what

is trending. And in this way, you can optimise existing content according to what the users would like. Though, you have

to be thorough with your keyword search in this case.


Polish the structure of your existing article to make it more appealing and even more compelling. Tweak your headline, add headers and more attractive cover images.

Not too much, otherwise you might cause an increase in your page loading time.

No one wants to even look at a website that takes a long time to load, right? Ask yourself. Do you wait for more than 10 seconds for a webpage to open up? A study shows that even a one-second slower webpage sees a 56% increase in the company’s bounce rate.

Thankfully, we have several

plug-ins to check if your website takes more than 2 seconds to load. There are

free tools like Pingdom, which can

enable you to do so. If not, you can take appropriate measures to make sure it


Use more storytelling and add

high-quality media. Do your best to make the structure of your page look

simpler by removing any unnecessary elements.

About 61.2% of the world’s population uses mobile phones to access sites. This leads us to the undeniable fact: You’ve got to make your webpage both desktop and mobile-friendly. This is an investment you cannot cut down on.

Case Studies

Website Case StudiesWebsite Case Studies

Adding one or two case studies has been observed to bring in more organic traffic to your page. This way, your audience knows you are into something practical, and you have your results to prove your research.

Work On SEO

Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization

Try using tools like Google Search Console for this purpose, but make sure this time, choose Search Analytics and analyze the long-term phrases that drive users to the page you want to optimize. Some Study proves that 70-80% of people visit a company’s website before dealing with them personally. You know why it is crucial to make your page rank higher – For people to view all about you and your enterprise. Otherwise, all the hard work that you do goes into vain.

Your website directly shows what your business is all about. SEO, which means Search Engine Optimization, increases the organic traffic of your website on the search engine that is how well your website is optimized, so that ranks higher in the results page.

Make sure you hire experienced

writers for content development of your site. Do the proper research correctly.

Always use SEO keywords for the blogs on your website. There are various

plug-ins available on the internet through which you can check how high your website

ranks on the search engine results page.

Similarly, SEM, which stands for Search Engine Marketing, is the method of paying for your brand’s advertisements on the search engine results page (SERPs). These are mostly paid procedures, so you need to invest a little in this process. But these investments have higher ROIs. Search engine optimization can be quickly done on the WordPress website, and you can contact a WordPress development company for any website-related queries.

It will be best if you download the

whole list of keywords. You can then go back to your article, check how many

times each phrase appears in the body, and increase its frequency by adding new

keywords wherever needed. Try to include as many as possible, while maintaining

a natural voice and flow of your article.

Believe In Yourself

This is the essential part. You always have to aim higher. Remember that these are the natural ways that can help you optimise existing content and win customers. Never settle for a mediocre job. Always keep yourself updated with new information. Keep your website or blogs updated that way. Remember that having a satisfied mindset and a happy heart causes no harm. It would only make you work harder and bring in more success.

These are a few steps that you can take to make your website or your current content rank higher in the search engine results pages. The Internet is one of the easiest ways to earn money while still sitting at home’s comfort. There are so many jobs that are available for you. Work from home is the new normal.

All you need is a good internet connection, a laptop, and a peaceful environment. There is nothing that you cannot achieve with this help. And you always have information available on the Internet for your help. Remember that you are definitely not alone. If you fail, always know that you just found one of the ways that don’t work. Comment and tell us how you would like to optimise existing content.

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