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November 19, 2020

Apple encourages innovation in China with mobile app contest

(China Daily) The US tech giant Apple Inc is working to encourage innovation in China by organizing a string of events, such as the Mobile Application Innovation Contest.

This year, 3,153 students from 370 colleges across China have submitted 1,000 projects to the Mobile Application Innovation Contest, which was co-organized by Apple and Zhejiang University.

The contest, which concluded on Sunday this year, is known for its focus on hands-on mobile app development and collaboration. Many of the apps submitted to the contest aim to solve social problems, including preparing for epidemics, reducing carbon footprint, protecting cultural heritage and supporting e-learning and accessibility, Apple said.

Earlier this year, the China Association of Higher Education included the app contest as the only mobile app-related contest on its “recommended list” of national competitions for college students, recognizing its leading role in nurturing coding talents.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, said in a post on the Sina Weibo social media platform that “From young developers working to enhance accessibility to those creating new ways to preserve Chinese culture, the participants from the Mobile App Innovation Contest show us the potential for new careers and ideas to change the world! Thanks to all the teachers who inspire the next generation of coders and congratulations to the students who participated!”

The contest is part of Apple’s broader push to empower the next generation of developers and creators with the tools they need. The company also is working with more than 100 colleges and vocational schools in China to offer iOS Clubs, where students can collaborate with their peers and learn about coding.

Source: By Ma Si | | Updated: 2020-11-17 17:16 

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