China's draft regulation would cool competition in wireless fast-charging power for smartphones

February 20, 2021 ideaTechX

A regulatory requirement set to take effect next year will put an end to competition among smartphone makers over wireless charging power.

All mobile and portable wireless charging devices sold and used in China from January 1, 2022, need to have a rated transmission power of less than 50W, according to a regulatory document that is open for public comment.

The document requires that mobile and portable wireless charging devices should operate in the 1002-148.5 kHz, 6765-6795 kHz, and 13553-13567 kHz bands and have a rated transmission power of no more than 50W.

The purpose of the regulations is to regulate the orderly use of wireless charging equipment radio spectrum resources, to avoid harmful interference with various types of radio services carried out in accordance with the law, to maintain the airwaves order.

In recent years, the rapid development of wireless fast charging technology for cell phones. Smartphone makers including Huawei have achieved 50W wireless charging, and Xiaomi even demonstrated 80W wireless charging technology last year.

Recently, it was reported that Xiaomi 11 Pro and 11 Pro+ will be equipped with 67W wireless charging technology.

If this policy starts to be implemented, it will cool down this race.

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The following is the full text of the document: