Chinese AI firm iFlytek says it aims to give financial freedom to every hard-working employee

February 19, 2021 ideaTechX

Chinese AI company iFlytek said its goal is to realize its goal in the industry, in which it hopes to bring financial freedom to every hard-working employee and to contribute to the country.

iFlytek today unveiled its goal for the AI era 2.0: to reach one billion users with its products, earn hundreds of billions of RMB in revenue, and drive an a-trillion-RMB-worth-industrial ecosystem.

The company said it hopes to accomplish these goals within five years.

AI is as ubiquitous as water and electricity and is rapidly entering every aspect of social life, iFlytek said.

In the context of Covid-19 prevention and control and aging population, AI will be a fundamental guarantee for sustainable development and a better life for human society, the company said.

The biggest industrial wave of mankind so far is the opportunity brought by AI, which will far exceed that created by the mobile network and the Internet, iFlytek said, adding it believes that its business will grow after Covid-19.

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(Source: iFlytek)