NIO says users drove over 4 million kilometers with NIO Pilot during Chinese New Year

February 19, 2021 ideaTechX

NIO users used NIO Pilot, the electric car company’s automated driving assistance system, for more than 4 million kilometers during the seven-day Chinese New Year holiday, the company said in a report on February 19.

Chinese users drove NIO a total of more than 30 million kilometers during February 11-17, up 318 percent year-on-year, for a total of more than 910,000 hours, the report said.

NIO users scanned QR codes to charge a total of more than 38,000 times, an increase of 256% year-on-year.

They changed their batteries at the battery swap stations a total of more than 43,000 times, an increase of 528% year-on-year. They used the one-touch recharge service a total of more than 5,800 times, this report says.

At the end of last year, NIO said owners drove more than 100 million kilometers with the NIO Pilot, reaching 100,162,943 kilometers.

This means that not only is NIO’s product ownership growing, but users’ trust in NIO Pilot is also growing.

The accumulation of data from many users brings a direct benefit that NIO can continue to iterate and upgrade the NIO Pilot in the future through big data analysis.

As an auto-assisted driving system developed by NIO, NIO Pilot has undergone 9 important iterations through FOTA since its launch 614 days ago, bringing as many as 20 major functions.

NIO Pilot’s Navigate on Pilot is the first navigation-assisted driving function in China that uses high-precision maps for mass production.

With the help of Navigate on Pilot function, NIO’s electric vehicles have the advanced automatic assisted driving capability of automatically merging onto the main road, cruising on the main road, automatically switching to the next highway/elevation, and automatically driving off the main road.

NIO Pilot – NIO’s assisted driving system – sees more than 100 million km driven by owners