Tesla upgrades trade-in service in China

March 05, 2021 CV TECH INC

Tesla has upgraded its third-party trade-in service in China, with stores staffed by “third-party appraisers”, with the goal of simplifying the process, improving price transparency, and increasing service standards.

Tesla has adopted a direct store model and cooperated with approved used car dealers to standardize the service of appraisals, quotations, and transactions in order to improve information and price transparency.

Tesla said that it supervises the cooperating merchants to provide sufficiently competitive replacement prices through performance evaluation and other means.

To eliminate user concerns and avoid the risks of used car transactions, the electric car maker selects, trains, and certifies appraisers with standards higher than the industry average, who will provide professional services to users under Tesla’s guidance.

After the upgrade, all Tesla’s stores nationwide will have third-party appraisers, which can provide users with two service modes: in-store appraisal or appraisal at customers’ homes.

From appraisal, quotation, contract signing, to formalities of handing over the vehicle and transferring the vehicle, users do not need to spend too much energy throughout the whole process.

After the transaction, Tesla will invite users to fill out a satisfaction questionnaire to further understand the user’s real experience, but also to play a binding role on third-party businesses.

Tesla’s upgraded trade-in service can also provide a “seamless transition between old and new vehicles”.

Once a customer has reserved a Tesla vehicle and reached an agreement with an appraiser, he or she can hand over the old vehicle and completed related procedures to the third-party appraiser at the delivery center when picking up the new vehicle.

The third-party appraiser will help the user complete the transfer of the used car within the validity period of the temporary license.

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Tesla upgrades trade-in service in China-CnEVPost

Tesla upgrades trade-in service in China-CnEVPost

(Source: Tesla)