ZTE announces MyOS based on Android

March 18, 2021 CV TECH INC

Chinese communications equipment and smartphone giant ZTE announced MyOS, a smartphone operating system featuring privacy and security, on March 18, marking a major update to the company’s customized version of Android skin after 10 years of existence.

ZTE phones currently ship with a customized version of Android called MiFavor 10, released in November 2019.

ZTE said MyOS features “privacy and security,” an “emotional color system” and classical Chinese wallpapers.

MyOS monitors the installation, authorization, and sensitive behavior of software for various hidden problems of third-party applications.

MyOS provides three authorization options: empty permission authorization, one-time authorization, and centralized authorization, and can recall the permission of unused apps.

For apps that can’t be used without authorization, users can bypass such permission requirements with ” empty authorization “, ZTE said.

ZTE said MyOS is inspired by color psychology to create an emotional color system that addresses the effects of different colors on video, perception, memory, symbolism, and emotion.

MyOS can combine different colors with user usage scenarios for system-level color enhancement, bringing a glowing, personalized, and youthful interface from both visual and emotional aspects, according to ZTE.

The system will be pushed out for ZTE phones after the ZTE S30 series launch on March 30.

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ZTE announces MyOS based on Android-CnTechPost

ZTE announces MyOS based on Android-CnTechPost